Black Aggie

There is a legend about Druid Ridge Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. It is locally well-known for it being the former home of a statue known as Black Aggie.

In the early part of the century, there was a woman named Aggie, who was a nurse working at a hospital. She was congenial and well-liked, but it seemed that patients under her care always seemed to die. Suspicion grew, and she was put to death, which turned out to be a mistake when she was discovered to be innocent the very next day. A communal feeling of guilt spread, so a statue was put in Druid Ridge Cemetery in her honor. When the statue was unveiled, strange occurrences started happening.

I’ve heard that if you stand before it at the stroke of midnight, you will be struck blind by the statue’s red glowing eyes. People have even been found dead in front of it, including a “pledge” from a local fraternity.

Another rumor is that pregnant women who walk in the figure’s shadow (where oddly, the grass never grew) would suffer miscarriages. People began to gather at the graveyard at night, which became a frequent problem. Then one morning, the cemetery employees walked into work to find the statue of Black Aggie with only one arm. The other had been sawed off. Upon investigation, the arm of the statue and a saw were found in the backseat of a worker’s car. The man was brought to trial, and he claimed Black Aggie cut off one of her arms and had given it to him in a fit of grief. Some people believed his story, but it wasn’t enough for the court. He was found guilty.

Eventually the statue was removed from Druid Ridge Cemetery, and was donated to a Baltimore museum. It was never displayed however, and resided in the basement. Occasionally, people still congregate at the cemetery, but it is no longer the location of fraternity stunts…..

Tamara from Gaithersburg, MD

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so scared

  2. gothboy says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    is this really real if so its very creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppy

  4. AltDelirium says:

    That’s not right. The statue was commissioned as a memorial for a man’s family plot in the cemetery. There was no woman named Aggie; the name comes from that family’s last name of Agnus. It sat in the cemetery until it was discovered that the statue was an illegal copy of a statue made in honor of another man’s wife. This particular woman killed herself, and it was known that she could not have children. The rumors this article mentions about the shadow causing pregnant women to miscarry is part of the legend, and this fuels the theory that the barren woman herself is exacting punishment from those who have what she could not. There are rumors that the statue comes alive at midnight and others that she has killed a pledge. The cemetery employees got sick of college kids messing with the thing at night and finally donated it to the Smithsonian. And later, some park officials from D.C. asked the museum if they could have the piece for public exhibit. And today she still sits just a short walk away from the White House in a garden area. And she still has both her arms.

  5. Kati says:

    My mother always told me that some people had said her eyes would also bleed, along with the other legends of Black Aggie.

  6. Ron Deckman says:

    i was there when i was 17 i sat on her lap 2 days later i totalled my car and to prove it wrong i went there again and sat on her lap the 2nd time next day my car got totalled again i beleive it haunted and wiered im a beleiver

  7. Ron Deckman says:

    i was there when i was 17 i sat on her lay 2 days later i totalled my car and to prove it wrong i went there again and sat on her lap the 2nd time next my car gor tottalled agin i beleive it haunted and wiered

  8. Ron Deckman says:

    also i took my son to see her in washington dc i took about 6o pictures around dc that day all of the pictures ecept the ones i took of her were perfect hers were all dark my son beleives now also really erie

  9. Brooklyn says:

    this is creepy, im confused on what to belive about this story.. can someone explain.?

  10. red hartwell says:

    I want to purchase a small statue for my front yard to add to my collection of gothic items

  11. Anna says:

    Let me just look up urban legends from Baltimore and- OH GOD I LIVE A BLOCK FROM DRUID RIDGE.

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