Japanese Girl’s Suicide Drawing

The story is this, in Japan shortly before a teenage girl committed suicide,she drew this picture, scanned it and posted it online.

In Korea this story broke out and it spread like wildfire. There are various posts around in Korean forums that say that the viewer gets drawn to the girls blue eyes, they say they can detect a hint of wraith and sadness within the eyes. Maybe the girl had died with so much sadness and anger that her spirit haunts the image, or maybe the image provoke sadness, similar to the song ‘Gloomy Sunday’.

The freaky bit is this, they say it is hard for a person to stare into the girls eyes for longer than 5 minutes, there are reports that some people have taken their own lives after doing so. People say the picture changes,as you view it there is a hint of a growing taunting smirk appearing on the girls lips or a dark ring grows around the girl or her eyes.


Catequise from Bamberg SC

Another Version

Reader Jon Light says…
“Despite the vast number of urban myths regarding the tragic fate of the Japanese school girl and her haunted portrait, the real artist of this picture is Thai artist, Robert Chang. The girl in the picture is really a fictional character named Princess Ruu who was created for his own animated movie, Tellurian Sky.”

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286 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    oh my god,the picture so beautiful…

  2. Jack says:

    wow that is so hard to do

  3. Haley says:

    Omg that is really scary. I couldn’t even do it for 2 minutes !!!

  4. Dimitri says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    thank god i stopped looking into it at 4 min and 53 sec =)

  6. demon child says:

    I did it

  7. emo says:

    scary beautiful dark

  8. BLT says:

    weenies. i stared at it for like, 10 minutes straight and im not even slightly dead. not even a little.

  9. JenaBelle9502 says:

    I couldn’t do it, it reminds me of how i felt when i wanted to commit suicide… it’s so sad though… all that talent and no one even cared about her enough to stop her or even look at the beauty of her art…T_T

  10. upendar says:

    picture is not scary , it’s beautiful.

  11. Tasha says:

    It’s a beautiful picture, I feel sorry that she felt she needed to end her life but no one is to blame but herself. (unless she was driven to it by someone else in particular) Anyways, you can’t say that no one cared about her or didn’t appreciate her art, you have no way of knowing. I’m sure she had family and friends who did care about her, and it probably broke their hearts to find her dead. Sometimes if you want to die, no one can talk you out of it. Or maybe she hid the desire to die very well, maybe no one knew she needed help.

  12. Kibba says:

    It hurts my eyes.

  13. christian says:

    I stared at it. I didn’t feel the urge to do anything. I didn’t even feel a sadness. Maybe it depends on the viewer. Whatever.

  14. K says:

    Omg sososo creepy it’s beautiful but I did it for 2 min. And I saw the rings glow on her eyes scared

  15. Gwen says:

    eehh… tried it for hundreds of times… its still …

  16. Hero says:

    A ghost can attach itself to something very familiar to them in life. I can not say I am a true believer of this, but if the case may be, the child’s presence is something that can only be communicated through another of a poignate nature…

  17. L says:

    I did see sorrow in her eyes… Then again, I can see ghosts too, so maybe it has something to so with that… Beautiful drawing, I wish I could draw as good as she did.

  18. Alan says:

    Why would someone so hot commit suicide?!?!?

  19. mimi says:

    im not sure if i should look at it… imma little scared, my friend stared at it for like 1min and 30sec. but nothing happened. im not sure whether i should look at it because i don’t wanna take my life after seeeing sorrow in a girls eyes i have to many things to worry about besides wanting to kill myself maybe it is an illusion or a figment of mind. i need some advice any takers? :/

  20. ke te valga says:

    wtf i did it for 20 minutes nd im still alive! gosh ppl stop being pussies nd grow some balls. nothing is gonna happend its just a pic of a hot chick…. lol watch i die later haha!

  21. audrahkay says:

    OMG THATS SO WIERD!!!!!!! I only stared at it for like 2 min. and 30 somthin seconds…………WOW

  22. Anonymous says:

    Starred at it for about ten minutes… studies it and relized that the right eye (left eye from her point of view) doesn’t look painted it looks like the painter is actually looking at you and I tried to make the whole picture into a real person but really hard t and only was able to saw glimpse of the true face

  23. Gech Papito says:

    this is alot of BBBBSSSSS…..

  24. random person says:

    I didn’t see any thing strange.

  25. mysterysurcher says:


  26. demon child says:

    Agter 5 min. It smiled or smirked and rings around eyes

  27. Amanda(: says:

    omg i stared at it 4 7 minutes and something changed…. it was someone else!!!!! my heart stopped and i got so scared!!!! it turned to someone else!!!! i swear this is so creepy): i dont think ill be able to sleep tonight

  28. Fuego says:

    i am kinda a scaredy cat lol

  29. cj says:

    this shouldnt be killed it should be loved

  30. b!11!!j says:

    i didnt even do it for 5 sec

  31. LoneWolf says:

    I stared at it for about 10(ish)minutes while listening to the song “gloomy sunday” and didn’t find either of them (the picture and the song) scary, creepy, depressing, or at all suicide-enducing. I did, however, notice that during the 10 or so minutes, the picture appeared to take on several changes. It first appeared to age into an ugly old (possibly dead or dying) woman. The next thing I noticed was the dark/shadowy areas around the eyes becoming bigger, darker, and the colour more solid. At one point it looked as if the girl had been crying blood. The face looked, at different stages, sad/depressed, menacing, angry and dead. The eyes in particular looked at times like the girl’s soul had been torn out of them. Towards the end of the 10 minutes, at which point I was staring rather intensely at the image, the face appeared to contort into a patch of skin-coloured light, with no detail, at first looking like an angry face, then looking not dissimilar to the screeming face from the famous painting. This, though could just have been a trick of the light due to my intense staring. The face changed so much during this short time, it was almost as if the girl’s spirit, trapped inside the picture, was trying everything it could to scare me or make me depressed or kill myself or whatever it’s supposed to do. If this was the case, then the girl’s efforts were entirely wasted on me. Appart from slightly sore and watery eyes caused by staring closly at a computer screen for 10 minutes straight, I did not experience any unpleasent feelings and I certainly did not find the picture hard to look at or, for that matter, the song hard to listen to. Sorry to dissapoint you all, but it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. But maybe I only think that because I’m even scarier than any of these things! MWUHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! FEAR ME, MORTALS!!!

    • Alisa says:

      Thats creepy the only thing that happened to me was the darkness around her eyes and then it went away and it looked like she was squinting her eyes at me and grinning. Maybe she is attatched to the picture i dont know but it is definitly creepy!

  32. amonymous says:

    why does she smile!!!??????

  33. nel says:

    it’s hard to me to get focus in just 5minutes,im not affraid, coz i have that eyes too not blue its black, when i focus his eyes and face all together in just a second i felt the sadness and anger that she might also fell when she alive, then i saw the sadness fisrt and then the shodows in his picture show the most, the anger .

  34. nel says:

    lets face the truth this is so creepy dont believe for those who say that they are not affraid they just doing something funny things to never mind this thing. and i dont know why im getting here im just in the youtube playing about animal vs animal, then strange creatures, then scary animal and then i get in scary picture of the internet , and i watch the video my

  35. joshmate! says:

    What a load of bullhonky!

  36. rawr rawr says:

    that was stupid nothing happened

  37. Keshazbby says:

    Wow I stared at it the the amount of time they said to . I began to get tired and very sleepy. I saw relief, happiness , pain and a smile. Rip

  38. christyn says:

    i havent tried it yet.but im about to..a bit skeptical and yet a bit scared…although, its also called an optical illusion people…but ill get back to ya when im done…wish me good luck!

  39. christyn again says:

    im writing as i stare…the picture does seem to get a bit different..the eyes get darker, and theres a dark ring sround them as i look depper,but like i said before, it could just be the ptical illusion..although the smile i see changing in her face, seems happy, not creepy..although i do get creeped out staring at it…may just be cuz of the stories.haha…ok i looked ror about a minute, and at first the eyes were looking at me, then all of sudden changed to look past my shoulder like something was behind me…not sure if a trick of the mind or real but still creepy as heck and a bit fun.haha

  40. Someone says:

    It WAS smiling AND dark circles were around her eyes! but i have dry eyes, I can’t stare at anything for long… :(

  41. your mother says:

    i stared for a little bit and the picture started to distort.

  42. Anonymous says:

    That is one of the most beautiful drawings I have ever seen.

  43. Anonymous says:

    its fake, like every other urban myth out there… but because it says in the description youll see something after a certain amount of time u believe it and your mind plays a trick on you into thinking that you are seeing something.

  44. BROOKE says:

    WTF it could be a video and not a trick of your mind, I read all of these comments, who knows, maybe I’ll scroll up and she’ll be smiling. Don’t let it fkin scare you!!

  45. ananana says:

    omg scary…….

  46. realbeliever says:

    omg ive done it before these storys really freak me out real or not real

  47. heidi says:

    haha not too scary people.Thought I saw something but I’m not sure I just feel sick to my stomach…..blah

  48. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    She’s in that picture. It’s all true…Look,I’ll be honest here. When I was born, I got the blind-spots taken out from the back of my eyes by special doctors. So I can see supernatural forms like no other teenage girl can see. (eg. ghosts, spirits etc.) I can tell…She’s in that picture…

    P.S- I don’t care if you guys don’t believe me, I’m just putting that out…

  49. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    Mhm. Especially near where I live in Northern Ireland…

  50. Anna says:

    She was great artist,sad that took her own life,though.

  51. L.B. says:

    just a pretty picture in my opinion… you may think otherwise

  52. mac says:

    i like her drawing.the details are amazing

  53. Witch in training says:

    I see her breathing and sorta nodding no, like she’s upset with me. I might be paranoid. It might also mean I can see beyond.

    • Bokani says:

      I saw her breathing too!! It scared the crap out of me so much that I ran to my mom.

    • Jaaon says:


  54. mina says:

    yup… i look at her eyes for whole 6 minutes …. nothing actually happened.. maybe there are some optical illusion that made me think its moving but no bad effects for my personality.. no suicide

    • Bokani says:

      I saw her breathing and I think I saw her start to smile a little, but I looked away on my first minute. My friend said she saw nothing, so it different reactions may come from different people.

  55. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    …Dude, why are you smirking at me?? O_O Don’t kill me!
    Whatever happened I SWEAR it was not me!!!!!!….:(

  56. Brian says:

    This is on a computer, the light plays tricks with peoples eyes. I stared at it for a lot longer than 5 mins and all it did was hurt my eyes. the only difference I saw is that her eyes turn brown

  57. SecretGirl2277 says:

    Weird…..i saw this drawing on youtube and wanted to know what it was about…i was going to look at the picture, but im kinda too scared to now /: lol…

  58. bla says:

    well i looked at it for 5 min. and not dead .. yet but i did star to see moment but thats your eyes.

  59. danielle says:

    to scared to look at it for more then 5 min. but she ish a good drawer.it’z really pretty. better then anything i can do. to bad she died. :(

  60. hannah ferreday says:

    she is bueatitiful and i love her deep blue eyes.

  61. nao says:

    Wow, that picture is actually very realistic. Such a fake story though

  62. Jav says:

    That was the best 5 mins or my life -__-

  63. tyra says:

    yup… i look at her eyes for whole 6 minutes …. nothing actually happened.. maybe there are some optical illusion that made me think its moving but no bad effects for my personality.. no suicide

  64. paola says:

    When I stared at it sum black was around her eyes

  65. Girl says:

    I did it when i was 13 and it make me so upset the rest of the day…. im alive none the less! ); but that is sad

  66. Maggie says:

    Watched a video bout her it told me to stare in 2 her eyes very closely I did then a scary pic popped up of chucky bout pissed my self

  67. alexalee says:

    i want to try it soooooo bad but im scared ! >.<

  68. Jim says:

    If a child drew this photo of herself, her work should be hung in the louve. The drawing can almost be mistaken for a live person. I just wonder if the story about suicide is a hoax to make the photo seem more mysterious. To my knowledge there has never been any official report which listed this person’s name.

    As for not being able to look into her eyes for 5 minutes, try staring at your thumb for that long, or anything else. It takes tremendous concentration to stare at something for one minute, much less five.

    A clever hoax in this author’s opinion – beautiful girl though.

    • Justice says:

      It doesn’t always have to be a hoax. There are mysterious things in life, right? I’m totally trying it! (but I probably can’t, I have an extremely short attention span.)

  69. olivia says:

    If i look at her eyes, her body moves. Otherwise its just a beautiful picture

  70. H.C.P. says:

    O.o I drew figure 8 around her eyes on my iPad, entertaining

  71. NebulaGray says:

    Simple look – Very nice and beautiful.

    Look close and careful – VERY SPOOKY…

    I’m even frightened myself! The picture is like looking deep within your soul. The background is also spooky too… If you know what I mean. 😮

  72. Anonymous says:

    i started to get a headache after looking at it for maybe 2

  73. Anonymous says:

    her eyes are moving..look carefuly…

  74. amber says:

    omg!! i saw her left eye move as if she had a lazy eye i also so her chest move like she was breathing but not softly she took deep breaths it was a little creepy

  75. Bokani says:

    I was staring at her and she started to look more and more tired but then I looked away because my friend called me. When I looked back she looked back to normal. :'( I’m scared now.

  76. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    @hannah ferreday-

    LOL! I know ^.^!!

    creepy though, you think?…

  77. Глупый says:

    Interesting Statistics:

    Japan has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world while maintaining one of the highest suicide rates worldwide.


  78. Kira-Chan says:

    I saw her breath 0.o

  79. lilbooshy says:

    It looked like she was grinding her teeth to me.

  80. nobody123 says:

    She looks like to me that she starts to frown

  81. Cosmos says:

    Her painting is gorgeous. I feel sorry for her and hope she’s happy wherever she is now.

  82. ROBERT says:


  83. hannah says:

    i have looked into her eyes and you can see her ghost it is tought to keep your eyes of her and then i may be haunted for the rest of my life so dont look at her for ten mins because her ghost will follow you where you will go

  84. Brianna says:

    I’m to scared to try it!

  85. ROBERT says:

    just do it its not scarer

  86. Berting Labra says:

    it’s not moving or anything. You can stare at any other picture. It would look like it’s moving but actually it’s not.. It’s just your eyes is getting fuzzy for staring for a long period of time.

  87. joshua says:

    I was look the picture in whole 30 minutes and did not see her move after that i was see her breathing and her eyes move up and other one down and she said what

  88. Kerrie says:

    I noticed something else… Lolz it might sound cheesy but oh well.
    When your screen is straight/normally how it sits, she looks like a normal person. When you tilt your screen back (or at least when I do), she goes very dark, her lips go red and her “smirk” is more apparent. Slightly creepy.
    When you tilt your screen forward, her skin is highlighted and looks much more melancholic and angelic; you can see more sadness in her eyes.

  89. HikariSHa says:

    OMG I tried and she moved! I was staring so hard at her, and then I swear I saw she squinted her eyes a little then smirked. After 5 mins, I fell off stairs :(

    But then, I tried again, and I kinda had this theory. The reason why we saw her moved is because our eyes it selves. You know that our eyes can’t really stare at one point for almost like +1min, so then I guess you can make your own conclusion with this. Tell me what you think :)

    Oh and, may the God bless her soul…

  90. 5678 :P says:

    mmmm i took a 1 second look ndd now im scared o.o

  91. faith says:

    i look at her eyes longer then 6 mins. i though the story wasnt real.. but when i try to look again i see a black ring at her eyes and she is breathing like shes alive…it makes me scared so i stop looking at her.. may god bless her soul!

  92. ----____--- says:

    My (sadistic and cruel) friend decided to go to YouTube and look up scary crap knowing I hated this stuff. Lets just say we found this video and while she saw her getting old, I actually DID become attracted to her eyes and say dark smudges forming around her eyes. Longer, I saw her mouth move. Not lying, I am in full paranoid mood right now. Call me a baby I am sleeping with lights ON.
    And then I decided to look the story up. Hey, maybe it’s not true. Now I see other people having same experiances. No, I don’t feel suicidal or depressed, but I DO keep thinking back to the eyes. Very pretty eyes….ANYWAY, long story short I drove back home after checking twice to see if anyone was in my car and then still kept my eye on the mirror. No, it says she doesn’t do anything you just kill yourself but still. Paranoia is bad with me….Very VERY bad. I hate it. DX

  93. ( : says:

    maybe its just an eyes illusion, but still creepy.
    i noticed that different people had different reaction from the painting?

  94. Kayako Saeki says:

    This is really creepy. I saw dark rings on her eyes, she smirked, her eye color changed and black blotches appeared on her face. I believe in this legend. I have always believed in Japanese legends. That’s were my name comes from. A japanese horror film. Kayako Saeki is the woman ghost in The Grudge or in Japanese terms, Ju-on. My real name is not that though. I just go by it now. My real name is Yoko. Creepy thing is that Yoko is a character in the American version of The Grudge. Yoko’s jaw gets ripped off by Kayako. She is the first one seen to die in the movie. Anyway, I have always believed in my culture’s legends and always will. So I think this is a true story, and am sorry for her family.

  95. kenzi says:

    I looked at this picture… she stared into my eyes and i stared back… i couldnt breath. her face deformed

  96. cait says:

    it isn’t true that she commited suicide.I saw this on deviantart.com but it is sorta creepy.

  97. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    A tip to not pee yourself–

    don’t pay much attension to what you’re looking at… ha.

  98. ghost says:

    guys im talkin to u frm the other side,,,
    the girl is beside me she’s nd is sayin all of u who believed this mambo jabo is a retard :O let me rest in peace!

    your frndly dead soul,


    • aint nuttin but a thang says:

      thats ridiculous man ghosts cant type. If anything ur disrespecting the girls soul

    • Ashley says:

      Ghost can type, its called “possed,” the spiritical contact can possed the living. If the ghost power/stregths are able to control the brain for a sertin amount of time or even days. But, that is notmal a “Demon.” Demon; Angel; Just confused souls not knowing on where to go; find the light to move on from where they have lived or even possing an object or personal object that the spirit has created or made for them to hold on to in the after life. For most people that dont understand most forms of spirits, ghosts, demon, ands and so on. To just inform you any everyone else. Ghost and Others that live in the after life are very capable of doing anything. You may think not; the fact Im just “crazy,” which ever it is I surely dont give a ****. Informingly, your mind can play tricks on you in sertin stages but, its mainly what your eyes see and that you can somewhat prove of what your seeing right infront of you. IF you cant prove it. Do research. If people think your crazy. Its because most of the people that say that are quite scared on sertin facts that can be brought from the spirital world and in to reality. But, if you do experison something that. Just hold on to it and dont give up on what you believe in really

    • Wise says:

      Ghosts aren’t people. They’re demons. When you die, you go to heaven or hell. Theres no in between. Demons pretend to be ghosts to fool us into thinking we stay on this earth. Thats why most EVPs are threatening and taunting towards ghost hunters.

    • sara says:

      that’s not nesarrialy true ….. Christianity is only 2012 years old where: pagan, greek,roman, and ancient egyptian that have been around longer so what you’re saying really only apply to people who believe as you do.

    • prophet says:

      Are you serious? you believe her hahahha

  99. kittycat22 says:

    i looked at her eyes and the left one is off

  100. mary says:

    i cant believe i actually did that

  101. john says:

    i stared at it and i think i see a ral human face and shes really beautiful and i didnt get scared a bit………..

  102. qiselle says:

    heyy im scared!!!

  103. Sarah says:

    sorry if I scare someone who is already scared out of their minds and make it worse for them but this is what happened when I stared at this.I stared and stared when it looked like she was starting to
    frown and her eyes grew wider.I blinked and it went back to normal.I stared again and got the creeps it looks like she is breathing and is actually starring deep into your eyes.Then after staring for a long time I looked at her collarbone but at the same time was looking up at her eyes with my sidevision and actually saw her eyebrows lower and thicken and her eyes were completely black. While looking at her collarbone I also saw that she looked extremely angry (i was so scared but i was also being stupid and was curious so i did not stop)I shot my eyes up to her forehead and it looked like her eyes moved upward as if she was following wherever I looked.I know this sounds stupid and fake but it does mess with your eyes when you stare at her.I also saw that her eyes were rapidly changing color when i looked down at her collarbone and immediatly went back to blue when i looked up.So the next time you stare at her picture look down at her collarbone and look at her eyes with your sidevision and please tell me what you saw with her eyes.I did this four times.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow i saw the same thing

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m 11 and yeah I did look at her neck color her eyes became blackthen when I went up blue again it freaks me out but then I notice like she is touting and I’m wandering why she did sucide she is really pretty

    • Yvette says:

      I’m 11 and yeah I did look at her neck color her eyes became blackthen when I went up blue again it freaks me out but then I notice like she is touting and I’m wandering why she did sucide she is really pretty if any one knows why tell me thanks:)

  104. BabyPink says:

    omg i have looked down when i was looking at the picture too.lol her eyes didn’t change color but it was like she started blinking and wanted me to look at her eyes.i lived in a house that was haunted before so i am sort of used to stuff like this. p.s i am not perverted i was only looking at her shirt lol

  105. joanna says:


    • krlly13 says:

      me too that is really sad what she did i looked at it for 10 mnt and i started to get really mad and sad i called my brother to come look and he started acting funny and she looked like she was breathing too her mouth opened and eyes closed and then my eyes started to sting … when i opened my eyes she was smilling / i was crying soooo sad why did she do it?

  106. sleepykaily says:

    calm down when u look at her shirt or something maybe it is the light on ur computer making her eyes go dark,it is like that for all pictures that are on a computer screen.i tried it and her eyes are dark.i did see her blinking but if it was daytime right now i would try to scare someone and say you are suppose to be attracted to her blue eyes and she doesn’t like when u look away but it is freakin’ 1:00 in the morning and i have to sleep.ITS ONLY AN ILLUSION.It is nothing but a drawing of a beautiful girl jeez! i very much doubt that this girl was even real.

    • Anonymous18 says:

      I agree with you, because I`ve done all sorts of research on this girl and could find nothing. I`m currently visiting relatives in Japan even and I asked them about this girl and her picture, but none of them knows about her at all! She is most likely not real. Although I have to say that this drawing is really remarkable! Very well drawn, but as a Christian as well, I don`t believe in ghosts or the sorts, and who knows, maybe there really is a girl like this somewhere in Japan, but the urban legend, mumbo jumbo is all fake. Even people who live in Japan know the difference between the real thing and fake, this girl is at least not all Japanese. She`s probably half Japanese and half European or some European colunated areas or the America`s, who knows what she really was if she were real. But as for the legend, I don`t belive it tp be true. Also, her picture is clearly not a picture, I had one of my computer sabby friends take a look at it for me, and it`s just a really advanced video to make it seem like it`s a moving picture, with it still just looking like a still picture.

    • Custom Potato says:

      I took a look at it and it’s a picture. It’s been uploaded to the website as a .jpg file, which means it can’t be a video.

  107. Brianna says:

    OMG!! her eyes turn black and MOVE! If it is just the computer screen then why isn’t the entire picture black when you look at her shirt or
    collarbone???Her eyes look evil! they dont move a little bit they move around alot!!

  108. Em-Jee says:

    Rest in peace this pic meses with your eyes

  109. Diana says:

    yup…for the first, I saw this pic at youtube..This drawing so amazing! I love to draw too..then when I gazed at the pic for five minutes, I could feels the sadness..and she’s breathing..I look at her hair, then I saw her eyes following where I look..btw, this drawing so mysterious and amazing..I never forget what have I saw this time..A pretty drawing of a pretty girl and the sadness..rest in peace..

  110. Me says:

    What u actually see is, when u follow instructions is.. eyes lookin up diaglly.. eyes abit buffed out. like shes been crying or something.. lips buffed n weird.. its a shame if she did commit suicide, because she looks very pretty, i saw something.. i saw sadness… something that wont ever leave her, i dunno what made her like that, but u can surley see it i dunno.. i know what i seeen lets just hope shes in a better place, R.I.P x

  111. Dyanna says:

    ( My eye is bad so I can’t stare long enough for anything )
    I’m not so sure the pic is haunted, but I do think the girl was a truly amazing artist to let her sadness carry through the drawing. It may only be an optical illusion to enhance the picture. ( Alot of artists have used illusions in their images. ) Shame the girl killed herself, because with work like this, she could have made it big in the art world. I’ll post again sometime when my eye isn’t bothering me enough, so I can really try staring her down to see the stuff.

  112. i love Bella(my dog) says:

    omg me and my bff did this and it worked it only works on ppl who beleive in ghosts its actully true last night i kept waking up and feeling like she was right next to me

  113. Brooke&&Keely says:

    keely and i first watched it today without looking at any of the comments and we saw her eyes changing colors and her mouth moving. so ths could be true or could not be people will believe what they want i feel like this girl just wants to be heard

  114. I'm Scared says:

    I have see her eyes being darker and her mouth is moving i’m a little bit scared. Her face is going be smaller to. Help… :(

  115. manuel says:

    Time to commit suicide

  116. Roxxi says:

    wow this picture actually did make me feel sad, as if i was feeling her sadness :(

  117. Roxxi says:

    and i did actually see dark rings forming around her eyes. i did manage to look at the pic for more than 5 mins, but it made me rly sad during and afterwards…creepy

  118. krlly13 says:

    i wonder if any of this is true? btw when i was staring at this photo i blacked oout my bff sayed that i said when something new comes something else follows i dont believe her…………….. she said sooomething ghost girl said somthing…… help me …….. i cant read lips…..911\or ….. bye.

  119. krlly13 says:

    why did she do i how did she do itt

  120. krlly13 says:

    it’s sad that she killed herself when i looked at thee picture her jaws got bigger and fatter

  121. sharru_uzumaki says:

    may i know the girl’s name ?
    im soo curious in this matter…

  122. Ana says:

    this is actually a picture of a comíc character called melancholic princess ruu, a few years ago, a troll posted this accompanianed by the story you can read above ( wich is, of course, fake ). If you look up melancholic princess ruu, youll see that what i just saíd is trupe, só You can mark this one as a fake.

  123. shadowninja124 says:

    wow i just watched this for 5 mins and her hair turned black,and her face started to become older and …weirder i’m frickin’ scared

  124. anon says:

    I’ve seen similar pictures like this… They always have that weird smoothness on the cheeks and the highlighting in unnatural places on the face. The story probably goes a long way towards adding creepiness, but the construction of the drawing was made to make you feel unsettled.

  125. kirma says:

    i feel a little bit sad i almoste cryied im not kidding

  126. kirma says:

    i feel a little bit sad i almoste cryied im not kidding zhen i look at hr eyes its just make me be cold everwhere

  127. Midnightman101 says:

    That’s depressing…….omg when I was reading the text, out of the corner of my eye, she looked really pale.then when I looked at the picture, se started moving and her eyes turned black.It also looked like she was following my eyes…….

  128. ThreadorDead says:

    WHOA!I was looking at her eyes and dark circles started to form around her eyes!

  129. Yvette says:

    Omg I was screaming for my mom because I kept thinking of the photo o my god if any of y’all know why she did that tell me

  130. Yvette says:

    I was screaming calling for my mom ihaerd noises help please I’m freaking scared get this off the INTERNET EVEN THO IT MY FUALT FOR LEARNING ABOUT THIS!;(

  131. sam says:

    its such a shame that this girl committed suicide, she is really beautiful. altthough,when i look into this picture, i sense a bit of peacefulness and sadness, i wish i could know why she killed herself.

  132. hana says:

    it is just Psychology you read the story and your mind is set to see something weird… though at first when i found this it was kinda creepy and my breathing right now is short, i dont know if it’s true i found some comments saying this came from a real artist and it’s a guy who paint it to look realistic. in my apinion the reason why some people see it change is because your brain is making you think it, or maybe, when you look at a surface of something it will look darker right? i am not trying to be a party pooper but i am just trying to give my opinion…
    oh my other reason is, just maybe, just maybe this picture is curse…

  133. Micky says:

    Its all just a net game

  134. Dev says:

    I’m going to have a hard time sleeping tonight….

  135. keely says:

    the blue emptiness of her eyes shows the silent pain that killed her, she has a longing to tell you something that was never said and she took to the grave. she lafet one thing behind to say that she was real and not a forgotten person and that was the drawing of the words she could never say………… i dontwhy but i have been look at this painting for 3 hours

  136. Anonymous18 says:

    Well, keep in mind there are other people who live at different time zones than you as well who are possibly commenting.

  137. max says:

    theres a video on this girl she might be a tru

  138. Anonymous says:

    This picture is actually a real painting created by Robert Chang, entitled Melancholic Princess. His website is called ethereality, where you can see the picture, but if you simply Google Robert Chang and Melancholic Princess you can see it.

  139. Aryana says:

    The next Mona lisa

  140. max says:

    i looked at her eyes and thay got oven more bluer

  141. sara says:

    your staring which is making your eyes more just slightly. and yes she is really pretty. also its a really good realistic drawing, ans i could see anger and sadness….. :S

  142. Pelly says:

    I heard this story called the pony tail girl, its freaky.

  143. Lolzer says:

    It is just an illusion! :O scary illusion!!!

  144. Simona says:

    Ok let me tell you something this is 100% fake. This picture is drawn by a boy. If you Google “Melancholic princess” you will find what it really is.

  145. Ara says:

    OMG i looked at the pic and seen tears running down her face!!! and then when i looked at her neck…. I swear she was swallowing something!!!!! (NOT JOKING!)

  146. blackhawk says:

    she smiled im scared

  147. nicki says:

    i was looking at it. well, staring. and waiting for something to happen and something did. i was staring into her eye’s, then i looked down for a quick second, and what i saw made me jump. her eye-brow’s lowered, greating a look of anger. and at the same time, her mouth extended into a smile. she looked like she was about to attack me. unno, like in those movies when a physcopathic killer is wating for their victim to turn around and when they do, they look…. crazed or something.
    anyways, when i looked back up, everything snapped back to normal. like she hadnt moved at all. i swear i could see her muscle’s in her face move, to enable her to lok the same. i cant get that image out of my head.

  148. Deepa says:

    She is so pretty. why the hell would she end her life??? :'(

  149. Ayra says:

    well, this girl is real because my friend has been cursed for 6 months after dissing this picture at our sleepover… she has broken her leg her dog has died her mom has dissappeared and her dad doesnt pay much attention to her like he used to and shes failing all of her sciece tests when her IQ is over 100… She being haunted her friends dont wanna hang out with her… [im her only fried now.] And plus she sees this figure everytime she tries to sleep. Also, she has broken her leg and got a servere nose bleed it didnt stop for 3 hours… She had to go to the office and hold a pad under her nose, because thats how bad it was. Also, she almost got hit by a car walking home from school… And shes always careful when it comes to this stuff… She has always looked both ways before crossing, she has gotten so much badluck that she rather crawl under a big rock and die.

    • Nachos says:

      Wow is that real then why did you do it Ayra whats else happened?

    • Luke says:

      i see shadows going across the walls in the corner of my eyes and i looked into her eyes a couple of days ago D:

    • -____- says:

      Umm…. so the photo automatically did all this
      You know what!
      Im gonna make a photo of a nerd who committed suicide and if you look into the picture for 5 minutes he’ll help you get laid!
      Urban Legends are fun!

    • Kittykidee says:

      Reply to: Ayra
      and you think all of her “bad luck” is from dissing a picture..? i’m guessing her life was a mess long before she saw this picture. if her dad doesn’t pay much attention to her then i’m guessing he probably didn’t pay attention to her mom as well. which is probably why she disappeared. she’s probably failing science tests because she is preoccupied by the fact that her mom is gone and her dad is an a-hole. maybe her nose kept bleeding because she is distracted by stress and neglecting her diet and not getting necessary nutrients and has become a bit anemic (which causes poor clotting) or if she is on any kind of painkiller (maybe from the broken leg or a headache etc) they all contain acetaminophen (aspirin) which thins your blood therefore causing lengthy bleeding. and, i’m sorry to point this out, but if she got hit by a car then she did not look both ways.. so.. just a thought. i think your friend probably is in a lot more trouble than you guys realized and the longer you two blame it on “bad luck” and ignore the problem the worse things will get. i bet she really needs a good friend like you to help her through this rough time. she’s “lucky” to have a concerned friend like you =)

    • Beth says:

      A lot of things can happen in six months. I know, it is strange what happened to your friend but, last year only over a few months I lost my dad, school (moving to secondary), house (moving house), dog, sister and my goldfish (R.I.P Bob)

      So… yeah. I rest my case.

  150. TayTayz says:

    i have been heaunted also!!!! omg the thing wonte leavr me alone!

  151. Hackarma says:

    Ummm, i have been hearing the closet door shut and its scaring me!!! omg there it goes again! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  152. i AM SCARED outta my wits says:

    kk i anm so freaked outtt my brother nearly drowned!!!
    i had head lice and got glendrafever!!!

  153. the unknown says:

    Omg !! that is just really creepy! EEK !!!!!

  154. Chad says:

    if that will happen, why did you post the picture? now everybody will be dead. hahaha!

  155. chelsea says:

    I have been I stared at it a few days ago an nothing has happened

  156. Maria says:

    I did it just now nothing has happened and that story that girl told is not true u wanna no why because she didnt get the bad luck

  157. Gavin says:

    Beautiful painting, the eyes are amazing…remind me of mine, look just like mine, unless if i have dull brown eyes and the mirror and everyone who compliments my eyes are lying…

  158. Josh says:

    I can really feel all the sadness and isolation this girl must’ve felt. My only wish is that I could’ve known her and befriended her cuz, maybe things could’ve been different, like maybe she wouldn’t feel so alone and maybe she’d still be alive today…….she must’ve been extremely talented to draw something so beautiful. I’ve been staring at it for a while, and I’m not sure if it’s just me (cuz i might be staring too long) but her face kinda glows like really bright after 45 seconds or so

  159. Tyer says:

    it is a prooven fact that just because it starst to change a liitle bit doesent mean its haunted it that your eyes are confussing your brain bye saying “I WILL STARE AT THIS FOR MORE THEN A MINUTE” and your brain is just trying to draw you away from that bye being like WOW and tell me this the only thing that is haunted is the painting but when she posted it it was still haunted bu is the real life painting still haunted who knows nnot your EYES and BRAIN

  160. roxyroller58 says:

    im about to stare in her eyes but i barley believe it so yeah

  161. roxyroller58 says:

    what does smirk mean

  162. Makenna says:

    The picture really creeps me out because if I stare at her eyes her whole face just blacks out but I don’t know why she killed herself because she was so beautiful and talented she did not even get to wear white and walk down the isle and why dose she have a smile if she subposadly was depresesd.

  163. S. says:

    Oh, god, I love debunking urban legends!

    First of all, this is clearly a digital painting and not a scanned drawing. Also, it’s by artist Robert Chang who, you might be able to tell, is not a teenage girl. He also lives in the US, not in Korea nor Japan.

    This painting was uploaded to deviantART originally in June 13, 2008 and, as you can probably guess by now, the suicide bit is also bogus, as this alternate version of the painting, posted January 3, 2009, may help you notice that.

    “Oh”, you say, “but 2009 is still too long ago”.
    Then, I answer, you can check this journal posted by the artist not more than a month ago.

    Are we clear?


  164. amber says:

    staring not dead……staring not dead……staring not dead :/

  165. leslie says:

    I stared at it for 3 minutes and I saw the girl smirk and a light black circle around her!Creepy!

  166. leslie says:

    I could almost see her breathing!

  167. ENIXINE says:

    She was pretty talented, considering she was able to draw a good optical illusion. She should’nt have done it if the story was true.

  168. Mariejun Godinez says:

    actually, i already stared at this picture for how many minutes, but still, nothing have happened. I guess you have psychological problems guys. those fears you have might let you down but because your mind is aware of that thing, there is a tendency that you can make a way that make you scary.

  169. carlos says:

    nothing happened for the time i looked at this picture, this was a waste of time.

  170. random says:

    her face changes when i stare into it o.0

  171. Sam says:

    It’s a trick of the eyes/brain.

  172. Anonymous says:

    looks kinda like kristen stewert

  173. Panda says:

    wow u guys are really mean why are u making her soul feel like it doesnt belong by making fun of her death u are all childish except for the ones that are saying shes talented because its probobly true

  174. zeyda says:

    its not real LOOK IT UP!! its by some painter guy… y r people so gullible??

  175. Anonymous says:

    It is real because I saw her smile

  176. Anonymous says:


    • PersonYouWishYouKnew says:

      okay i totally love this i respect you for saying that i love slender… he is my idol

    • Anonymous says:

      so you say you support a person who kidnaps children, impales people on branches, removes peoples organs and then puts them in plastic bags then puts them back in the person, and who stalks people until they go insane? sounds to me like you should meet your idol

  177. Tama says:

    I stared at it but nothing happened…

  178. yomoma says:


  179. Syko says:

    you have to have a heart to be affected by this picture, if you can stare at it without any emotions at all you should be fine, it’s a great picture, and the eyes are not drawn, they’re created. Yes that means that those are real eyes, she’s look at you and to me it means she is curious as to how many people actually care, though I could be wrong…

  180. kittyboo says:

    i wouldnt dis this photo anyways wow ppl are rude,

  181. SuperPavian says:

    How people need to be weird and weak that they are capable to do everything even to take their own lives…?

  182. 0foxicoot0 says:

    i cant stare at her it feels weird but she is so prety this is hard

  183. Urbanlegendpeep says:

    Me eyes 2 tired why is she smiling if she is sooooooo depressed.

  184. my mum says:

    This is so sad people do not look into her eyes but i do not know how she drawed a pic and made the eyes go darker and give an evil smerk. I recon that she is possesed or was possesed by an demon……… to be continued.

  185. my mum says:

    This is so sad people do not look into her eyes but i do not know how she drawed a pic and made the eyes go darker and give an evil smerk. I recon that she is possesed or was possesed by an demon……… to be continued.

    This is no joke this the f n real deal kk.this teenager is prety messed up leave it that way.

  186. ariana says:

    This is so dumb i stared at this chick for like 10 minutes and nothing happened! People are just so paranoid.

  187. Chloe says:

    I saw the circles around her eyes and I also saw what looked like her moving back and forth in the o=picture and coming towards me.

  188. anomonyse says:

    this picture has cursed me.. i really do feel the need for suicide… my bff(this is all my fault!) i told her about this website she said she stared at it for 3 minutes and then the next daay she killed herself! worst part is she was also my gf! ( and im i girl dont rub it in we fell in love!) i see this figure in my sleep and ive been failing school and broke my entire arm not to mention the fact i see some weird dude always in my back yard!

    • lonewolf says:

      its the slender man you’ve been seeing he been telling me and the midnight man about stalking you.

  189. Lisa says:

    Guys… please… do you really believe in this?? It isn’t real that’s why it’s called an urban legend… It’s creepy but not real…

  190. Chyna says:

    Well, guys, I don’t know if this is REAL or not. I will admit, I am paranoid. I can’t stand ghosts, demons, Bloody Mary, Freddy Kruger, slender man… Or anything. I will practically believe anything, YOU or someone else tells me. Honestly, I’m scared of practically EVERYTHING!
    I don’t know how to handle it, ever since I have heard of slenderman like 3 days ago, I’ve been searching urban legends up and slenderman. Uh, what do I do?

    • Sarah says:

      Well, It’s actually normal to be scared of these things… The only thing you can do is keep in your mind that these things aren’t real… And after some time you aren’t going to be scared about everything but right now don’t search for it that much or you are never going to get used to it 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      ine been the same

  191. I don't sleep says:

    And now I feel really tired all of a sudden, but I don’t sleep so… Thanks a lot… creepy picture DX

  192. yianna says:

    my eyes are hruting!!!

  193. Anonymous says:

    i can see the smile

  194. Edward says:

    Stared at her for about a minute…
    First saw her happy and beautiful, then it started looking sadder and sadder.. and desperate. (At least for me).
    Wont watch her more, i hope…

  195. llkjiuh says:

    did anyone notice how the story jumped from “japan” to “korea” two entirely different countries yet some how people in korea saw this clearly computer generated picture SOMEHOW? It doesnt make sence would not the people of japan see the pictures mind warping effects well before the country of korea and which korea north or south. Because north korea has radical censor ship it would be imposiable to even see this picture from japan.

  196. alice rosette says:

    i tried staring at it and nothing happened

  197. ASDFGHJKL says:

    Nope, nothing happens.

  198. xxmylifeisoverxx says:

    she was smiling at me…. i winder if we have similarities… she seemed to be pleased the more i looked at her… she started breathing and moving a bit… but it didnt scare me… i dont know i might just be insane. but i swear her facial expression was sad and then pleased…

  199. dj says:

    see spoke to me and seed kill your self and join me im very scared

  200. erwin says:

    so why she committed suicide ?? is she have a story ?? O_O wantin to kno

  201. DK says:

    nuthin happens its movin cuz im tired but she dont smirk and whats the vid supposed to be it wont work

  202. Aiyah lin says:

    OMG , its creepy , just right after 20 second , i look at her mouth and she smirked at me.. there are dark eye circle that start to form around her eye .. no , the dark circles that grow around her eye is just what i heard but she really smirked at me ..

  203. Rissa Marie says:

    Idk if it was a taunting smirk. It almost seemed comforting to me…but the rings that grew around the eyes made me a little nervous so i didnt get a whole 5 minutes in

  204. james says:

    ahh so depresing i nearly took a gun shot to my own head because of this

  205. Anonymous says:

    now i see why she calls it suicide drawings!!!

  206. Anonymous says:

    Okay well in the drawing it has dark circles around it already soo

  207. Shania says:

    Asians don’t have blue eyes unless they are colored contacts.

  208. Anonymous says:

    I can’t look at her eyes for more than five seconds.
    I swear I saw her lips start to move and the skin around her eyes get darker when I tried looking at her longer.

    Cross my heart. <X3

  209. Anonymous says:

    PLUS ‘The real James’ didn’t reply, and it’s been a few days.

    It’s a beautiful picture…
    But the story behind it is just too unnerving.