The Slender Man | Der Großmann

Slender_Man_by_Gaara_MonsterThe slender man is believed to be a man dressed in a black business suit, like the ones worn in men in black, and is about 6 feet tall.

The slender man was a man who was beat with a log, stabbed with a 2 foot stick, and hung from a tree with his arms, hands, legs, and feet all pulled out of sockets.

The legend is that in the daytime the slender man will most likely show up in open areas with trees to the side of an open, empty road, or in the woods or any area filled with trees. Most reports from survivors of the slender man say at night he shows up in open windows, dark open rooms, blank TV screens, and in large crowds of people. The slender man only kills kids younger then 16. There are ways to toy with him, but you may be risking your own death. His arms, legs, fingers, and toes will stretch so that he is up to 34 feet tall with a bone breaking sound. If he appears to you, turn away! He has the power to control your body. When you wake up, you will be tied up laying down in the woods where he was killed. A 547 pound log will be hanging over your head. He will ask you a question. If you get the answer right, he will break both your arms and legs. If you get it wrong he will slowly stick his fingers down your neck and pulls out you heart.


Liam Moughler from Detroit, MI

Another version

I was walking home at 11:34pm with my mates and as we walked one of us got a feeling that someone was following us. We had to go through the woods to get to my house. My friends continued to worry but we kept going until my friend slowed and turned to take a picture of whatever was making the noise behind us. The flash revealed a tall, many limbed figure standing close by watching us. We started to run and I was the only one from the group who made it home.


Alex Richardson from Besal Green

Another Version

I was walking home when I saw a strange shape near the woods. Being more curious than smart, I went in a little deeper to find what it was. I saw the tip of a mans fingers and as i looked behind a tree, I saw a man in the suit with skinny, multiple, limbs coming out of his back. I started to run, but his outstretched arms made me feel welcome. I started to step towards him, when I heard a scream and saw my little sister watching. I ran off with her and every time i go near the woods alone, I see the tip of a mans hand.


Brandon Tomlinson from Blackfalds, AB

Another Version
Der Großmann

Der Großmann is German for “The tall man”. The tall man, or “slender” man is a legend which on the something awful forums a few years back as part of a photo-manipulation contest.

Now, the photos were faked. However, the supposed creator of “the slender man” reported later on that he could not remember ever posting information regarding the slenderman in any way. Some other people claim to have seen or heard about the slenderman long before in their lives or in legends dating back to the Medieval period in human history [such as Germanic folklore concerning “Der Großmann ” roaming the black forest (Der Schwarzwald) and snatching away children who disobey their parents]. The myth goes on to state that the tall man was possibly a child molester who was strung about the trees as punishment for his crimes. His spirit is said to have survived and continues to prey upon the young.

The “tall man” is generally depicted as an unusually tall (he can grow to different heights; capable of blending in with the trees of a forest) and completely bald figure sporting a business suit with either a red or black tie. He has no eyes, nose, or ears, and has a very wide grin running from one side of his face to the other (or no mouth at all). In some cases he is reported as having a hat, tentacles, or multiple limbs sprouting from his back which he uses to ensnare his prey.

What makes Der Großmann so fearful is that his existence is questionable. He may be real…or he may not be. Perhaps the majority who have encountered the tall man have never lived to tell the tale. In fact, fear for slenderman may actually manifest him into your reality-creating a bridge between fact and myth.

The tall man is commonly spotted hiding and lurking about in the fog when stalking his victims. Der Großmann usually befriends his children victims (acting as an imaginary friend of sorts) and is capable of luring them into forests at night with psychokinetic powers. From then on the children walk mindlessly into the branching arms of Der Großmann as he grins at their young faces, never to be seen or heard of again-a fate unknown. Some say these children are eaten, taken to another dimension, or quite possibly worse. Again, the myth varies.

Der Großmann is said to be capable of slowly driving victims to madness, can induce paranoia, give coughing fits to them, and can induce disorientation and dizziness, amnesia, and insomnia. He is even said to be capable of visiting them in horrendous nightmares that vary from person from person.

Such victims are slowly driven to insanity by Der Großmann and are soon incapable of thought outside the realm of his fear. This induced insanity is said to weaken victims, making them more susceptible to his control. He loves to toy with his prey before finishing them off.

In some cases victims become mindless minions for Der Großmann, working to bring in more victims to him for his satisfaction. These minions may plant listening devices in your home, follow you around without you being aware of it, and watch over you-even as you sleep.

Some say he can teleport and appear at multiple locations at the same time. In some myths he is able to distort electronic equipment; quite possibly Der Großmann is some electromagnetic entity.

Think you can kill or ambush him? Think again. With his psychokinetic powers Der Großmann can deflect bullets and other objects away from his body before impact. Ambush would also be quite impossible; if you’ve seen Der Großmann it is most likely that he is closely watching you and all of your actions. Failed attempts to strike at Der Großmann with a weapon may be met with him obstructing your nervous system and disabling bodily functions-making it ever more easy for him to finish you off.

Again, it is not known exactly what happens once a victim has finally been taken by him. Some say they simply disappear. In more gruesome accounts the victims’ bodies are found impaled on tree limbs with their organs placed throughout their bodies in plastic bags.

The most frightening possible fate may be that Der Großmann extends his fingers to great lengths, punctures the bodies of victims, and destroys every major internal organ they have from within; tying them up from the inside into a great slendery (and bloody) knot.

Remember, the thought of Der Großmann may bring him ever more closer to you. Trying to forget about him will also lead him to you; once you see him there is no turning away from the possibilities of ends which await you.

Those slender shadows you see moving about in the dark of the night or that tall and misshaped tree in the distance may very well be Der Großmann. Waiting…watching…grinning all the while.

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652 Responses

  1. BLT says:

    This scares me so badly……… afraid to turn of the tv now… much for my energy bill……

    • jake says:

      This is a fake story of the slender man. He is really a mythical creature who only hangs around kids. He dosnt take you out to were he died and ask you a queation and if you get it right or wrong. And its impossable because if he died he would be a ghost not a 6 foot fall man, in myth he is 8-10 feet tall and he comes he is like a good grim repear. So please do not beleave this and look it up yourself on a diffrent website.

    • Sydney says:

      this is freaking me out bcuz i live in a region of woodlands! there r woods behind my house!

    • josh says:

      I am a paranormal investigator looking for answers like everyone ells who has come into contact with this entity. with a couple of ideas on what it is and how it work. I am posting this on week 4 of the investigation nothing of which is said up top have happened…yet.

  2. hope bretton says:


  3. Joe Meyer says:

    this is cool

  4. Hero says:

    I know for a fact this does not exist outside the minds region. But I can’t help but to wonder though…

  5. jake drake says:

    The slender man is believed to be a man dressed in a black business suit, like the ones worn in men in black, and is about 6 feet tall.

    The slender man was a man who was beat with a log, stabbed with a 2 foot stick, and hung from a tree with his arms, hands, legs, and feet all pulled out of sockets.

    The legend is that in the daytime the slender man will most likely show up in open areas with trees to the side of an open, empty road, or in the woods or any area filled with trees. Most reports from survivors of the slender man say at night he shows up in open windows, dark open rooms, blank TV screens, and in large crowds of people. The slender man only kills kids younger then 16. There are ways to toy with him, but you may be risking your own death. His arms, legs, fingers, and toes will stretch so that he is up to 34 feet tall with a bone breaking sound. If he appears to you, turn away! He has the power to control your body. When you wake up, you will be tied up laying down in the woods where he was killed. A 547 pound log will be hanging over your head. He will ask you a question. If you get the answer right, he will break both your arms and legs. If you get it wrong he will slowly stick his fingers down your neck and pulls out you heart.

  6. sipke96 says:

    tubby robot

  7. poohbear15 says:

    wow this story urban legend what ever is amazing i think it is just completely genius!!! great job! ^_^

  8. MJFAN4LIFE says:

    I hope this not for real. if you get the answer right he breaks both your arms and legs wtf what about let go free and not doing anything to you.

  9. ZimKat says:

    In response to last slender man entry…
    SLENDER MAN: Out stretches his multiple arm’s towards older sister with a slight smile upon his past face.
    OLDER SISTER: step’s slowy towards the strang man.
    YOUNGER SISTER: (screams) “wtf! get the **** away from that thing! Are you stupid he gonna eat you!”
    OLDER SISTER:Blinks slowly then turns and run’s away screaming
    SLENDER MAN:” I just wanted a hug”

  10. CHUY says:

    if he breaks both ur arms and legs, how are u going to get home?!?!
    that SUCKS :/

  11. CHUY says:

    how are u going to get home with a broken legs and arms?!?!

  12. CHUY says:

    can i just burn the guy??? he is a tree man right???

  13. mysterysurcher says:

    what if u get the anser right but ur arms and legs r already broken?

  14. demon child says:

    I’m frighten my little sis is too

  15. Xx Death bolt Xx says:

    Wait so I’m suppose to run home with broken legs and arms?? How can I open a door?

  16. Malkan says:

    The Slender Man was created in 2009 for a photoshop contest by a guy called Victor Surge..but its still a great urban legend and, strangely, there have been a number of sightings of him in recent years.

  17. chris williams says:

    its so scary i fear for my life and that of my family. i am now on the run from this THING. i fear i might be changing into him and the only way i can change back is to eat small children. he is coming for me help

  18. Meme says:

    Sick! Just sick! Id like to keep my heart thank you! 😛 Im gonna thrown up know!!!!!!!!!!!!! Id also like to NOT be attacked by a big stick!

  19. Xx Death bolt Xx says:

    There’s also the White Death. A sprit that kills anyone that knows of her existence. She knocks at your door.. OH NO SHES KNOCKING AT MY DOOR AND SOON TO BEE URS

  20. slender man says:

    its your turn now

  21. slender man says:

    its your turn now


  22. slender man says:

    remeber to watch your back steven

  23. slender man says:

    im coming

  24. jigsaw says:

    stevn i wanna play a game

  25. Asa says:

    Man that’s harsh

  26. Eligah says:

    Come on slender man

  27. Slender man says:

    im going to kill you!!!

  28. Slender man says:


  29. brandon ball says:

    You cant run away from slender man he will control you use you and kill you

  30. boaby says:

    Well simmer downn everybody if hes real then why does he only come when u now about him. but if hes real hows to say were all being watched :]

  31. boaby says:

    This scares me
    and its very yol

  32. slender man says:

    Im going to get u all get ready if u dont want to be caught dont stay ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. REAL slenderman says:

    I dont want any of you bitches… I prefer to rape and kill bunnies… All I want from you is hugs..And as for my dog, he cant even talk!How will he ask you questions??I would come kill you all, but frankly I dont care…good day

  34. Gat says:

    @Slender Man XD

  35. Is it just me, or does he just sound like a pedo bear that was going to a fancy dinner, all dressed up, shaved off his hair, and got stuck in a bush of leaves and sticks.

  36. doom god1356 says:

    wtf about the 547 pound log that will be hanging over your head?????????

  37. Maz says:

    The awkward moment when the slender man gains a heap of weight… :)

  38. realbeliever says:

    oh yeh well im 11 itll most probly happen to me but i dont want my life to end yet :(

  39. Georgie says:

    thats soooo FREAKY!!!

    guess what?my friend went into the woods with her school friend and they have a den in the woods.My friend lifted up a stone to balance it on the log seat and under the stone were 2 daggers 1 was tipped in blood so she put back the stone,chucked gras over it and ran they have no idea what happened but when i went in with her we found a small hole like someone was in there and there was a watr bottle in there!

  40. zakk says:

    in the philippines there are good ones and bad ones

  41. Connor says:

    Yayyy for being over 16!!

  42. Chris says:

    This is weird I have been having nightmares of this guy on and off of the last week. I haven’t been able to sleep at all, and from what I thought was the insomnia I kept seeing him outside of my window and in reflections of objects. I have never heard of the slenderman before but I keep seeing him, tonight I heard a weird humming noise and foot steps that sounded like wooden clogs, and I thought I saw him in my house. I am freaking out and I am doing everything I can not to fall asleep tonight.

  43. Jesse says:

    Ok, just to get some facts straight: The Slender Man (AKA The Operator or The White King) is not a man who was beaten with a log, tied to a tree, etc. It is not a ghost, and it is most certainly not (and never will be) a man. It is unknown whether it feeds on it’s victims, as it never leaves behind bodies (as of this date, only two people have been known to survive an appearance from The Slender Man). It has the ability to extend its limbs to great lengths, and has tentacle-like appendages that it can seemingly grow at will. The youtube account MarbleHornets has a detailed account of the two known survivors of The Slender Man, as well as some footage of The Operator itself.

    • Jesse says:

      Several researchers have hypothesized that TSM is an interdimensional being that somehow requires human-based chemical reactions to keep itself tethered to this plane. Obviously, no tests have proven conclusive, as The Operator tends to take an interest in those who get too involved in its true nature. Just by writing this short essay I have likely put myself at risk

    • Anonymous says:

      Ur soo smart but not to be sarcastic

  44. Kim says:

    I thought i saw the slender man when i was young, no lie. Really tall, i couldn’t see his face, and he was is what looked like a suit…

  45. Brianna says:

    No like seriously, is this real? I am really scared!

  46. Your worst nightmare says:

    We will all die. There’s no stopping it, but these stories are just to scare you into dying for us. The world will die screaming a silent scream. To stop us you need a real human voice. A recrding will not work. I am the essance of fear.

  47. mac says:

    my worst nightmare is a teddy bear with a light voice saying he wants a hug x) so if you are my worst nightmare…enjoy…

  48. rosalyn says:

    i’ve seen him, i just stared at him and he turned and walked away. i guess if you show know fear then he leaves you alone

  49. Caiti says:

    That is really super creepy…

  50. Netshadow says:

    Scary, glad I’m over 18. Good luck.

    • Dulce says:

      I saw him when I was 20 and had no idea what it was until my boyfriend’s friend showed me videos of it. Now I worry…

  51. Chance says:

    Its official slenderman is nothing more than Yao Ming in a business suit. Hes been trolling us all

  52. Scotie says:

    he’s real.

    • Ms. Jackson says:

      You posted this message…exactly one month ago today. Still not eaten by a tall, Satanic ghost figure?

  53. greenliter1 says:

    what makes u so shure he’s real for those of you who do believe and what makes u so shure he’s not real for those of you who don’t believe? i don’t know what to believe. quite frankly, i have to admitt, i couldn’t read the whole article, one because it’s late at night and dark outside(i’m not afraid of the dark)and i have a wild imagination, and two, i’ve had a few weird experiances myself.

  54. Jess says:

    Im 14. Im not afriad lol but i dont want to even think about tonight lol xD Ill definiatlly be in bed with my doggy in my room xD

  55. dev says:

    im 12 man im screwed….

  56. Anonymous says:

    my unkle has beed preparing me for child mullesters im not scared hahahahahahaha

  57. I’m 15 years old just 3 more month until I’m in the clear

  58. Desiree says:

    1 more month and ill be in the clear ;~;

  59. Anonymous says:

    i was told about him when i was 16 i went and researched him and found out he only starts stalking you when you dream about him but im 17 now and i still dream about him so what does this mean. lol

  60. g says:

    evn wen ur older nd see him, iv heard u suffer from mad paranoia nd delusions. lierally cazzy with fear. ha so iv heard … iv also heard blare witch project nd big foot are real too sooooo idk

    • Mariah says:

      And also you loose track of time and whenever you go in the woods bring a camera cause he makes the sound and image different when he’s around

  61. maurits says:

    glad i’m 16

  62. leek says:

    damn! huge field behind me and a great big woods next to the house … im actually quite scared now.

  63. brian says:

    I’m 14 and I’ve had no dreams of him so far thougth I’m always reminded of him by the leafless tree’s. I always walk at night from my friends house to go home and whenever I feel freaked I start talking to myslef that I’m 17 oping that will convice him

  64. TheKnower says:

    i’m toasted, am under 16, live next to woods

  65. Iwang says:

    Damn, I’m still 14.. I should bring shotgun anywhere right now..

  66. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m 13. Live in a house in the woods. I dream about him. I’m dead…

  67. gilly-bean says:

    heh i’m 17 AND THANK GOD

  68. Anonymous says:

    im 14 D:

  69. danigurl3 says:

    lucky people over 18 ugh he’z porobebley come and take me but i only got 8 more months til im 16.

  70. Monty says:

    …Liam Moughler… really, that’s a terrible attempt at a back story. What makes SM so creepy is he’s a non-entity. Nobody knows wtf he really is. Also he’s faceless. And I’ve never seen him depicted (ever) as short as 6 foot.

  71. Axle says:

    Damn, we’re all screwed. At my school a few friends and I started saying stuff like, “I bet the Slender Man is behind that door!” We always joked about it, but now we’re all experiencing weird things. At night, my friend keeps seeing arms coming from her closet, my other friend is paranoid because she now thinks someone’s watching her and her locked attic door keeps coming open, my other friend keeps getting really sick, and at night I can look out my window and see a man in the shadows who keeps getting closer. DO NOT JOKE ABOUT THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE.

  72. Sky says:

    Oh my god, i’m 13 and soooo freaked out… HELP ME glad i llive in the city…

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t matter if you live in a city he can watch you from the darkness and follow you on the sidewalk, imagine turning around and seeing him under a street lamp :)

  73. Anonymous says:

    I dont think he’s real. But it would be scary if he was.

  74. nao says:

    I don’t think this is real. Anyway, I’m 18, so no problem for me

  75. Mackie says:

    Guys! Please read, the first one isn’t correct!

    The Slender Man is a demonic entity whose origins are unknown, though was introduced to the media in 2009 in a Photoshop contest on Something Awful. He stalks before he kills, inducing paranoia, the need to blog, the need to walk into the woods alone at night with nothing but a video camera, and general fear. IT’S VICTIMS RANGE FROM ALL AGES, FROM AS EARLY AS 2 TO AS LATE AS 40. Alex Kralie of Marble Hornets was in itself, 20. I have myself seen him, in the foggy woods that ring my house.

  76. Geekette says:

    Jack Skellington? :O

  77. Ms. Jackson says:

    This story was made up on an online forum. As for the stupid German myth, I think it refers to Kraumpus (spelling?), who is sort of like…Santa Clauses evil twin in German culture. He kidnaps kids who are bad during Christmas and spanks them. All you fags are scared of a Christmas character!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. tyra says:

    o’em’gee’ dhiss isx so scary im 13

  79. Well, I’m 16. Me and my best friend Anastasia watched videos about him at age 12. And we STILL talk about him. Nothing happened.

  80. Anonymous says:

    He may be able to deflect bullets, but he cant deflect my fist from his face >]

  81. Anonymous says:

    well im only 11 so im screw and my friend is 9 (friends brother)

  82. Dj$lum*AJ says:

    I’m 12 and surrounded by houses and woods. I wonder if the long man will come or not come. i think he wont come. the kids in my neighborhood are horrible.:)

  83. azgirl says:

    i am screwed only 11

  84. Mariah says:

    I’m a 13 year old girl and I know he is real cuz me and my friends have seen him
    Funny comment: sounds like my brother

  85. mrlogada says:

    dude…I freaking kid you not, I saw this crap (sorta) when I was like 10 (8 years ago)….this isn’t media influenced….he’s real.

  86. Yvette says:

    I believe he is real. He will begin to stalk you as a child, then continue for the rest of your life, or until he entangles you in his lanky, over-sized limbs. My friend and I are very deeply entwined within this legend of Slendy, and I research it nearly everyday. Most of the pictures I see on the web are horrible photoshops, as are the YouTube videos, such as the Slenderman Documentary series and the Marble Hornets. Some police camera snapshots do seem legit, and I won’t go in the Blackbutt forest by myself, or even with friends to go “Blair Witching”, or “Blitching” for short. (pretty much pretending we’re in some sort of horror movie).
    But I swear sometimes, that there is someone watching me, following me or stalking me…
    Only two weeks and a year until I’m in the clear, so hopefully I’m not one of his next Slender Meals.

    Yvette Jackson,
    SlenderScience (website/blog soon to be established).

  87. Anon says:

    15. I think he’s just a guardian for the young, keeping them safe or something. Or maybe he’s an evil satanic tall guy who eats kids, either or. I mean, I’ve seen him before. He’s sorta just there, but he never does anything. It’s like he’s just watching over us; making sure we’re safe.

  88. Seneca says:

    what makes him go after you? Im almost 14 and im scared now. but he shouldnt just go after kids for no reason?

  89. Nerdgirl says:

    I when I first saw the picture I thought it was Jack from Nightmare Before Xmas movie.

  90. Sorcha says:

    I have a morbid fascination for these things, so I kinda want to find it. Or don’t want to find it..? Anyways, I know some Wiccans (one seems like a pretty legit medium) and they know some preventative measures from being hunted by the supernatural. My house is protected by a spell I think. :/ I dunno, I don’t follow their religion. OFF SUBJECT!! Are there any telltale signs of one in your area?

  91. Kiara says:

    Dammit, Im 12!!!
    I keep on thinking that I an see him from my bedroom window. Damn you omminous shadows!

  92. Nemo Leon says:

    i look for scary stories to tell my friends but i wont tell them this one… only one who doesnt beleive, hope he dreams tonight.

  93. andrew says:

    i am so scared i hope he doesent come for me

  94. Brittany says:

    I already suffer depression and extreme paranoia, so I have no idea why I read this article. I’m almost 18, so maybe this doesn’t apply and I can’t say whether this is real or not, but I kinda feel like it’s just another awful myth that some awful person worked up to scare the pants off of people like me. :(

  95. Shannon says:

    Funny, the original ‘legend’ said nothing about only targeting people under 16. Go find it on the Something Awful forums, guys, this urban legends site is adding random stuff.

  96. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of the actual ancient myth called the Erlkonig, at lieast I think that’s how it’s spelled. He was something of an elf king who lived in the forest, he would lure kids into the forest where they would disappear or be killed. Being a fey he also drove folks mad, and I think he did the same to travellers. His daughter would lure men in the same way.

    All in all it is an interesting reinvention of an old folktale.

  97. William says:

    I actually want to see him, i want to see whether all this is true or not. I may be 18, but people older than 16 has seen him. I live out in the country and here lately there has been alot of fog. I want to come face to face with this so called slender man.

    • Anonymous says:

      So do I.
      Im curious about this thing. We may not know what we would be getting ourselves into you know, (curiousity killed the cat)but im still curious about this, and whatever happens, happens.

    • I’m sacred as hell with the slenderman, and whenever I see a shadow that looks like a man,my heart literly jumps to my throat,but I still REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see him (with out him ummmm…..’attacking’ me of course)Well I think I’ve already seen him three times (or four but I think that was a normal guy)but he was in the distance or sort of..hiding?like you said,curiosity killed the cat!

  98. William says:

    They say he can block bullets…..what about my fist or a knife in the neck?

    • Anonymous says:

      I honestly dont think bullets affect him. I mean, being what it is, i dont think that knifing or any weapon would really do anything. But I would like to try and punch em if that worked.

  99. LavenderTownTeaSyndrome says:

    Have any of you saw MarbleHornets or EverymanHYBRID?My theory is that he will show up if you start looking for him.Or if you know to much.The first rule of surviving him,”Ignoreance is bliss.”Also,he has 2 people that will stalk you for him.Their name is Masky/TotheARK and Hoody.

  100. johnny says:

    I have a questio
    Who posted this on here to know so much but also so little if there are many stories of him would that mean there are more than one or people trying to make it scarier and scarier……all i know that if it is real how come survivors havent came to the tabloids or even taken pics…i know many can be faked but making all this hokeu pokey crap is making it worse

    • nathan says:

      I am only 13 and i have seen alot of weird symbols and pictures of the slender man in a abandoned house in the village i live in and its surrownded by trees and every time i go to the house i hear screams or footsteps from the inside and ive been having these horrible nightmares should i be scared

    • The Doctor says:

      sadly yes

    • red says:

      Maybe.I have been reading a lot of things about this guy i have herd that its a mater of age in some cases and in others not ,I’ve read at least to back story’s for his past, but this is new to me int-resting as it is. My only advice for you is that if he is real thin you should take cushion in what you do. O, it may sound silly but you should keep in mind all the things you read you never know what will come in handy.

    • Johnny says:

      me too we have these woods with pines since we live in North Cariloina and we saw him once but we had paintball mask on and started running and shooting behind us, anyway we decided to look on google images and there is a street by it so we went street view and BAM my computer rebooted and deleted everything on there also once while we were hiding in a creek cave we saw him start slowly walking and blending with trees my freind started climbing trees then the “tree branch” (aka sleners arm) fell but stayed connected anmd he was implaed on a uprooted branch luckly on his leg…… help me get out of this god forbbiden place the window shows too much the pines are bending to me and the men and woman in mask are charging the door this is my last stand mjkkmskddkihjdfvvjjwjhv i suvived anyone knows a eye doctor in fayettvile nc i keep seeing a circle and a x what does it mean?

    • The Doctor says:

      it represents a conversation

    • em&m says:

      i have no idea but u need to go to eye doc…and google the symble…

    • unknown says:

      seriously…and id get a stronger door,cuz in your description it sounds like they broke through the door(the men and woman in mask are charging the door this is my last stand)…and blinds for the window…maybe the blackout ones they use during war and stuff so no one can look in(the window shows too much the pines are bending to me)…anyway…why climb a tree…?if its limbs look like the tree theres a big chance you’ll be climbing on the slender mans arms and legs…(once while we were hiding in a creek cave we saw him start slowly walking and blending with trees my freind started climbing trees then the “tree branch” (aka sleners arm))see what i mean?

    • Ethan says:

      thats the symbol of the slender man and he leaves it where ever he has stood or attacked before

    • niommi atkinson says:

      i am 15 and i have been the same since i got bored and drew a circle with an X in it i am very worried

    • Rafael says:

      i have done the same

    • Professor slender says:

      Dude I’m thirteen also i live near the woods to and I know alot about slender man. here’s my advice don’t think about him if you start coughing up blood your move away from there. there is a slim chance you’ll survive.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Rafael says:

      Dont try to hide dont try to run and dont try to fight it physically. You can fight it mentally i guess. I live near a forested area and everywhere you look ther are trees. but no report from where i live. im 12

    • Anonymous says:


    • Brii says:

      well if slendy is in your dreams,good luck bro

    • Anon. says:

      Of course it isn’t real! The story’s an internet meme and intended for entertainment purposes only. The slenderman story was devised to provide an interesting back story to several photo manipulations on the something awful forums. So either play along with the spook or find something better to do.

      You wouldn’t beleive in the boogeyman, would you? All such ghost stories were devised primarily to scare little kids into doing what mommy and daddy told them to do. It would be interesting to see parents use the slenderman for just such a purpose. XD

    • Archeologist says:

      It may not be a myth there are cave paintings from circa 9000bc andheiroglyphs from lower ancient egypt legends of der grossman from medieval germany even natiive american wendigo evertything fits together

    • jD says:

      Nathan, I think you should be terrified. Nightmares? Operator symbol? Live near woods? I hate to say it, but that’s what happens to people being stalked by the Slender Man. I wish you the best of luck, and I will pray for you. And do be carefull, okay?

    • Kyle says:

      well if their are survivors would you believe them?

    • Anonymous says:

      it is the slenderman lol

  101. ariana says:

    you wanna noe wat i wood say to the slender man if i saw him???
    HOW’S IT GOIN BALDY!!!!!! 😀

  102. monica says:

    Damn, I’m 15 and only 5’0″ that sucks balls.

    • The Slender Man says:

      I am coming for you

    • Jessica says:

      You are not the slender man!

    • Brii says:

      how do you know O.o! xDD

    • Kodeine says:

      I’m 16 n 4’5” lol, i’d love to be 5’0!!!

    • James says:

      Okay, look. Im not one for words. I havent seen the slender man and i dont look forward to it. This thing all it wants to do is feed… Feed on us, on our minds, our fear. The only way to beat him is to live your life to the fullest and regret nothing. This is not meant to be screwed around wit, real or fake. Just leave him be. So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all of the things in your life. Seek to make your life long and in service of your people. When it comes your time to die, be not like those who’s hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like your lost but going home.

    • Anonymous says:

      That sucks donkey balls I’m only 11

  103. Wildfire says:

    I have never seen him or dreamed about him, but I’m still a bit worried. Yeah, I know you guys are all laughing at me, but I believe in this stuff. I know tons of people who have been tangled up in paranormal situations. My friend’s mom is, like, a medium, or could be. She’s had a lot of encounters and conversations with spirits, and has even helped one move on. My cousin has used an old typewriter to ‘speak’ with the ghost of a 16 year old girl named Annie Tohl. I was there. Later, we found a grave with her name on it– and she was 16 when she died. It’s all real, and this could be too. Careful, guys.

  104. johnny says:

    Okay i know i was being skeptical earlier in my previous statement………..but im completley wigged out right now….like no BS i was driving with my buddys up in the mountains of oregon where its heavily vegetated. We were on our way to my dads cabin and as we get out pf the car to bring our stuff inside we all started hearing scratch like noises on the trees around us….we thought nothing of it until we hiked quite a bit the next day to find our old fishing spot…about 3 miles into the hike my buddy says he saw someone sneeking through the woods like hes waiting for us to come over there…..we thought he was messing around knowing him as a prankster…we continued to walk and the rest of us never saw anything….until we made it to the lake…we got into the old row boat thatbwe left there since our last visit…as soon as we reached the middle of the lake to fish we look around cuz wd hear rustling in the bushes far of to our eastern side….and we saw a big black suited figure but his face wasnt very recognizable seemed like it was waiting for us to come back to the shore line….we offerd it a beer just cuz were.punk kids….and i will never forget what it said to us……it still haunts me to this day………..”BUD LIGHT IS FOR PUSSIES!!!!!!!”

  105. Wildfire says:

    Seriously, Johnny? (Note: that was said with sarcasm)

  106. The Doctor says:


  107. Sierra says:

    Guys, I have been researching this topis for a few months now. I’ve seen all the videos and I’ve read all the articles. I am actually pretty afraid because lately I have been having strange dreams about a man whose description matches the description of Slenderman. I have woken up by a river outside the woods near my house and I have pictures that I have norecollection of ever drawing. I am scared.

    • Operator says:


    • The Slender Man says:

      Hes right you’re next

    • Midnightman101 says:

      My quest is to go and kill you and make YOU my little minion that helps find people when they play the midnight game……..

    • Jesse says:

      you must sleep with a bible underneath your pillow that will keep him away trust me sierra and anyone else who reads this

    • Jonathan says:

      Sierra I’ve seen him twice, but that was years ago, ive never seen him again after that, cause well i just forgot about him and well really hes not scary, the main key to this is dont be scared and a bible wont help, it is not a demon nor does it have to do with the devil in general, it is well….. Nothing, he feeds on the weak, people who are scared of it. If you EVER see it, close your eyes and turn around, DO NOT RUN! You will not get away, stay away from forrest areas and open places, oh! And fog, ive used salt, it works, if you see him while your home, Makes a salt circle, has to be thick. I know this sounds crazy, but it works. Dont open your mouth and dont scream, close your eyes and turn away from him, he will try and turn you around, try as hard as you cant to not look at it. Oh one more thing hes not real! XD

    • ABLERT says:

      u make me laugh mister!!

  108. its better to not be afraid.

  109. Operator says:


  110. Scotie says:

    ever since i heard of this and started watching marble hornets, i’ve been going to sleep in one place and waking up ells where

  111. Unknown says:

    Wait, so if you are 16 does that mean you are safe? and then 17 you are safe too? like, can you only see him if your younger than 16? and can he hurt you if you are older than 16?

    • Archeologist says:

      noif your over 16 he doesnt hunt you you can still see him if you witness one of his crimes he will get rid of you

  112. Krozhlikmeov says:

    so let me get this straight:

    What we have here is a nopperabou-type hybrid involving the cross of Mr. Fantastic, Freddy Krueger, Magneto, and Pedobear?

    Something tells me that Guillermo Del Toro is gonna have a field day with this story in the future xDD

  113. mex says:

    hey i am very scared but it will be okay

  114. Fango013 says:

    Anyone know any history bout this one? if any?

  115. Slender Man says:


    • Kittykat566 says:

      Oooh…….hellooooo slendeh!Remember I saw you last night at that pub?You were quite far away,but I did see you,and you were looking straight at me O_o you are creepy….but funny at the same time….anybody with some advice to get rid of that nuisance would be REALLY handy 😉

  116. Debbie says:

    It’s Jack Skellington!!!

    LOL 😛

    • Ethan says:

      jack skellington is tim burtons messed up way of creating the slenderman in his movie and saying that he goes in to the houses of small children

  117. pensivetwirl says:

    odd, but I’m 17 and I’ve seen a man matching the description of the Slender Man patrolling this town at night, never in very open areas but just open enough to know that he’s really there. He’s been here since a few weeks before my last birthday, so about 7 months now :/

  118. chika says:

    yall know that every one who was laughing hes coming for u next :)

  119. OBSERVER says:


  120. Masky/Totheark says:

    Slenderman ftw. I dont even know why im on this website really…. anyone who reads this slendy isnt real he was made up on something awful forums…. There is myths about a different version in english folklore and such but it is different so dont worry about it…. Im 11 lol…

  121. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    Okay, Just a question.
    Does anyone here have a account? If you do, did you write a South Park fanfic with a guy called Parker and the slenderman kills kenny and kenny and Parker become a couple, and it turns out that Parker is actually a girl, and all that? and there’s 47 or 48 chapters idk. 😀 😀 😀
    BTW it’s called ‘Watches You’ or something like that. :)

  122. prinkimow says:

    this true??? super scary!!!!!!! real pics?!?!!?!? proof??!?! its all there!!

  123. Otaku-Sama says:

    DONT MESS WITH THIS STUFF IT’S ALL TOO REAL. When I was younger there was a tragity in my family and some time later my favorite music box began playing without anyone touching it if that can happen slender men are real and I’m scarred because I’m under 16

  124. All Real!!! says:

    Well I think it’s real, I know that a lot of people don’t, but there are still some who do, and if you don’t then stop making fun of people who do. I don’t care if you don’t believe, just don’t try to male us not believe. If you still do the Slender man will get you. also did you watch the documentary? so creepy…

  125. masked says:

    hE CoMeS iN tHe DrEaMs Of ChIlDrEn

  126. deyna says:

    wuld u be scred…………………………….omg i am the only 1 in my hous no and i felt a breeze on my neck

  127. to me he seems to change his clothing based on the century or generation of time ex before he wore all these medevil clothing now its is normal as we see people in suits

  128. UrbanGothGirl989 says:

    @masked, i think you got mixed up with Freddie Kreuger LOOOL 😛 😀

    This is like my favourite legend. 😀

  129. Revan says:

    in the video look at 2:15..

  130. Ryder says:

    Hell, this stuff’s scary. Now I seriously wish I was 16…

  131. Midnightman101 says:

    I don’t need to worry,I’m like, 5000 years old……..

  132. The Underwhelmed says:

    Slender man isn’t real. He originated on the Something Awful forums as a photo manipulation contest and went viral. Anything else is just a figment of your imagination.

  133. Jesse says:

    i hate the slender man he took my lil sister

  134. anon says:

    I agree with deb about It’s Jack Skellington!!! lol ….

  135. Kittykat566 says:

    200th to post a comment yaaaaaaaaaay!What does the ‘slenderman’ say in that video?

  136. Anonymous says:

    Haha! I can’t believe some of these comments… some of you dingos make the slenderman look like a joke! I mean come on “I have been having nightmaes about the slenderman, do you think he’s trying to visit me in my dreams?” You have probably been having nightmares because youv’e been reading all sorts of lore about the slenderman.
    Come on people, common sense.

  137. Lexi says:

    Never trust what is on the internet, because someone could be making this kind of stuff up. I say, show some hard evidence to support your claims. Then maybe this will be a little bit more believable. I do believe that it was once a myth used to scare little children and that people just started to take it out of hand and wanted their 15 minutes of fame. So please, provide evidence for your argument.

  138. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but how the hell can you believe this?!Anything can seem real with some photoshop work done on it… Just cause some bloody idiot told you that something was real and showed you some freaking pictures doesn’t make it real. It’s an internet meme , for god’s sake!

  139. Yamiko Heba says:

    I once saw Slender Man in an some-what open field. Instead of turining away I stupidly screamed ‘I regret nothing’ at the top of my lungs and I got the reply of ‘Can you at least play normally?’ I just walked away thinking it was wierd. I’ve seen him from time to time and I just smile, wave, and walk away. And then I drew ‘Slender Mane’ in other words it’s Slender Man in MLP form. I wonder if I should go seek mental help.

  140. chantal-chan90 says:

    um, when it says that he’ll stick his fingers down your neck, what does that mean? and is this real?

  141. con says:

    I feel sorry for you skeptics. Just because you might believe its an impossibility for something such as this to exist, must you try to ruin anothers views? Who is to say an electromagnetic entity does not exist? All you skeptics do is try to drag others into the horrid reality you live in. It’s sad.

  142. Anonymous says:

    i live in a forest wih my mom dad and sister. i herd a bang so i got up to cheak if it was my sister but she was gone so i went out side and i saw it…….her clothes in his hand…..i have dreams of him till this day

  143. Taylor says:

    OMFG Slender Man Is Scary I’ve Been researching for 2 days and its Scary Moder Fuggin Scary But i do Think Slender Man Looks a Little Cool .

  144. Nathalie says:

    i was at my grandmas house a few weeks ago. and when i was going out to take a piss. i think i saw him (but i didnt know it was him) and i was so stupid so i searched for urban legends on youtube… and then i saw it slenderman and all stuff… i thought i was crazy but then i started to remmember that my cousin have seen him too… and its bullsheet that slenderman only haunts children under the age of 16 im 17 and he haunts me

  145. ABLERT says:

    HOLD UP!!!! who got the mash potato?? damnit slender!!!! not again!!!

  146. The Chudge says:

    I am not convinced that slender man was just made up on the Internet… I’ve heard and seen way too many real people talking about nightmares they’ve had and encounters they’ve had decades ago and when they go on the Internet and see pictures and hear the descriptions, you can tell just from listening to they’re speech that they’re not acting. Ol’ slender man appearing on the web and the marble hornets thing and those “original” pictures of slender man may not be real of course, but there are people who say the same things about aliens and big foot and so on… But try telling that to the people who have good reason to believe they’re real…
    As for me, I don’t believe in such creatures… Aliens maybe… But most paranormal things I just don’t believe they exist…

  147. Sean says:

    Guys this is a help message to anyone out there who has contact with the SlenderMan he is real because i am 13 but when i was 9 i had decided to go out camping with my freinds and we found some notes on the tree i’ve got them as proof and they say he follows, behind you, dont look or he will take you. And the message is that if you have came in contact with him just tell im that you understand the pain he has been through and through that he will release you. The pain that he has been through is when he was a child he was torn apart by his mother and father left nailed onto a tree that has many branches ( which show his tentacles) and then burnt but the reason why he is still alive is because he was summoned beyond the grave by his antscestors to avenge his death by taking souls from humans that is the facts and help i can give you so use it wisely.

  148. Deanna says:

    I have been reading and watching videos about the Slender Man for only 3 days. Yesterday I had a dream about the slender man. When I woke up my bedroom door was open but my mom and dad said they never touched the door. I’m scared and I have no other explanation for the door being open then the Slender Man.

    • Jayce says:

      They did say the thought of Slenderman will bring him to you, beware young one.

    • Brii says:

      So researching him is bad for me?Tell me I dont want him around T-T! Does he come around if you live in the city?Even if theres no fog? I had plans to live in the country. Ive changed my mind.Tell me! Im only a pre-teen!

    • frank says:

      hey its ok me and my friends are going to try to find him (and live to tell about it) so that we can find out what he wants

    • slenderfreak says:

      thats never going to happen. youll never live to tell the tail of finding the slnderman or degrobman because he knows when your awake and he knows when your asleep so you cant ambush him or kill him his wrath reigns on forever

    • sarah says:

      sooo… in a way hes santa? he knows when your awake and sleeping???

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s degrossman, that strange “B” is a SS in the German language.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is “Der Groß Mann” not degrobman. The B-shaped symbol is for a double S.

    • jaylin says:

      be extremely careful. dont look at him. look down at your feet or up at the trees if you are to speak to him. if he comes forward. do not run. walk away slowly. i think you should try to throw him 20 dollars and see if that part of the story is real. if you see him, tell him Jaylin S. said hello. and ask if his brother splendorman is real please. 😀 it would mean a lot. ive always wanted to meet splendorman. hes just sooo cute

    • Anonymous says:

      ya me to

    • Anonymous says:

      The. Wind. Blew. Your. Door. Open. Slender man wouldn’t go “let’s leave her door open to scare her! >:-D. No, that ain’t what he does.

  149. logan says:

    i believe in every myth i look up. i am realy lucky to hear about the slenader men. i would’nt want to see a real one of those. reminds me of minecraft mobs called endermen

  150. Nathan says:

    You guys realize that slenderman is a PC GAME CHARACTER right!?!?!?!

    • jezzibell says:

      @nathen uhh no thats enderman and its from mindcraft…SLenderman is different though slender man isn’t real it was a hoax on a site called “Simply awful forum” in which a compitition was made to make a legend and try to get the most to believe it..i guess you guys are the suckers 😛 jokes but still the budhist religeon says our thoughts make the world …so maybe if enough people believe..then maybe it could become true….>:3

    • Anonymous says:

      there are signs throught history of the slenderman or something like the slenderman existing

    • Becca says:

      Actually, there’s a game called Slender about the Slenderman.

    • 0311 says:

      no go look up slender lol its an actual game

    • Anonymous says:


    • jack says:

      there is a game called slender on pc

    • Anonymous says:

      he is also the main antagonist of the game “slender”

    • Grace says:

      the game is based on the urban legend

    • chris says:

      thats where ur wrong…slenderman is a being of german folklore the game is simply based off the stories and accounts of what happened

    • Brii says:

      you mean enderman right? or that one game? that aint true. he dates back to like the 1600s

    • slenderfreak says:

      before he dates back to the stone age of cavemen and ancient egypt

    • Actually the game is based on the story. It was first published on a forum called Something Awful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um, no. That is not where he originated. He originated from the Create Paranormal Creatures thread of the SomethingAwful forums. Slender was a game inspired from the Slender Man mythos.

  151. logan says:

    slender men exist! there are loads of videos and documentorys on youtube about them.

  152. jezzibell says:

    @logan ….and they all happened after 2009 which is hmmmmm let me think after the forum made the competition.

  153. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, the other day I was walking down the road alone at night and I just about had a heart attack! I saw what looked to be the Slenderman’s head and shoulders sticking out of the ground! It didn’t look right, so stupid me, I walked up to it and looked. Thank god it turned out to be a weirdly shaped log, some jerk had spray painted the top white! I don’t believe in the slenderman, but perhaps I should excercise a bit more caution? Heh, I’m pretty sure if I did see him, I’d pretend he wasnt there and continue walking with an awkward smirk on my face. Not sure how well that’d go over though…

  154. Batman says:

    Don’t think he doesn’t exist i spent two hours trying to tell if he was there or just a lamp on the street

  155. Mack Daddy says:

    The thought of the Slender man can bring me closer to him and even when I try to forget about him? I honestly don’t believe it but it does sound of kind of creepy,lol.:D

  156. Anonymous says:

    Well…….I happen to know that he can only kill you if you look him strait at the face…….But I also beleive that it would most likely take a cursed or magically enhanced bullet to his face to drive him off…….so you have to know whre his face is………without looking….or you could just be blind….then you’d be safe…..

  157. Kodie says:

    but yeah im still abit sus about slender man~! :(

  158. Sebastreet says:

    I am thinking about it for a long time… But could he be captured on a photo somehow? I mean that there are speculations about him that he is 4th dimension being and thanks to that he is able to travel trough time. I found him quite fascinating and I am using him in one comics I am drawing… I think that he is just a myth, but powerfull one. Sorry for my English guys. I am 14 :D.

  159. I say my chap, how awfully bally rude!

  160. America Man says:


  161. nick says:

    Slenderman is fake and if he was real you were older than you would be safe because he only kills small kids

  162. The knowing says:

    I can say that i may be one of the few but i read alot about him i know where the story came from in know mostly every thing about him but no one can know everything so i say i know alot the info of him is not the same as on the slender wiki or all the rest of the slender man stuff like slender nation i seen so Meany things i played the slender game and i got the MC mod of him i haft to say i became a fan and i enjoy the slender man stuff alot i had tons of fear for him i mean alot in the start but then it just lowered i go around reading slender man stuff all the time to gain the fear back i enjoy the idea of slender man hes what i think a demon would be not a horned red demon i mean something that is not normal and can scare you easy i watched the interviews with the maker of slender man and enjoyed every sec i love learning about him it is fun and gives something to do when theres nothing to do

    • BxCxL says:

      I sooo agree with you. I’m quite fascinated in everything about him. He’s like a realistic Jack Skellington at nightmare before christmas.(but without a face and alot of extra limbs though) Maaan, I love weird stuff. XD

  163. Charrua801 says:

    i was getting worried until i read the part saying that he want children 16 and under, good thing i’m 30 :)

  164. Anonymous says:

    I saw the slender man last night he olmost got me im scard

  165. slenderfreak says:

    they should put him in movies and video games other than slender. like they are already making a movie about him but in like games like e10 and up they could put a timelimmit on how long you live depending on the char u pick.

  166. Anonymous says:

    You know the character came from creepypasta, right?


  168. Ethan S. says:

    When you stare at the abyss. The abyss tends to stare back. Hes a myth only if you believe he is. if you dont the abyss will stare back. So DONT give the name a meaning and youll be just fine.

  169. Ariel says:

    ok, here i go. this is actually about my sister who is 15 now. she saw something that really closely resembles the slenderman. she claimed she saw a tall dark figure that looked really skinny. she didnt mention a face, but that there were also some sort of tentacle like things coming out of his back. she was walking home down the street in the middle of the afternoon (2:30pm). no trees were around, just a street and a bus stop sign.
    i have done some research and that can be part of his description. now heres the thing, she saw him a long time ago. not sure exactly how long but just last night her now BF was telling her to draw a symbol on her hand (a circle with an X through it with the X bigger than the circle) and pour salt around the windows and doors.
    myself, im not sure if i really do believe in something like this, but then again there is no proof that this doesnt exist.
    Why do you see him, why does he come into view for some people. and now what? nothing has happened, yet, and i hope nothing will.

    • Poop says:

      Tell her to dump the creep, I mean… why would anyone ask that. To draw a symbol on her hand and pour salt around the doors and windows. Kind of messed up if you ask me, and it had no revelence to the story you were telling.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Darke says:

      I dunno about that symbol (The Operator Symbol) It was used in the web show Marble Hornets, and I heard that it attracts the Slenderman, rather than repelling him. I’d be careful about using it (Although I’ve used it in drawings and havn’t seen slendy as far as I know) I also heard that he could see through it, like a window. There are lots of stories as to what it’s for, could be that it’s not related at all…

  170. Anonymous says:

    Holy flippen cow I’m 11 :p

  171. Anonymous says:

    I’m 11 and I’m like wow wat a stalking pedo bear

  172. Poop says:

    I honestly don’t know if he’s real or not. I belive he’s bull but, there are videos about him but all of them seemed to apear around the time he got famous on creepy pasta so yea. Think what you wish america out.

  173. Anonymous says:

    I believe he’s real. Not slenderman, but the tall man from german folklore. I don’t think whether you believe in him or not brings him any closer to you though, because people’s imagination can really bring something alive if they think about it for too long. For example if you think you’re going to see slenderman, then things like lamposts could be confused for slenderman. :)

  174. Loris says:

    Ok. Let’s get something straight. Slender Man was a creature created on the Something Awful forums on a thread intending to troll 4chan. Lots of blogs and vlogs have been made about encounters with him, but they are all fake. Any “evidence” that he existed in the 1600s or whatever is made to freak people out or was just made on the original thread. Slender Man is never was, is not, and will never be real. Also, the game Slender was based off the character and is not the original Slender Man work.

  175. Heard it says:

    Not sure about what happened that warm night but down the 400 foot driveway at 16 i heard what was a stomping in the creek past the road at the end of the drive. I then heard limbs breaking in the creek of the willow trees in there. I heard this sound like a schrilling of some kind of animal whistling through its whatever but it sounded like a wild pig and a bear mixed together. I never in my life ever heard that sound before or since. But, i got the hell back to the front of the house and just turned to listen. No more sound, no more breaking or splashing of the creek water and trees. This thing must have stopped at the creek bridge on the road below the front of the driveway. All of a sudden a heavy draft of wind came onto me and along with that hot wind was a smell i had never smelt before anywhere. It was of a putrified, rotten? odor like a person that died and had started decomposing. It was sickening. I just turned and forgot about it until i read about this Slender man thing. Maybe? Take care, especially at night!

    • Darke says:

      Sorry, but that sounds more like Sasquatch to me.
      -the animal whistle
      -the rotten odor
      Of course, I’m by no means an expert, so think what you will…

  176. lizzie says:

    I am so sad atm….i’m going to be 16 in january let’s hope i survive 😉

  177. MV says:

    That sounds somewhat familiar. Me and my sister were once in the park, I was seven and she was five. I lost her for a sec, and I found her like three minutes later, and she seemed to be humming a wierd toon. She wouldn’t tell me anything about it, but she said that the ‘Skinny man’ taught it to her. Didn’t ask about it since. Looking back on it…
    She’s now fourteen and I’m sixteen. And she’s been humming it more frequently lately. And its catchy. Maybe I should humm as well…

  178. Debbie says:

    i had just gotten done reading this artical and watching the video when my phone went off saying i had an unheard message and i didnt have any missed calls… i listen to the message that i knew i had on there then the one that i didnt know why it was there and all it was was static then towards the end i hear a weird creepy voice saying something i couldnt make out and it really scared me and im afraid to be in my own house alone.

  179. Jay says:

    He was a hoax. but any one can create something in their mind and bring it to life so to speak. the mind is a dangerous place to wander. my imagination has cooked up worse than the slenderman and i have suffered from night terrors because of it. he isnt real unless you let youre imagination wander. do not torture ur psyche. forget the stories of slendy n rest easy

  180. Anonymous says:

    YES! im going to be 16 next month no worries lol

  181. Dan says:

    Shoot! Im 12 and am ready to crap my pants.

  182. kenya says:

    i read so much about him and i’m 16 and still

  183. chelsea says:

    You guys are stupid slender man is fake he doesn’t send u voicemails he doesnt take u too the woods and he doesn’t shove his fingers down your throat to take ur heart and the pictures they are FAKE! its called Photoshop look it up

  184. chelsea says:

    And yes Debbie I am talking to u wen I say voicemails

  185. uknown says:

    i saw 2 things that are like him im not kidding! i know i have a powerful imaganation but i swear i saw somethings!

    • uknown says:

      and just so you know i dont have woods. oh wait theres a little woods to the quarry….. OH SNAP SOMEONE HELP IM ONLY 10!…… i think i like being really tall now….

  186. slenderman says:

    if you’re reading this you’re next

  187. Mitchell says:

    Are you kiding? 16 years old, wide array of firearms? I could catch him… with some help.

  188. Darke says:

    Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman!!!

  189. Katie says:

    If I’m 16 I’m ok…. Right?

  190. Tyer says:

    um i just got done reading this and i dont have any of the symtons but just a tiny “tiny tiny tiny tiny” bit of scared because i type in slender man in the computer 4 over weeks and it saying that if you think of him to much hw will come to you um well i dont think so but im not saying he is not real but im will 12 and im ok but i live in a sreet with many houeses and cotages and barly any woods and all of my friends say ther has been no sightings here evan when they put the circle with the x on it but they did say the next day it looked more scribble then the first time they put it ther so it may be pranksters or beleivers or SLENDER MAN but i live in florida and its free of slender man so if your being watched bye him well come on down if you can BUT BE RE RE RE message ends herrrrrrrrrrr.

  191. Slenderman says:

    Hey, that’s my job! D:<

  192. mrsjoshhutcherson says:

    Dis is friggin creepy!!! Now I’m scared to go outside because there’s a woods right outside of my house. :/ And I’m afraid to sleep.

  193. dafuq says:

    I’ve never seen the “Slender Man” and I’m not real sure if I believe in it. But I do know that ever since I started researching about it after playing Slender I find myself thinking about the Slender Man a lot and I’m not sure why. I feel really paranoid whenever I’m by myself, even at daytime. Someone can say the simplest little thing to remind me of the Slender Man and then the whole day I can’t get it out of the back of my head. Idk why..

    • uknown says:

      thats how i am. i watched the video on the first week of october on a wedsday last year and i FLIPPEN CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM

  194. letitbeknown840 says:

    Wow Ive been into crypto and the paranormal all my life and have never heard of this. The attributes and presentation seem very similar to a psychosematic manifestation of a malevalent entity created by its own legend, much in the way mothman presents itself and is conjured into being. Slender man can only be as real as you want him to be. If you need a boogeyman to fear go and look up an African being that is currently running a muck near the ivory coast called Papa boa.

  195. random says:

    i heard he dosent just go after people 16 and younger he goes after every one. any one that sees him and he stalks them their whole life toying them and trying to kill them.

  196. moo says:

    I’m so scared I’m not sure if I be line in this or not but it is stuck in my head . And Person who said you we’re the slender man stop it! That is mean!

  197. JP.Studios says:

    i curious if people would like to see a film adaption of the slenderman…if they are, I’ll make one. what dp you think?

  198. Kendra says:

    I am doing a research paper and i feel like he is following me. i have all the side effects and am really scared.

    • Ally says:

      lol, dont worry hes not even real, I read something that said when youre done reading youll wake up in the forest and he will kill you ; But that was 2 weeks ago, Im still here 😉 Youre just paranoid. Get your mind off him, hes fake :)

      @Slender Man

    • Anonymous says:

      good luck

  199. Arcee says:


  200. Anonymous says:

    omfg im so scared of him but im interested in him too

  201. Anonymous says:

    was man u all get scared im him and i gonna get you

  202. SlenderWoman says:

    Slenderman, what’s up?

  203. Arcee says:


  204. lolita says:

    ok for every girl calling slenderman theirs, he`s not able to be clamed, i understnd the love for him but dont call him yours, he may not appritiate it

  205. Unknown says:

    P.S.: I Will not Tell my Name


    This Slender Man it so scary and i played Slender game try it but not at Night i tried it at night cant sleep the whole night after the game was Over O.O

  206. Anonymous says:

    he scry

  207. carlos says:

    wow i told my little brother this, he is 14, and after i told him he ran to the bathroom XD i though it was funny 😛

  208. Evangeline says:

    Guys, this isn’t real. There are always going to be people who write these things because they want to see the power they have to affect the world. Just remember that no Slenderman could stand up against Jesus. Take that, Slenderman.

  209. Anonymous says:

    slenedermen huh. its weird and i couldnt finish the video

  210. crazyflaps says:

    and to think they made two creepy video games based off of this

  211. Woodland_Ranger says:


    Okay I know Slenderman is kind of creepy but the author of the last version, “Der Großmann” has clearly gone over the top to hype this bunch of nonsense up. He/she (author) goes from unknown sources of ifs and perhaps, to describe in detail what will happen to the victim. This pattern repeats itself several times.
    A legend doesn’t get very far or believable if everyone are going to add a little to the legend, for instance; “thinking of him brings him closer”, “He can teleport”, “he uses other people to spy on you” and don’t forget; “You cannot kill him because he can deflect bullets”.
    To the author, Moderation is the key if you want people to believe!

    ….. I pity anyone dumb enough who actually believe in this “Slenderman”

  212. Anonymous says:

    Im so scared of him. Everytime i go outside i feel like he is there.. in the forest behind my house and im only 12.

  213. tennedav13 says:

    The slenderman is actually real if you think about it. People have gone insane, and commited suicide over the slenderman. what does that say?

  214. Link says:

    True fact that there’s no real evidence of Slender man. Images of ‘him’ is either photoshopped, edited or just people in costumes. You think Slederman’s scary? How about the going through Dodongo’s Cavern as a child?

  215. anon says:

    slender man slender men,
    run from every other man
    hide in here, hide out there
    just beware, the slender man

  216. SlenderShim says:

    I am what happens when the Child fights back…

  217. lightstriker195 says:

    wow, i still have a phobia of this guy and i learned about it a year ago, not to mention i’m 14

  218. Anonymous says:

    dude i was the first one to say tht u f ck r

  219. The Watch Men says:

    He’s watching.

  220. Poop says:

    Hello poeple

  221. Anonymous says:

    Slenderman is real… jk we all know that there is no way a man can do that ghost or not

  222. DahCookieMonster says:

    It´s cool.
    If you have seen him, give him 20 dollars and yo done

  223. SlenderWhore says:

    anyone wanna throw some slendercash

  224. Slenderhoe says:

    any1 wanna throw some slendercash

  225. Slenderhooker says:

    any1 wanna throw some slendercash ?

  226. Slenderbish says:


  227. Slenderbish says:


  228. Black Slender Man says:



  229. Black Slender Man says:


  230. Slenderbish says:


  231. Slenderbish says:


  232. Black Slender Man says:


  233. Wolvi says:

    to be honest…
    I’m a german women and I’m 22 years old and I never heared something of Der Großmann before and no german kid,accept ones from the black forest and a area called “Harz”, will know this thing,but there is something called Der Schwarze Man who would match to the Slenderman, but he hides hinself under the bed and in the closet like the boogeyman and i think that Der Schwarze Mann can not strech his arms or is tall like the Slenderman

  234. DJ says:

    No one on here is going to beleive me, but i need help, he is real, i havnt slept it 3 days and this is the first time ive had the nerve to leave my roo, just because some one else is in the house. I see him in the shadow of my window, in the corner of my room and off in distances please help….some one please

  235. Anonymous says:

    ok slender man only shows his self if your scared of him or if you say you have proft of his existance im not scared and i dont have proft

  236. Random says:

    he only shows his self if your scared of him or if you have evidence of his exsitce

  237. Holly KING says:


  238. Anonymous says:

    is he a myth or legend

  239. Anonymous says:


  240. Desimbeeerrrrrrr says:

    Sweet satan :£

  241. Screw you says:

    U guys are stupid

  242. Anonymous says:


  243. unknown says:

    You know he is not that scary.He would make a good body guard though…

  244. thinks a lot for 12 yrs old says:

    slender could be real in our mines we could have made a myth real and dont know it like who started these storys and who kept them through these 1000 of years if u notice slender sightings have been posted all over youtube in 2012.since people started playing the game and spread of slender and now sightings and people missing.we could have brought im back through our minds.

  245. Anonymous says:

    So say this slender man catches you and he ask you the question right, what happens if you don’t answer him?

  246. Frankenstein Joe says:

    Does anybody else think that Slendy looks like Nergal from the grim adventures of billy and Mandy?

  247. mystery person.!'o.O says:

    slender man is awesome jk

  248. BANNAS says:


  249. hi says:

    i don’t beleive in this. nuf said.

  250. helpme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 says:

    ive been seeinghim for the past 3 weeks and i need help but not only me my kevin and both of my cousins which are retired marines seen him too and are currentley stuck in his basement now i have the laptop and my cousins both have fully automatic m16s and me and my friend kevin have m1911s someone please send help to washington county maryland

    • Anonymous says:

      Reading all these comments makes me laugh so hard. It’s so ridiculous

    • A smart person says:

      very truw

    • a person who thinks logic says:

      thats probably some one trying to scare you before you ask im britsh

    • Slendy Hunter says:

      You can’t shoot him, he will just block the bullets. He has phycic abilities, just don’t get close and show no Fear. If your not screwing around about this then listen to me.

    • the right answer says:

      Well, according to my research, if you look at him too long he’ll just take over your mind and take you or kill you. But if you try to run away from him that means you’ll definitely die (because he’ll definitely chase you.).
      So, logically, if you see him, instantly close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Don’t open them until he leaves. I know it sounds crazy, but my aunt tried this and it worked. She hasn’t seen Slendy after the first time. Guns don’t work, BTW. They’ll just piss him off.

    • Zahara says:

      Thank you for the advice. I expect he will come for me any day now.

    • James says:

      pray, i had a friend once, i was told he went away…but they lied to me i found the trees, the blood…the tree looked happy. it was grinning

    • A smart person says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Are you trieing to kill him? He is too dangerous, son. I would just hide and pray that he wont find me if i were you. You act like you are calling the army on him. He is almost invincable. Just try and avoid him and stay away from Hoodie and Masky.

    • asp says:

      relly bro gunz bro Gunz do Not hurt him RUN RUN RUN

    • Anonymous says:

      calm down i know his weakness

  251. namrednels says:

    Well, you are quite wrong. See you all in a week.

  252. anomynos says:

    i will hunt you all down and kill you

  253. a person who thinks logic says:

    he cant be real becuase he has no mouth how can he breath
    how can he eat look at the logic side people

    • Slendy Hunter says:

      He isnt human, he dosnt need to breath. You have no logic if your that dumb to not understand the legands. He is real im sure of it. If you keep saying he’s not real just forget him then you will be next.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol he is not real, you are just some guy who wants to scare people.

  254. Rose says:

    Have played slender man on a laptop Find 8 notes

  255. slenderman says:

    Ok guys relax, slenderman was taken out years ago when he tried to mess with Chuck Norris. Problem solved

  256. Anonymous says:

    Its a good scare.

  257. god says:

    you are all a bunch of fags

  258. Anonymous says:


  259. Anonymous says:

    In the early 1930s after working as an architect but now unemployed, Butts set out to design a board game. He studied existing games and found that games fell into three categories: number games such as dice and bingo; move games such as chess and checkers; and word games such as anagrams. A resident of Jackson Heights, it was there that the game of Scrabble was invented.[2]

    Butts decided to create a game that utilized both chance and skill by combining elements of anagrams and crossword puzzles, a popular pastime of the 1920s. Players would draw seven lettered tiles from a pool and then attempt to form words from their seven letters. A key to the game was Butts’ analysis of the English language. Butts studied the front page of The New York Times to calculate how frequently each letter of the alphabet was used. He then used each letter’s frequency to determine how many of each letter he would include in the game. He included only four “S” tiles so that the ability to make words plural would not make the game too easy.

  260. Me says:

    fALSE. You are all wrong. He follows me. Even to school. I know where he lives. A house. By the field. With the trees. The trees all smile. He knows where you are too. He’ll find you. He can find anyone.

  261. TheTaken says:



  262. slenderwoman says:

    The slenderman and I just got married and now we are working as a team…so watch your back

  263. chuck norris says:


  264. A smart person says:


  265. You don't know if Slendy's real or not....>_> says:

    Bahhh, I don’t believe in this BS…if there’s any actual proof that there is….then I’ll believe. till then…nah.

  266. Anonymous says:

    i want to see slender man

  267. Anonymous says:

    That’s stupid not true

  268. Anonymous says:

    U believe that they’re women

  269. chicken will eat you says:

    slender man is my best friend he even scratches my back for me he not frighterning .

  270. slender catcher says:

    if slender looks into my eyes he will be hipnotised i know its happend crap he so so scard of my now say youre sorry say it o im righting this down woops bye

  271. Anonymous says:

    It’s cool guys, I took him out with a tomahawk last week. You can kill anything with a tomahawk.

  272. Slender man sicks balls says:

    Oh screw this hes not real yu guys r just trying to scare us I dont belive in eny of this im under 16 ( im 10 ) and i havent seen him EVER

    • Zahara says:

      maybe you’re just really lucky. I’m probably going to die soon because I was visited, but I feel a strange sense of peace at that, even though I’m fully aware of all the lore and fully in my right mind.

  273. dude says:

    slender man has been around for hundreds of years i think its just one of those stories youll never forget

  274. dude says:


  275. dude says:

    what is with all this hostility

  276. who ever reads this slender man is coming for u con mierda to hit and kill u

  277. mierda apestas a culo sucio y podrido y necesitas un bath

  278. hunter says:

    everyone i nkow his weakness

  279. Anonymous says:

    calm down everyone i know his weakness

  280. Zahara says:

    I think he may also cause a strong obsession in his lore. I was visited by him in the woods behind my house in Georgia, and now, I live in California. I had a dream about him a few nights back, and now it’s all I can think about.

  281. Lacey Field says:


  282. Anonymous says:

    omg he touched me where i didnt want him to

  283. Cmprazen says:

    Yeah, Chuck Norris just took him out with a tomahawk last week.

  284. observer says:


  285. smart chick says:

    HELLO for one in the legend it says that he came to kill you early so you wont have to die a long horrible death later and if you are that stupid to believe in legends becouse that is all that they are you should be killed by slinder man

  286. Slenderman says:

    if you read this you will have to carry on reading i will find you when you next see me you will have to find the 8 missing pages to my book if you do you will survive if you dont you will be KILLED you have 1 week i will take you ……..

  287. Tara says:

    Guys, this is so not real. I have looked up the slenderman a few times, and fact a: before slender came out, people, like, didn’t think about slenderman.
    fact b: if he really reaches into you and grabs your heart out, how do they know that? the people who are victims would be too crazy or too damaged or dead to tell the story. Plus, every website I have seen tells a different story. IT’S ALL MADE UP!
    they are just trying to scare you with the “he goes into dark open rooms” crap. I am not safe from him yet….. but I have never see him. Besides, why would he want to see us anyway when he can be enjoying his home of the german woods? He can only do one thing at a time, even though it says otherwise. Even if he isn’t real.
    think about it…

  288. Tara says:

    look up slenderman is not real on google. You will come up with, like, a billion reasons why this is total bullcrap. There are tons of freaky German legends that are even more scary than this one. Don’t become obsessed, because you really are going to be paranoid.

  289. Realist says:

    Needless to say all of this is ridiculous. Most of you have established the thought in your head and it has manifested in your emotions. That’s what scary stories and movies are supposed to do. My advice, stop reading about mythical scary stories and don’t watch horror films. You’ll feel better.

  290. brian says:

    what are ways to toy him to maybe vanish him forever every bad thing has a weakness so

    • Not Scared Anymore says:

      from my experience, he feeds on the energy of fear. as for ways of toying with him? i wouldnt risk it.

  291. SlenderChild says:

    Daddy is coming for you. Daddy will make you sorry that you ever saw him. Daddy will kill you all, because you take away Daddy’s forests to hide in. You try to capture Daddy. People say bad things about Daddy, and that makes me mad. You don’t want me mad. You don’t want to have your heart torn out. Daddy’s coming.

  292. Not Scared Anymore says:

    To all of you who are being rude to people who have seen the Slender Man, don’t knock it until you’ve experienced him and his… abilities. I just found out what this thing was from a friend yesterday, and much to my surprise, the description and my experiences fit perfectly. I finally know now what it was that hunted and haunted me for YEARS, causing memory loss, paranoia, insomnia, sightings, and even physical encounters. I think my mom still has all of my old journals from back in the day. I kept every single encounter reported in these books. Before you people start trolling and judging and if you haven’t experienced this, shut your mouth. He is a very real creature, and while he may or may not be created from the human psyche, there are such things as thoughtforms. If you think about something hard and often enough, it becomes a very real thing. To all of you that have experienced this thing, stay safe. He seems to feed off of fear, so try not to get scared.

  293. Thefallen says:

    Those who believe will have the encounter.

  294. Slenderman is not real says:

    Calm down slenderman is a myth. How can he kill you anyways. He’s nothing, chuck norris can beat him. Besides if he does exist then i can scare him. I can scare any paranormal being with god’s might and make them go to hell.

  295. jessssss says:

    hes gonna get you!!!! uh ohhh.
    LOLOLOL you all are stupid.

  296. Anon says:

    So i just heardnbout this last night my friends said they have been seeing him for the past two nights and iv been doin research on him and this is all scary crap i havent seen him and im hoping to keep it that way!

  297. lolnottrue says:

    This is one of the few legends on this site that i believe

  298. seth says:

    i beleive this is real every night i have a dream about that and i alwayas get question right but i always wake up before i get my legs and arms broke ive had these dreams since i wa 7

  299. Tristan says:

    is it normal to be always thinking Slenderman

  300. mitron46 says:

    is it normal to hear a whispery voice in your head phones after learning a lot about him cuz im FREAKED OUT now (true story, couldnt make out words)

  301. Anonymous says:

    no u retard

  302. MGK says:

    My friends say its not real ,

  303. Anonymous says:


  304. Dreika says:

    I love Slenderman. Unfortunantly if he is real, he doesn’t like me much…he isn’t coming around. :(

    • Anonymous says:

      r u crazy hes a u want to die just to see u know “dead men tell no tale”

  305. Winchester says:

    will need to salt and burn his bones

  306. he is real says:

    Long before I ever heard of the slender man I saw him when I was 3 or 4 years old. I was watching the fields behind my grandfathers house. When I blinked and saw a pale,tall,man in a black suit. when I blinked again he was gone. Now remembering and watching the slender man video got me scared.The creepy thing is when I tried to go to sleep I heard someone scream then the power went out.I have never been that scared before.

  307. Kuroneko says:

    I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the forest infront of my house. As I got deeper into the woods I started to feel dizzy, but I thought it was just because of the altitude that my house and my wooded property was at, so i forgot about it. Finally lunchtime came around and I sat down and opened my lunch box and began to eat the sandwich I packed. A few seconds later I heard a high pitched noise coming from the forest around the clearing i was in. So I got up and walked in the direction of the noise it started to get louder and louder it sounded like one of those beeping collars for dogs. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran out of the woods with the sensation of being watched. I packed up and ran home.

  308. Kuroneko says:

    I remember a couple of weeks ago, I was walking through the forest infront of my house. As I got deeper into the woods I started to feel dizzy, but I thought it was just because of the altitude that my house and my wooded property was at, so i forgot about it. Finally lunchtime came around and I sat down and opened my lunch box and began to eat the sandwich I packed. A few seconds later I heard a high pitched noise coming from the forest around the clearing i was in. So I got up and walked in the direction of the noise it started to get louder and louder it sounded like one of those beeping collars for dogs. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran out of the woods with the sensation of being watched. I packed up and ran home.

  309. Anonymous says:

    Saw him last night.

  310. asldjfa; says:

    you all are stupid

  311. oh ship says:

    I wonder if slender man coming tonite

  312. Sexybeast ;D says:

    I’m Slender man. 😀 Just the sexy version c:

  313. GERF says:


  314. Slender says:

    you people think anybody will believe that im real? You puny mortals think anybody will believe you? I wiped the creators memory of posting the game, It WAS a simple game exploring the woods BUT I corrupted that innocent mans memory and put myself and my sons drawings into that game, If you Really want to know the Truth about me
    Then Keep reading…

    I am not electrical but i can create that kind of matter
    I am everything and everywhere
    not from hell, heaven or any phoney place
    I am from the outside of time and space
    I can bend and shift your laws of physics
    I can go whenever and wherever I want
    what you humans call “Past” and “Future”
    and even outside of everything and nothing
    I took the form i have because it looked relitively like you
    now forums like this make everybody aware of me
    so before you type
    look behind you

    PS.your children are NOT safe from me

  315. ??? says:

    well ive survived until morning. hey any body ever seen Der GroBmann?

  316. Anonymous says:

    Who killed him before he became slender man?

  317. slender rox 28 says:


  318. zombiegirl says:

    im scared

  319. jemerson nez says:

    im scared too zombiegirl

  320. Slender: says:

    im watching you!

  321. SomeGuy Jones says:

    I already knew all this. I am disappointed in you all.

  322. Anonymous says:

    lol you all are funny

  323. Slenderman stay out of my freaking music! God I know you keep f**king up the lyrics to MCR! No joke I was listening to blood by MCR and instead of “why thank you” I heard clearly but very staticy “I’m watching you” then my Cd started skipping! My God your a prick! Don’t mess with a parader I will hunt you down slendy!! Mess with my Cd oh HELL naw! >:C

  324. Anonymous says:


  325. Errickaa Sotto says:

    Every time i want to scare someone, i show them the video, but i dont stay in the room, i leave, it scares the crap out if me!!! XD

  326. sam rees says:

    i think slender is hot

  327. ???? says:

    the slenderman is real he iz watching u

  328. Anonymous says:

    He scares the living crap out of me. I have had experiences with paranormal before, and I completely believe he is really out there. I make sure not to be out at night alone and I stay as far from trees as possible. I normally walk in the middle of the street or sidewalk, which I believe deters his ambition to chase after me.

  329. Anonymous says:

    he only comes if you fear him and know alot about him…he feeds off fear.

  330. bobert says:

    wanna know whats funnier than 24

  331. meow meow says:

    i kno alot about him

  332. meow meow says:

    help me!!!!!!!!!!

  333. Taylor says:

    funny!!! last i heard, you cant pull ur hand and feet out of sockets!

  334. ??? says:

    $%*@ that guy stole my commet name!(look back at older commets)By the way ive seen him evry night for 2 weeks now. 😛 P.S. thi may be my last night! :( :{

  335. ??? says:

    @#$%#@$ typo! >:(

  336. ??? says:

    im now tramatized… what the @#$% was that just behind me?!?

  337. sravan kumar says:

    @#$% this , it scared the hell out of me

  338. meow meow says:


  339. gemma says:

    that is not scary, why would i care about slender man,slender man is not even real so who cares about him

    stupid hu strange

    by gem

  340. Page says:

    honestly i am not sure what to think of all of this. i do believe in him but i don’t know if i should be scared or think this is funny. but anyway. its all interesting

  341. meow meow says:

    very,very scared

  342. Anonymous says:

    You know the world’s getting fat when the new malignant entity is called ‘slender’ man.

  343. slenderman is real and u r fricken stupid for not believing
    im going to laugh if he gets u

  344. OddCoincidence says:

    I was just listening to a paranormal radio program and I heard someone mention the name Slender Man so I googled it and got some video game type stuff and old german folklore I guess.. But someone told me a story a few years back that coincides with this myth Ok there is this large creepy park that has woods at the back of it where supposed rituals and occult type stuff has been found I can personally attest to this as I went to the park after I heard the story during the day and found trees with occult symbols carved on them.. As well supposedly a body may have been found out there further years back anyway this was just a quick glimpse someone had looking at the park while it was storming outside when he was riding in a car… A flash of lightning lit up the whole park and my friend said he seen a tall skinny black shadow about 16ft tall with really long arms and legs and he refuses to go to tha park and doesnt even like talking about it…

  345. OddCoincidence says:

    The more I read the more outlandish the tales become but I just wanted to add this above story about the park which I could give the name too even and go back an take pics of the tree carvings was told to me in the late 90’s by someone who didnt have the internet.. Very creepy stuff.

  346. slenderman killed my mommy

  347. slender man only rapes me he only likes kittys

  348. did you know that slender man likes to rape kids with big penises so your in lucky little kids

  349. what do you get if you mix micheal jackson with slenderman

  350. im slender man and i know it wiggle wiggle wiggle

  351. . .


  352. Anonymous says:

    i love him

  353. just someone says:

    i just dont find dis guy scary :$

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, capitalize your “I”‘s, second of all spell don’t<— like that and you also spelled "this" wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know who he may be, you don’t know how he will find you, but you don’t even believe of a man who can still your very soul, and not be scared.. Beware of Der Großmann…

  354. Slenderman says:

    Haha, I’m in your brains already, i am coming to get you ^-^

  355. luke says:

    i is cool

  356. slender man sexy and i no it says:

    im sexy

  357. I don't sleep says:

    I knew a craploadda stuff about the Slender Man already, but this is just plain horrible. Reading this stuff will make you paranoid like it already has to me! It was a long time ago. Keep reading if you want to creep yourself out. XD Woods surround our trailer park… Thick woods… Woods that stretch for who knows how long. And now that I think of it, I used to have this ten year old neighbor once that moved next door from California (Idk why). He had this weird sleep condition (I think…) and he’d always walk around in his sleep. Sometimes he’d walk up to my place… or get lost in the woods… So his parents boarded up his window, and always locked his door from the outside before he went to bed, and kept a surveliiance camera rolling just incase he needed help. One morning I woke up to sirens, and there were cop cars and ambulances in front of the entrance to our woods. My neighbor was gone. They cops went back to watch the survelliance video from that night, but the camera had stopped working sometime during the night. The boarded window had a huge hole in it, one big enough to fit three or four people through. They never found him. O.O I hope you enjoyed my creepy experience… It still feels creepy looking at that place…

  358. meow meow says:

    My roommate told me dat every time she looks at da window she sees someone looking in. :(

  359. I am skeptical about slender says:

    whoever believes slender is athiest

  360. Anonymous says:


  361. hihi123 says:

    Slender was a bad man last year he broke my arm and killed my brother :(

  362. Anonymous says:

    HELLO!? Are you people refusing to believe that Slender Man isn’t real, or have you not seen that he was created in a “create paranormal images” PhotoShop contest? I’ll be the first to admit that Victor Surge did a great job at it, but don’t you guys think that if no-one knew or even heard about the Slender Man before the images were posted on SomethingAwful forums that there might be a good reason for that? Get it into your heads that Slender Man was CREATED and not merely REVEALED. Don’t bother trying to argue or you’ll be wasting precious seconds of your life that you will NEVER get back.

  363. grandma says says says:

    BAKE HEADS IN OVEN sweeties! And remember…I`M WATCHING!

  364. Minecraftfan286 says:


  365. Minecraftfan286 says:


  366. umm.... says:

    meh…just be quiet if you didnt see him and stop trying to get attention.

  367. EMO CHICK says:


  368. The Paranormal Expert says:

    Dear Avid Reader,

    Please repost this all you like. While there is evidence to back both sides of this argument I must tell you that Slender man is more an archtype than a self same paranormal entity. Do you not find it odd that he wears a black suit similar to those most are buried in? The faceless condition could be attributed to the view on corporate america. All that aside. Slender Man if you are real, and paranormal as is claimed you should have no trouble locating and killing me… I would love to meet you.

  369. idoentsleep says:


  370. Clueless says:

    I don’t see what the big deal about Slenderman is. He is obviously a fiction character created to entertain our sick-minded generation.

    Even if Slendy WAS real, I’d be “deader than a doornail”. The above description of what he likes is a perfect description of where I live. I’ve been here my whole life, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      He wasn’t created to entertain “our sick-minded generation”. He was created to scare little children in medieval Germany so that they wouldn’t trust strangers and would do as their parents told them. You are right though. Why do people find it so amusing?

  371. Anonymous says:

    So i´m German and i´ve never heard about a Großmann before^^.
    and the correct translation of “Tall Man” is Großer Mann or “The Tall Man” Der Große Mann.

    We had a serial killer called Carl Großmann in berlin but he doesnt wear a suit and prefer young women.

    I like the Game but the Myth about him is a total fail^^.

    sorry for my bad english

  372. OH NO says:

    that bull crap because i keep my blinds closed every night so he cant watch me. And i don’t live in the woods so i am safe. bring it.

  373. i dont know why i read this but i love scary stuff but am afraid of almost everything lol

  374. Not Here Forver says:

    Slender man isn’t real. Why? 1, he was created by a contest, 2, he like to wear a suit… 3, there is no such thing as aliens only new kind of animals. What I got to worry anyway? Yeah, I ain’t older then 16, but I listen and respect my parents, even if I dislike it and go cry sometimes since of my sensitivity and puberty. Why does he kill anyway? He won’t bring anything good. Since he likes to be sharp and wear a suit, he can be a lawyer or something. LOL

    • Agree-Able says:

      I mean…like maybe when he takes them away he probably asks, “Are you in trouble cause you did something wrong? If not you can stay here or I’ll drop you off somewhere.

  375. alice rosette says:

    i have seen the slenderman 3 times, twice in the woods next to my school and once in the street on my way to school and let me tell you one thing i was terrified for the whole day!



  377. blahblah says:

    This is a frickin scary situation with that documentary I am scared so bad right now it is foggy snowy at night near the woods at my house right now I am freaked out of my mind

  378. blahblah says:

    WAIT YOU SAW HIM THREE TIMES ALICE ROSETTE…. that doesn’t help me at all lol

  379. idoentsleep says:

    Just curious and very bored with my life here… but is there any actual way to “summon”, provoke, call forth, or find the slender man?
    (I may have done something by accidennttttt…)

  380. idoentsleep says:

    You see, eleven days ago I saw the slender man for a split second outside my window, staring from the entrance to my woods. The woods that my 10 year old neighbor disappeared into. And since then, death (in the family, my uncle, his wife…) misfortune (major health problems in me and my family. I had to have surgery…)and such have been evident… Also I’ve been seeing the number 111. A lot. Its scary. And now I’m wondering if I’ve got slender sickness, because every time I even think about any of this I start coughing my arse off, so its really hard to concentrate on ASKING ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL ABLE-TO-SLEEP PEOPLE WHAT DO YOU THINK? I need internet people’s opinions, most of my friends think this is all just a huge load of bs and that im just trying to creep them out… So Am I screwed? And if I am how can I have fun with this? Cause if slim jim’s gonna kill me I might as well laugh my way outta here…

  381. Anonymous says:


  382. Abel Nightroad says:

    I’m not going to worry about a German tale, I’m From Michigan where we have packs of Dogmen running rampant in the woods. and that documentary is easy to make if you know how to use things like Audacity Photoshop and Premier Pro. And this really just sounds like one of those regional boogy man stories. Slenderman is right up there with the Spring heeled JAck, and the Headless Horseman.

  383. Anonymous says:

    I really like scary stuff, but i’m afraid of almost everything. Lol

  384. This is so scarY! using for my homework!

  385. Nepeta1324 says:

    This is great. o3o

    This is true, though. Through a series of tramatizing events, 8luh 8luh 8luh.

    Anyways.. Im writing a story based on Slenderman! <3

  386. People believe he is real. I believe in him ’cause I’ve seen him. My friend has too! Some people say he is a load of chain crap! But he isn’t! xx

  387. People believe he is real. I believe in him ’cause I’ve seen him. My friend has too! Some people say he is a load of chain crap! But he isn’t! xx

  388. Anonymous says:

    my favorite out of all the internet creep storys

  389. noah for president says:

    yo… im making a movie about slenderman… and i think all of this has helped the movie… thanks… one question though… does he have a weakness at all? n2k (need to know)

    • Anonymous says:

      There aren’t really any known weaknesses for slender man. i saw him in the woods. believe it or not he’s 8 feet tall and he doesn’t walk. he teleports so that might help. good luck with your movie!!!

  390. Anonymous says:

    If he really was six feet tall that’ll be the size of me

  391. MGK says:

    hi he is real I SAW HIMHE FOUND ME IN THE WOODS.

  392. Anonymous says:

    It’s a myth used to scare children who missbehave how on earth can you people believe this crap, I hope I do see this “spirit” some day, I’ll beat his head in.