Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I know of an urban legend that doesn’t appear on your site. Can I send it to you?

A: Absolutely! Just click Report a Legend and we’ll get it. We read every legend that comes into the site. We reserve the right to screen all stories submitted. If we like yours, we’ll post it and give you credit!

Q: What if you don’t like the legend I submit?

A: Well then we’ll send you an email thanking you for playing and asking you to play again real soon.

Q: But my friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s aunt’s coworker said that a story you call an urban legend actually happened! She was there! How can you say it’s not true?

A: All of the legends on this site have been recorded over time as urban legends. If you have proof (a news report, a police report, etc.), please feel free to send it over. Then we can let the world know that event actually happened. Until then, it’s a myth.

Q: That’s not how I heard that story. Can I tell you the REAL version?

A: We love to hear variations on popular urban legends. Just submit your version the same way you’d submit a new legend (see FAQ #1) and we’ll be sure to post your variation.