3 Men and a Ghost

There is a scene in the movie Three Men and a Baby where you can see the ghostly figure of a small boy who was killed in the house where the scene was filmed. There are also tales of other ghostly objects being seen throughout the movie, most notably a rifle pointing at the head of the “ghost boy”.

That is the legend. Here are the facts. The scene in question was not shot in a house, but on a soundstage in a Hollywood studio. The “ghost boy” is in fact a life-sized cardboard cutout of Ted Danson (who stars in the film), which had been left in the background, presumably accidentally, by a crew member. This cutout is seen in full view in another scene in the movie.

There is no ghost boy. No boy ever died on the set, and no one involved with the movie was ever sued by the mythical parents of said ghost boy.

The above photo is from an article on http://rottentomatoes.com called:
The Ghost Stays in the Picture – Shutter and the History of Ghostly Images

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