Blow-dried Bunny


A man walked into his garden one day to find his dog with a piece of dirty fur in its mouth. Examination proved that the dirty piece of fur was actually a prize rabbit belonging to the neighbor. It was very dead, although no obvious injury could be seen.

The man was horrified and felt terrible. He took the rabbit inside, shampooed and blow dried it, then quickly snuck next door to put it back in the hutch before the neighbor got home.

A few days went by and he heard nothing. Then on the weekend he was talking over the fence to his neighbor, who he said that a strange thing had happened to him that week. When he came home from work one night he found his prize rabbit dead in its hutch.

"Oh, no," says the man. "How awful!"

"That’s not the strange part," says the neighbor. "What’s weird is that it had died earlier that morning and I buried it before going to work!"