Mill Town Abductions

The town of Ellicott Mills was terrorized in the year 1819. Hundreds of kids had vanished with no trace. After several of the children were last seen speaking with Edwin Graveleigh, parents got concerned. Edwin was the unpopular Graveleigh family’s youngest son. Years of bizarre and loud nighttime noises emanating from their home had enraged … Read more

Popeye the Sailor Man was Really Frank “Rocky” Fiegel from Chester, Illinois

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””] Popeye the Sailor Man really existed….. Popeye the Sailor Man was a squinty-eyed sailor who was the main character of a comic created in the late 1920s by E.C. Segar. Like many beloved characters, he didn’t begin as the star of the story – he was a minor character hired to be apart of a … Read more

The Shadow Man

Nobody knows for sure who, or what The Shadow Man is, but it may be the ghost of a man who was convicted of stalking and kidnapping children. He was caught at a home he had broken into a few days before, and was being dragged off to the gallows after his trial when he … Read more

They Got Rid of Robert Lefou

Robert Lefou was a very unlucky kid. His mom had died of a brain tumor when he was only two years old and his father was a drinker. The boy had very bad grades in school and to make matters worse, Robert was constantly bullied by the other kids. One day his bullies took their … Read more

The Watcher

The little girl had discovered her, a small figure carved on a wooden plank hanging on the kitchen wall. The girl stood there awestruck, studying the image. Etched on the wood in lines and knots was a lady in a gown, standing with grey hair flowing down to her shoulders and watching something open mouthed … Read more

Three Wells of Amelia James

My mom used to tell my friends this story at our sleepovers, it went something like this: In 1914, there was a small family living in the woods near here. The family was very rich. The daughter, Amelia James, was a beautiful singer and her mother was always jealous of her. When the father was … Read more

The Candy Lady

Around the turn of the 20th century, children started going missing in a small rural county in Texas. People blamed it on The Candy Lady, a woman who supposedly lured children to her home with candy, then they were never heard from again. Children in the area told stories of how they would wake in … Read more

State Trooper Recalls Christmas Eve

I’m gonna tell you a story from my highway patrol days… It’s simply called “It’s My Christmas Eve” The hour is late. Should go to bed. Near midnight I believe. But memories keep me wide awake this snowy Christmas eve. Yes, memories of my kids moved on, each has their separate life, and how the … Read more

La Pascualita, The Corpse Bride

Is This Bridal Shop Mannequin Actually A Preserved Human Corpse? Chihuahua Mexico has a famous bridal shop. The business can attribute it’s popularity to the startlingly lifelike mannequin that has stood in the window for the past 75 years, La Pascualita. According to a local urban legend, people say the mannequin in the window of … Read more