Johnny’s Last Dance: The Dead Soldier’s Waltz

Within an hour of my arrival at Fort Union, my new post, my best friend Johnny came to the barracks with a broad grin and a friendly clout on the shoulder. He’d hurried over as soon as he heard I had come, and we talked ’til sunset and beyond. As soon as Johnny mentioned Celia’s … Read more

The Sloppy Joe

A butcher named Joe owned a diner with his wife, whom he loved dearly. One evening Joe came home to find his wife having sex with his best friend. Joe went crazy finding out about their affair this way. He yelled and screamed and during their heated argument, Joe killed them both. He disposed of … Read more

The Thieving Groom

A young couple was married amid much joy and hoopla. The wedding was a large, elaborate festival; the bride was radiant and the groom handsome. Both families were delighted. During the reception, the bride’s father placed his dinner jacket on the back of his chair and went off to dance and socialize. Later in the … Read more

Fatal Tan

It was the day before a couple’s wedding. The bride to be wanted to look beautiful in her white wedding dress so she went to a local salon to get a “healthy looking” tan.  Afterward, she felt like she was still pretty pale so she lathered herself up with deep tanning lotion and visited every … Read more