Coat Shopper

A woman went to a coat discount store to buy a new winter coat. She browsed through the latest styles and found a coat that she thought might look nice. She took it off the hanger and tried it on. She enjoyed the feel of the coat, and she thought she would buy it. The woman walked to the mirror and admired herself, turning slowly. When she reached the mirror she posed, turned in a circle and put her hands in the pockets.

Suddenly, she felt something sharp pierce her hand and she yelped out in pain. She thought that the sharp object must have been a security tag and she brought her belongings to the front of the store and approached the registers. Minutes later, while on the checkout line, the shopper fell down in front of the cashier. Customers and employees rushed to her aid, only to find that she was already dead.

Later when the warehouse of the store was investigated, detectives found eggs, and baby snakes nesting in the warm pockets of the coats.

Reader Submitted
Danielle Summers Memphis TN