The Bunny Man Bridge

After the civil war Fairfax County, Virginia became more populated and eventually an insane asylum was built there. No one wanted to live near the asylum and because of the public outrage the institution was shut down.

The administration transferred the patients and in 1904 the process was completed. During the transfer, some of the patients escaped and hid in the surrounding woods and forest. These individuals were lost, delusional and dangerous. Most of them were found except Marcus Lawster and Douglas Griffen. The local authorities found a trail they believed belonged to them, littered with half eaten mutilated bunnies.

The trail led deep into the woods to a tunnel bridge crossing a wide creek. There they found Marcus hanging from the tunnel entrance. There was a note attached to his foot that said, “You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try! Signed, The Bunny Man.” That tunnel has been called Bunny Man Bridge ever since.

The legend says that if you walk all the way down the tunnel at around midnight the Bunny Man will grab you and hang you from the entrance of the bridge.

Strange deaths and phenomena has been connected with the Bunny Man Bridge. There was a young man from Clifton, Virginia who came upon the Bridge while traveling. Later, he killed his parents and dragged their bodies into the woods to hang them from the bridge and then killed himself. In 1943, three teenagers, two men and a young woman, were at the bunny man bridge for Halloween night. The three youths were found dead, hung from the bridge with their bodies slashed open. All with notes attached to their feet saying the same thing,” You’ll never catch the Bunny Man!”

In 2001, after hearing the tale, six local students and a guide searched the area. They found mutilated bunny parts during their search and left the forest after they heard noises and saw figures moving around in the woods.


Variations of this legend can be found at the following links:
Bunny Man Bridge story variation
Bunny Man Bridge story variation 2

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Phillip Greco from Columbus, OH and Ace from Irving, TX

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44 Responses

  1. Bobby says:

    One of the freakiest stories I’ve heard but in case you were aware it’s not true. There wasn’t an asylum in that area around the time the story proclaims though people claim to have been attacked a bunny man in the 1970s. Still a cool story though.

    • Mel says:

      Actually the legend is based on 2 confirmed actual sightings and a little over 50 unconfirmed statements. Supposedly during 1969 and 1970 over 50 people saw a 20 something year old man dressed in a bunny suit, who attacked them with a hatchet or a knife on or near Colchester Rd. Obviously the insane asylum part was false, seeing as how there has never been an insane asylum or any kind of hospital in the immediate area. The identity of the real person was never discovered. The false parts of the legend were created after I left high school. I know this because I wrote a paper on it in the early 90’s for my highschool newspaper and at that time the last sighting of the Bunny Man was in 1970, and at that time he wasn’t a spirit.

  2. Sydney Griff I n says:

    and i just wanted to say, griffin is spelled w/ and i, not a e. its my last name i should know

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bunny meat is delicous and is a fine meal in Asia!!!

  4. Shadow says:

    its called an urban legend for a reason

  5. ThreadorDead says:

    I wonder what would happen if the Bunny Man and the Easter Bunny had a faceoff…

  6. anonymous says:

    not scary but bewere the bunny man

  7. Lolzer says:

    Eat ALL the bunnies!!! >:D

  8. Aleisha says:

    how the hell can people read this, without almost dozing off??? this story is sh!t

  9. Gumball says:

    Well the variation is kinda creepy I kinda want to see it myself but im too far away

  10. melissa says:

    omg tjis is scary but not true what if i go will i die dont think so if any of you go let me know how it went i really like urban legends if you have any more tell me

    • clifton says:

      I went to the bridge since I live maybe ten minutes away. It’s a cute little bridge/tunnel and not too big. The most that happened was I lost signal when in the tunnel.

  11. Mel says:

    I actually live about 10 minutes away from the bridge. Growing up it’s always been a Halloween tradition for local teens to dare eachother to stay there at night. Many people I know have claimed to see shadows/images and hear voices (sometimes screams)on or near the bridge, others have found half eaten animals near there. Then again it is a very diverse, wooded area that has a lot of wildlife including foxes. On the other hand, a lot of the local towns have a lot of Urban Legends attatched to them,ex: Occoquan, Old Town Alexandria, and Georgetown to name a few.

  12. Mel says:

    In case anyone is interested in going to the Bunnyman Bridge. The Colchester Bridge (the bridge everyone always goes to) isn’t the real Bunnyman Bridge of Clifton, VA. The Colchester Bridge is located on Colchester Rd but it was built in 1950. The real Bunnyman Bridge is located a mile down the road headed west at the end of a horse trail. The real Bunnyman Bridge is unmarked. Most people that actually go to the correct one stumble upon it accidentally. Another thing you should keep in mind is that Colchester Road is considered Private Property, so don’t be shocked to find someone yell at you or try to chase you off the road. Plus, a lot of cops monitor Colchester Rd and Colchester Bridge (not because it is supposedly haunted by some malicious spirit) but because a lot of morons have caused problems there in the past. Hope that helps.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. UNKNOWN says:

    Then he rapes you!!!

  15. metal says:

    that is a very exiting story

  16. atrulyconcernedstudent says:

    HA! I am researching information about this and me and a few friends are avid ghost hunters and we love reading these then going out and seeing them for ourselves. THIS ONE IS OUT NEXT FEET! We have done most of these on here out of proving right from wrong. We have been at it for almost two years and we have disproved a lot of legends.

  17. Gabby Baby says:

    some of your comments are soo funny!

  18. Alyssa says:

    That was a really creepy story I used to hear a different version of it from my grandad :):):):)

  19. Saadia khan says:

    Well my uncles and cousins just went and they were too scared to even get out of the car lol they saw a mailbox from far away and they thought it was the bunny man

  20. John A. Meyer says:

    Hey guys, I actually live in Virginia and I’ve been to “The Bunny Man Bridge” a few times. The actual bridge is not wooden it is now a concrete tunnel with tracks running over it.

    I’m planning on shooting a short film based on the events that took place there for my horror shorts portfolio. Should be epic.

  21. varsha says:

    my best friend once went to bunnyman bridge. she didn’t return the next day. when we went to go investigate, they found her with a giant slash right through her body. she had died. I love her so much and I curse this old bridge. R.I.P Nadia Moreno

  22. Katherine says:

    There is no link between the bunnyman bridge and nadia moreno…. I’m sure there would have been some type of article if

  23. Velouria says:

    Oh, your best friend was murdered there? Was there a news story or an investigation? Please tell us.

  24. j. says:

    I have been to the old asylum, what is left of it, and the connection to the bunny man story seems to fit.

  25. Anonymous says:

    ice cream and cake and cake

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ha! I remember this! My mom used to live in Clifton and sleeping out at the Bunny Man Bridge was a popular dare in her teenage years. The version that went around in that area was basically of a guy dressed as a bunny wielding a hatchet and freaking out at people for coming near the bridge. Kind of like a redneck who doesn’t want you to come near his property… Only in a bunny suit. It was much more tame than this or any other versions I’ve heard.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What happens if he is real?

  28. scropq says:

    anoymus bunny man is real

  29. Lucifer says:

    cool story

  30. Bobby is right. It is not true. That is the urban legend. Based most likely on two police reports in the 70s that someone with a future as a horror writer made the urban legend. About a man in a bunny costume and with an ax, attacking a man and his girlfriend, and later at a housing development place. I got the legends, the truth by a local librarian digging it up and more as a chapter in my book, Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths, and True Tales. No asylum, nothing. Read the chapter and get the truth along with the stories.

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