Category: Bridges and Tracks

Urban Legends stories involving bridges and railroad tracks.


The Maco Light

A man named Joe Baldwin was working on the railroad tracks one night along the Wilmington and Manchester railroad on a rainy and foggy night. As a train approached he realized the car was...


Big Liz

Big Liz was a slave girl who lived during the Civil war. Her master used her and his other slaves to deliver supplies to Southern troops. Big Liz managed to tell Union soldiers where...


Subway Stare

A woman was sitting on the subway late one night and she noticed that the woman sitting across from her was staring intently at her. She pretended not to notice but each time she...


The Bunny Man Bridge

After the civil war Fairfax County, Virginia became more populated and eventually an insane asylum was built there. No one wanted to live near the asylum and because of the public outrage the institution...