This morning, March 23, 2010, at 8 A.M. Eastern Time, ABC-TV’s "Good Morning America" show presented an outrageous in-depth hit piece — a foolishly ambitious presentation of orwellian inverted logic — on the growing movement of healthy eating, or eating healthy. ABC-TV’s first exhibit was one of those in-the-home interviews with Kristie, a woman who … Read more

No More Nursing, Baby

Metropolis, TN – A new mother had just decided that it was time to wean her year old daughter and stopped breastfeeding her. Although this had been her first child, she had friends that had children and they all told her that weaning was a very difficult time and that the longer she waited the … Read more

The Sloppy Joe

A butcher named Joe owned a diner with his wife, whom he loved dearly. One evening Joe came home to find his wife having sex with his best friend. Joe went crazy finding out about their affair this way. He yelled and screamed and during their heated argument, Joe killed them both. He disposed of … Read more