Buggy Burrito

Sara was driving home from work one day and she was starving. Not wanting to worry about cooking dinner once she got home, she decided to stop for some take out. She pulled into her local Taco Bell and ordered a burrito. She enjoyed her quick meal and when she was done she headed home.

tongueWhen she woke up the next day, her tongue felt sore and a little swollen. It bothered her all day, so she went to see her doctor to find out what was wrong. The doctor didn’t find anything on his initial examination, so he told her to come back if it got any worse.

Days later her tongue swelled up considerably and became very sore. She went back to the doctor and he decided to do a minor surgery. When the doctor had cut open her tongue he found a cyst among her taste buds filled with cockroach eggs. They traced the eggs back to the burrito from her fast food dinner.

Reader Submitted by,
Stephanie from Grafton WV