Baby Bridge

Somewhere in Georgia back in the 1800’s a poor farmer and his wife were expecting their 5th child. The farmer knew that he and his wife could not provide for this child because crops had been bad that year and he could barely feed his family of six.

When the wife went into labor the farmer called for the doctor. Unknown to the wife, the farmer and the doctor had already made arrangements to get ride of the baby. Their plan was to take the baby from the room immediately after the delivery and tell the wife that the baby died during birth.

When he left the farmhouse that night, the doctor took the baby to a nearby bridge and dropped him over the side. The wife never found out about what the farmer and the doctor had done.

It is said that on a cloudless night during a full moon you drive your car to “Baby Bridge” and park it in the center at the bridge’s highest point. Get our of your car and sprinkle baby powder in a circle around your it. Then get back in your car and turn the engine and the lights off for 10 minutes. You will hear the soft sound of a baby crying. When you get out of your car there will be baby footprints in the circle of powder.

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Kayla from Statesboro, GA
Tori from North Augusta, South Carolina
McKailyn L. from Greenville, SC

Another Version of the Cry Baby Bridge Urban Legend

From what I’ve heard, in Anderson, North Carolina, a 16-year-old girl became pregnant around 1980. Her abusive, drunk of a step-father found out, and after the baby was born, he forced her to throw the baby off a bridge near their home.

That night, after she threw the baby down, she hung herself on the bridge. She went mad with guilt and could not bear the pain of the loss of her newborn child. She couldn’t possibly continue living with her psychotic abusive father after that day.

Now, if you go down to the Crybaby Bridge, you can still hear the girl weeping over the loss of her child.

Locals that have climbed the fence surrounding the bridge report that if you say ¨crybaby¨ 3 times at midnight, she will appear and cry and scream for her baby. She will suddenly vanish and then, if you listen carefully, you can hear a baby crying. She is more likely to appear if a child is present. If she does come out, immediately leave.

Another common way to experience an encounter with the young mother and her baby is to sprinkle baby powder around your car or around where you’re standing and to stay very still. Baby footprints and handprints should appear in the powder on the ground or on the car.

This was not the only tragedy that happened at this bridge, nor is it the only story of a haunting of this place. You may go to the bridge late at night and hear children crying. They will sound older and not like an infant. In the 1970s, a school bus crashed, killing all but one of the passengers. If your car breaks down at night along the road that the bridge is on, you will undoubtedly hear multiple children crying. The address of this fateful bridge is 2806 High Shoals Rd, Anderson, SC 29621.

Have fun, but please be extremely safe.