Baby Give Away

On a lonely road off of Main Street in my hometown you’ll find a bridge with an unfortunate past. A young family lived near this bridge and the husband was away from his wife and child fighting in the war. A neighbor had always held a candle for the young wife and when he discovered that she had had a child and the husband had gone off to war, he became jealous and determined to have her for his own.

He came to her house one night and forced entry into the home. When she refused him, he savagely attacked her and threatened to kill her child. She escaped and ran from her property with the baby, blindly crashing through the forest and brush seeking a hiding place from her obsessed neighbor. Just as she realized she couldn’t hear the man chasing her anymore, she came to the bridge and took refuge under it with the scared baby in her arms.

The distressed child had been whimpering in fear during her flight from the house, but now that they had stopped the baby began to wail. The child began to cry loudly and ended the hope of the bridge being safe refuge. The neighbor was drawn to the baby’s cries and their position was revealed to the man. He brutally murdered both mother and child right there under the bridge.

Only the woman’s body was ever recovered.

Now, if you drive down this bridge and stop half way across, turn off your car engine and headlights and lights and get out, you can hear the baby’s cries that gave it’s mother’s position away years ago. Beware! It’s been said that if you go down underneath the bridge at night, you will never be seen again! The spirit of the young mother is trying to protect her baby even in the afterlife.

Reader Submitted
Kristy from Belleville, MI