This morning, March 23, 2010, at 8 A.M. Eastern Time, ABC-TV’s "Good Morning America" show presented an outrageous in-depth hit piece — a foolishly ambitious presentation of orwellian inverted logic — on the growing movement of healthy eating, or eating healthy. ABC-TV’s first exhibit was one of those in-the-home interviews with Kristie, a woman who had been on the brink of death due to healthy eating. ABC-TV launched their ludicrous lie from the pompous platform of psuedo-medical science, proclaiming that the habit of healthy eating is "an obsessive-compulsive disorder." Mass media mind-twisters have learned to deceive more believably by employing pseudo-medical quackery to imbue false auras of authority and authenticity into whatever fraud they happen to be perpetrating on any given day of the week.

So, poor Kristie had been gravely afflicted with this "obsessive-compulsive disorder" of eating healthful foods. You know, she had been deceived, by a growing movement of loudmouth health nuts, into becoming obsessed with raw foods, vegetarianism, and worst of all, she had been deceived into avoiding all those normal and beloved supermarket foods, those tried and proven staples such as genetically modified everything, and pesticide, synthetically-hormonized, antibiotic-laden, drug-laden, arsenic-fed, and dead-cattle-and-roadkill-fed beef, chicken, and pork.

But the happy ending of Kristie’s story was that she broke free from this unhealthy health trance, and has struggled back from her misguided self-destructive obsessive-compulsive mental illness, and now she is a happy well-balanced and healthy junk food consumer, rescued from the brink of healthy eating death. The ABC-TV Wizards of Oz then stupidly went on to overplay their scam with a scene showing Kristie, alive and well once again, joyfully digging into assorted boxes of junk foods.  These imbeciles who run ABC-TV . . . this was their idea of a fairy tale ending to Kristie’s story.  You know, like the handsome prince kissing awake the mortified Snow White, resurrecting her from her glass coffin. Here was the ABC-TV moguls’ inane inversion of reality, designed to persuade viewers that nutritionless toxic food will rescue them from health food death. Kristie is shown, all smiling and contented, eating those beloved normal food items: sugar-coated coco-puffs and twinkies. Incidentally, what would you call such underhanded under-the-table advertising of commercial products within a supposedly non-commercial, educational TV report?  "Duplicitous" would be an accurate term.

What, then, is the official name given by the ABC-TV moguls to this new *PHYSICAL* illness, which is now infecting the nation; or, more accurately, this bogus illness infecting the mentality of millions of gullible mesmerized victims of boob-tube reality inversion? The name of this new disease is not "healthnutitis". Rather, the disease was today announced by the moguls of ABC-TV as "ORTHOREXIA." And they declare that "ORTHOREXIA" is related to anorexia. You see, by piggybacking a new lie onto an accepted truth, charlatans project the delusion of truth into their quackery.

Anorexia is an uncommon actuality. Orthorexia is common quackery.

Now, after watching this maddening five-minute pseudo-medical pseudo-reality piece of Alice-in-Wonderland in Kristie’s kitchen and backyard, I figured: Well, they wouldn’t dare try to promote this hitlerian big lie any further, so, I figured that this must be the end of their skit.

   But no! Next appeared a serious studio discussion with Dr. Marie Savard, a "recognized authority" on this worrisome new national plague called "ORTHOREXIA.  That was it, folks. I wished to avoid the frustration of silent rage, so I walked away, angrily determined to write this condemnation of the corporate killers’ TV treachery against America’s naive victims of viewing.

Friends — everyone with a sense of moral responsibility: please get a video copy of this brazenly deceitful "Good Morning America" assault on the public’s healthmindedness — this sinister attempt to proclaim good for evil, and evil for good — healthy for unhealthy, and unhealthy for healthy. Do not let this bullet go over your heads, especially since this is only the first shot being fired in a new battle within an old war — a war long since waged by the viciously depraved power elite who are desperately trying to debilitate and dement the populations of nations, in preparation for their global genocide, which the global power elite have admitted to in their now-public "National Security Study Memorandum 200". These global ruling elite are the matador, designing to confuse, disorient, and fatigue the bull before plunging the sword through it. Dear people: we and our families and our countrymen are their bull.

John DiNardo has confirmed the Good Morning America story appears at this link:…