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The Maco Light

A man named Joe Baldwin was working on the railroad tracks one night along the Wilmington and Manchester railroad on a rainy and foggy night. As a train approached he realized the car was...

sleepover-party 39

The Demon in Ashlynn Leigh

“Ashlynn! Time to go!” Cried Ashlynn’s mother. Ashlynn sighed and trudged out of her bedroom, unwilling to go to this “sleepover birthday party”. She climbed into the 1967 Ford Mustang her father owned and...

Photo by COLIN NEWMAN 28


Mothman is described as a man sized, or larger, creature with glowing red eyes and wings of a moth. It may have eyes set in his chest. It is described as a 7-foot-tall (2.1...

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The Hangman’s Daughter – Amazon Deal

July 29, 2012: Today only, the Kindle editions of Oliver Pötzsch’s internationally best-selling "Hangman’s Daughter" historical thriller series are just $0.99 each, and the deluxe, hardcover version of "The Hangman’s Daughter" is 60% off....

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