A Mother’s Plea

On a dark summer night, a couple was on their way home from the movies. Riding down the same stretch of road they always took to get to their house, they came across a woman who was on the side of the road. The woman stumbled out into the street and flagged them down.

The couple pulled over and rushed to her aid. She seemed to be badly injured and with tears in her eyes, told the couple that she was just in a horrible car accident and her baby was trapped in the backseat.

The man told the woman to stay with his wife and he would go and free the baby. As the man approached the mangled vehicle, he heard the baby crying in the back seat. Relieved that the baby was still alive, he rushed to the car, got in the back seat and freed the baby. As he lifted the child, he noticed the dead couple in the driver and passenger seat. He got out with the baby and went back to where his wife and the woman were waiting, but as soon as he got there he noticed that his wife was by herself.

“Where’s the woman?” the husband asked.

“She went back to the car to help.” his wife said, also relieved that the baby was still alive and OK.

He gave the baby to his wife and went back to the car to look for the woman. When he got there, he called out for her but there was no answer. He walked around toward the front of the car. As he glanced through the broken windshield at the dead couple inside, his face turned pale and he lost his breath. The dead woman who was in the passenger seat was the same woman who had flagged them down.

Jose Paz from Miami, FL

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51 Responses

  1. sade rowland says:

    woah creepy

  2. Anonymous says:

    so not creepy. what does it mean?!?!?!?!?!

  3. RAPiT says:

    @ Anonymus It means that the woman who stopped them was with his wife and dead in the car at the same time !

  4. awesomesauce says:

    That would be wierd.

  5. Sarah Smith says:

    This is really annoying!!! i keep clicking on another story and then it brings me back to this one UGH!

    • caty says:

      exaggerated heartbreaker this story is amazing for your info you tech probably doesn’t work but I know mine does ..IDC if you get mad FYI it means I don’t care

  6. Sophfeyfey says:

    OMG! I peed my pantaloons when I first read this, because I had a similar occurrence! Only the woman was Dr. Frank n’ Furter. And the Child was ROCKY!

  7. WendyCat94 says:

    oo..i think it’s not creepy. it’s..sad..the woman loves her baby so much and wants her baby to be saved.. so her spirits went on to the side of the road to get help..and yeah..she managed to get help..oohh..

  8. Nachos says:

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I`d have to think about that one but still really sad at the same time………………

  9. Anonymous says:

    this story is actually true!

  10. bad---sign says:

    Hmm, somehow, this is creepy.
    But when you think of it, it is cute.
    The women came back as a ghost, just to help her still alive baby!

  11. Ms. Night says:

    She’s trying to get her baby free and alive.

  12. woozi says:

    This is sad and sweet in a way.
    She just wanted to save her baby.
    Though this does give me the chills,
    it’s sad.

  13. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!! HOW CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Emmet says:

    This story is true,there was a television documentery based around it….

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

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  17. Anonymous says:

    really big penis

  18. anonymous shut up ur sick

  19. hernz says:

    Not creepy. The mothers last call for help was for her baby to be saved. I know they may be dead but she obviously loved her child if all dhe wanted was for her baby to be safe.

    • latergyta says:

      what mother doesn’t love her child?………………………………………mine

  20. Izzy says:

    One of the nicer things I’ve read on here. And proof that a mother’s love never dies.

  21. capthowdy says:

    did anyone else read this in robert stacks voice

  22. VampGirl says:

    It reminds me of a similar story.
    There was a high schooler named James. He was driving his parents Chevy escalade to the homecoming dance. While he was driving a girl flagged him down and asked him for a ride because she crashed her car into a tree,her name was Jenny. James drove her to the dance and they hung out the whole time. While they were leaving it began to rain. James and Jenny ran to the car and he was going to take her home but the rain stopped and Jenny pointed to an old dirt road. “This is my way home you can drop me off here I can walk.” So James let her out and gave her a piece of tinsel from the dance. “I hope we can speak gain sometime,” said James. As Jenny walked away and James drove off he saw that she left her purse in the seat. So he went back to the road and drove down it to find Jenny. He was surprised that she had gotten so far in under a minute. Though all the while he drove he could see smoke rising in the distance. Finally he found the source of the smoke. It was a car that had crashed into a tree. James ran to the car to see if any one was inside. When he looked in he saw Jenny sitting there in the drivers set with her head laying on the stirring wheel with the little piece of tinsel still in her hair………..

  23. Preyankari says:

    I cried after this. This prooves how much a mother loves her baby. >sniffle<

  24. Addison says:

    Aww that’s so sweet

  25. i'm so EMO says:

    Well that is a father who should have is balls chopped off.

  26. i'm so EMO says:

    soz guys wrong story i thought it was the baby bridge

  27. latergyta says:

    one dark night …as usual in the beginning ….its catchy hook

  28. _justdatnikka_ on ig says:

    Im Confused. How Can She Flag Them Down If She’s Dead?

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. jennifer says:

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  31. CookieKiller says:

    this story made me cry and feel so bad for the couple

  32. CookieKiller says:

    i still don’t under stand how the baby didn’t die in the accident

  33. Xela says:

    That couple who saved the baby is so going to die.

  34. I have heard a story just like tht, heard it a million times :/

  35. lisha says:

    so where was the dad ?

  36. Nova says:

    this proves the love a mother can have for a child :)

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