There was a boy named Tom who received a letter from his friend Kyle. The letter contained 20 reasons NOT to run the disk named: Sonic.EXE. Tom played the game anyway, and fell in HORROR. First, for a SPLIT second, Sega 666 appeared on the title screen. Then, Tails was chased by Sonic.exe and he … Read more

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

A fun and somewhat freaky levitation game for you and at least five of your friends to play at night. It does not summon spirits, nor is it intended to be horror-like. Late at night, light a candle in a dark room and place it on the floor, and unplug any and all electronic devices. … Read more

Blue Baby, Baby Blue

Go into a bathroom with the lights off and the door closed. Pretend to rock a baby while chanting the phrase “Blue Baby” thirteen times. A baby will appear and scratch you. DROP IT AND RUN! If you don’t, a woman will to appear and scream as loud as glass breaking, "GIVE ME BACK MY … Read more