Farmer Allen’s Psych Hospital Pig Farm

Abandoned slaughterhouse holds legend of old farmer The piggery was once owned by a farmer named “Mr. Allen.” The state of New Jersey seized the man’s property through the process of eminent domain and began using it to supply foodstuffs for Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro, NJ. Farmer Allen went mad because he lost … Read more

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Toward the end of the 1940s, Soviet researchers sealed five prison inmates in an airtight chamber and dosed them with an experimental stimulant gas to test the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. Their behavior was observed via two-way mirrors and their conversations monitored electronically. They were promised their freedom if they could go entirely without … Read more

Smile of Insanity

About five years ago I lived downtown in a major city in the US. I’ve always been a night person, so I would often find myself bored after my roommate, who was decidedly not a night person, went to sleep. To pass the time, I used to go for long walks and spend the time … Read more

Wait for 3 Knocks

Jason and Alesha were driving from their home in NJ to visit his parents in South Carolina. It was a long trip, but one they had taken many times before, so they were familiar with the route from start to finish. They had to wait to start driving until after work that evening and were … Read more