Gozu (“Cow Head”)

Cow head, also known as ox head, is a story so terrifying that some people who read or hear about it can not overcome their fear and they tremble for days until they die. A teacher told a fragment of the story to his class on a bus ride while they were on a school … Read more

Cattywampus in the woods

My great grandfather lived in Possum Valley, AR and he used to tell us about the Cattywampus or Wampus Cat in the woods there. The Cattywampus is a big six legged mountain panther that roamed the woods looking for meals to bring back to her cubs. If you happened across her in the woods you … Read more

How the Pussy Willow got it’s name

In Asia, there was once a great city which was built so long ago that even the name of the city and of its people has been forgotten. Everything about it is wiped from history except this one little story. The residents of the city liked cats very much there were great numbers of them … Read more

Legend of The Spirited Horse

In the beginning, there was only the Sun and Earth. There was a woman who lived on the Earth, who rode a white horse named N’Tuki, meaning ‘spirited one’; and her rider was named Fa’Rashi, meaning ‘spirited rider’. This particular horse was special; for when it was to die, it would be cast into the … Read more


Thanksgiving Urban Legend

“As with the Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, balanced federal budgets and other elusive entities, legend and speculation must necessarily take the place of fact,” wrote Professor (Ret.) Wesley Wimscott in a 2009 paper entitled ‘Gobblesquatch: Giant Drumsticks or Dumb Shticks?’, submitted to the international symposium on Paranormal History, Sightings, Stories and Wonders (PHSSAW). His lengthy … Read more

Rat Dog

The truck driver’s wife works in Boston on the docks where this little white dog comes around at noon and everyone feeds it a little something from their lunch. The wife went home and asked her husband if he would mind if she got a dog. She told him about the stray that everyone has … Read more

Hungry Snake

There was a couple from Florida who owned a python. It was a very large snake and they’ve had it for a while so they did not put it in a cage and they let it be free in the house. The couple started to become concerned when the snake stopped eating. All the snake … Read more

Hot Dog

An old lady was asked to look after her neighbors Terrier dog, and being the kind-hearted lady she was, she agreed. When taking the dog for a long walk, it started to rain, hurrying back, the old woman returned home, both her and the Terrier were soaked. The poor little animal was shivering, and wanting … Read more