The Candy Man

candymanThe story is that if you look at a mirror in your bathroom with the lights turned of and repeat “Candy Man” five times you see a red glow shaped like a pair of eyes. When you see it, turn the lights on immediately and run to the brightest spot in your house or he will come to kill you.


Alec from St. Louis, MO

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100 Responses

  1. ive done the candy man game saide it about 5 times and nothing happens

  2. Dementis23 says:

    This story is taken from the film, “The Candy Man” I remember when, I watched it when it came out, the first thing me and me mates done was do the mirror thing hahahahaha buzzards. Its not a myth, its a film

  3. susie says:

    lol he looks like jonny depp

  4. ryan says:

    the film is based on the candy man myth. when i was younger i was told this story around a camp fire. so when we got back to the cabin we tried it. we didnt see glowing eyes but we heard a very loud bang coming from behind the mirror

  5. Georgie says:

    LOL it’s a film suckers

  6. Anonymous says:

    What if the brightest part of the house is your restroom ??!!!

  7. sam says:

    the myth is about 30 years older than the movie. my dad heard it in school when he was a kid. when he got home my old man tried it, however he didn’t get out of the washroom in time. he was cut on his back and the back of his neck multiple times before he got to his father’s shotgun and turned around and opened fire. the basement tenant, who was already on his way upstairs to tell him to keep it down came running at the gunshots. he turned my father away from the gory mess he had made and called the police, and being an army medic, started to patch him up as best he could. when the police got there they found this: a body with it’s head and part of it’s upper torso blown off surrounded by dead bees. when they checked the washroom they found the the mirror had been blown OUTWARDS! while my dad was being asked what happened, one of the officers started to yell. you see, the body body stood up and vanished into thin air. he still bares the scars on his body to this day. when he saw me reading a review of the movie, he grew pale and ran to the washroom to puke. when i asked him what that was about, he finally told me-after years of asking-how he got his scars.

  8. brian says:

    That sounds amazing, you’re old man got a head shot. But u think the candy man sould’ve have died?

  9. hannah ferreday says:

    i would not like tosay candyman 5 times

  10. Nadine says:

    @Hannah ferreday

  11. franchesco says:

    i did it and i died

  12. andria says:

    how did u type that then?

  13. ThePirateKing says:

    It was different at my school, what you needed to do was this:
    1. Say Candy Man 5 times while looking at a mirror
    2. spin around on the spot for a minute
    3. run outside and scream
    4. go back to the mirror
    5. blink 5 times fast
    6. you should ow see a green lollypop
    7. if you touch it The Candy Man Will get you
    if you say no you have 10 seconds to get as far away from the mirror or you will never see the light of day again
    7. if you escaped wait 10 minutes and go back and check the mirror
    9. there should now be a bit of red writing on the mirror
    “Seeya next time”

    Of course it was a load of bull but still many of my friends would cry halfway through it.

  14. @ ThePirateKing- sure sounds scary, but you missed out number 8…. -.-

  15. courtney says:

    wooo! i watched the movie when i was seven because my older brother made me and after the movie my mom in him went in the bathroom and tried it and my mom started screaming but they came out laughing…

    thats soo messed up to do to a seven year old lol.

  16. Kayako Saeki says:

    I really don’t know which side to take. Is it just based on the film? Is the film based on the legend? I really don’t know. I’m not into things like that. I’m into Japanese legends and stuff like that. If u wanna see a film that should be true check out The Grudge or if u wanna watch the original Japanese version, check out Ju-on. They r both awesome movies. My name on here is based off the woman ghost in the movie. My real name is Yoko. (creepy cuz Yoko is a character in the american version killed by Kayako Saeki.) but anyway, I don’t give two honks about this one though. But if I did, I wouldn’t know what to think.

  17. Jones says:

    Bloody Mary and Candy Man are happily married and have been living inside the mirror ever since!

  18. candyman says:

    @sam well now. i thank you for telling that. i’ve watched that fool of a man for close to 40 years waiting for a chance to get my revenge for that. i don’t think you know how much it huts getting shot. that’s a lie. i know you know. i’ve watched you since the day you were born. so you know, i can kill from anything that reflects. even water. i saw you from the bayonet on that mans rifle as he shot you five times. you were the only survivor. LET US SEE YOU SAY THAT I AM NOT REAL NOW!

  19. sam says:


    • IBreakManyHairbands says:

      Talking to yourself….. If anyone falls for that they are ridiculously stupid. Stop wasting your time

  20. slenderman says:

    @sam he told you, he’s the candyman

  21. Mack Daddy says:

    Does it count if you play the game during the daytime or do you have to do it during the night?

  22. RAPiT says:

    if you really are the candy man tell me about my life @$$hole

  23. candyman says:

    ah omar breft I thought you moved from RAPiT or didn’t you trust me I will haunt you and your
    friends one by one starting with you and then khaled baydoon and all your friends.

  24. amy says:

    i know this is off topic but whoever wants a dirt bike, 2005 Honda crf5. write back. it costs $800.00 and give me info and we will contact you.

  25. yeahright! says:

    if your really the candyman how old am i and what are my friends names?

  26. andrew says:

    i would never do any of this. its a waste of time. i think its stupid to do this and bloodymary.

    • Anonymous says:

      @andrew I agree with u like this stuff is stupid an a waste of time I don’t believe anything happens when you do it.
      I did it when I was 8 an nothing happened! Bloody Mary and candy man!
      I’m one of those types that needs to see it to believe it so honestly it’s not real it’s urban legends (they’re not real) an for those of u who say all this stuff either y’all are crazy or ur attention wh0re$ it’s as simple as that

  27. laura says:

    this is fake. Its just a myth and a movie. its just a legend. i tried it and nothing happens.

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    OH WOW! stupid!

  30. stupid *** says:

    i did it and i died

    • Anonymous says:

      @stupid*** hahaha omg that’s AWESOME!!!!!! I didn’t know u could ACTUALLY type when ur dead!!!!
      Yeah that’s some bull $#*+ right there nice try attention wh0re

  31. kesha says:

    this is real i have tryed it before

  32. Uwuhduqhdu says:


  33. Ashton says:

    Lately I have been getting unexplained scratches all over my body. A lot of people ask me what happend and I’ll say I don’t know. They think it’s a joke. I asked my friend how am I getting these scratches and she said it was the candyman curse. She said that her and her cousin followed the instructions (which she said spin around 5 times saying candy man then puch a window then walk out and you’ll have scratches all over your body and he might choose someone else to scratch as well.) I don’t know if it’s true or not… HELP?!

    • Anonymous says:

      First off ur friend is probably lying to u an second off maybe u scratch in ur sleep or u can get scratches easily.
      But if it somehow is real then like go to a church an get blessed or something or keep holy water by u cause things of that nature don’t like that stuff
      Pray to god cause god can help u with this

  34. Joseph says:

    wow , you people are pathetic . whoever would actually attempt to believe this should just be shot in there face -____-

  35. JJ says:

    Do not play with forces you do not understand or you WILL suffer the consequences

  36. Father of fear (the deadly teen) says:

    A lot of us urban legends come out of mirrors. I remember Candyman, the person I looked up too. I now haunt the US in search of foolish people trying to summon me in the dark.

  37. lonewolf says:

    father of fear your my role model I not well heard of i cause bitemarks and claw marks on your arms and back its fun to that

  38. candyman says:

    dont speack a word about me

  39. candyman says:

    kill u in your sleep!!!!!

  40. Clarissa says:

    Well I’m never going to do that because I don’t want to die young

    • kE$HA says:


    • arezha love says:

      kay nobody cares

    • Autumn says:

      Okay, this is like Bloody Mary, which is fine. But why the heck does a bunch of these evil spirits live inside of our freaking mirror?? Gosh, did a bunch of bad people die in my bathroom or something??

  41. Anonymous says:

    wow thats scary!!

  42. caitlyn says:

    hey that is realand i dont get it

  43. eric says:

    i did it and nothing happend :/

  44. Under Cover Unicorn says:

    Me:Candy man(3x)
    (red figure appears)
    Me:##c you B####h.(stab,slash) mother ###er.
    Me Ain’t gettin me tonight #####le.

  45. UNKNOWN says:

    thank you under cover unicorn

  46. ben says:

    this legend sounds just like bloody mary a big vacuous hoax.

  47. Rossy says:

    Y’all all triflin !!!!!!!!
    That aint true!!!!

  48. reyna says:

    I forgot about this one, heven’t heard about it since I was a kid

    • kristen says:

      i totally remember this one my friends told me about this and bloody mary i might try bloody mary sometime but not this

  49. Edwin says:

    Look for a song called Candyman from a late DJ called Da Boy Tommy. It’s superb

  50. I'm so EMO says:

    eh YOLO

  51. Bloody Mary says:

    Try six scratches it really works

  52. Teke Teke says:

    I did it. I only freaked myself out trying it lol. I did keep the brightest part of my house as the bathroom just in case. You have to really read the rules. “Run to brightest part of house.” If you turn out all other lights in your house, then turn off your bathroom light to do this, when you turn your bathroom light on, shabam! Brightest part!

  53. Candy man is no match for big Russian man because I have steering wheel on my bike and I can run over silly American candy man

  54. bloody mary is so true I did once with my friend in she died the next day so don’t do it

  55. Randi says:

    I’m not even gonna try it. I think I’ll stick to the movies. I don’t want to be in one. Lol

    • kristen says:

      as long as u dont go up the stairs when u can go out the door or u dont follow the ghost somewhere or u dont go into the attic or basement you wont be in one. if u do bloody mary ritual then youre in Supernatural.

  56. kristen says:

    oooooooooook not going to do that one i don’t feel like dying young. but seriously this makes bloody mary sound like a child’s game. how do u know what place is the brightest spot

  57. Anonymous says:


  58. rebbeca says:

    well i have never done it but who will? NEVER DO IT MY SISTER ALMOST GOT KILLED BY CANDY MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. EmilyTheStrange says:

    Not true.. Tried it and NOTHING.. But i’ve been having nightmares ever since. It’s nothing to do with Candyman right?

  60. Mudkip lieks you says:

    Sorry.. I had to do that 😛

  61. kiki says:

    why is it called candy man

  62. Kanji says:

    Umm what the heck

  63. nadya says:

    I prefer chant amituofo than candyman name

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