Deadly Dress

A new consignment boutique opened in town and a woman went shopping there and bought a dress. She wore it that night to a party. Sometime during the party the woman began to feel sick. She had had a few cocktails, so she thought it was just a reaction to the alcohol. She said her goodbyes and headed home. That night, alone in her apartment she felt worse and worse and by morning she had died in her bathroom, still wearing her party dress.

In the morgue, during the autopsy, the medical examiner recognized the dress from another body that had been brought in weeks before. He had embalmed that body while she was wearing the dress. Later, he removed the dress from the body and sold it to a man he knew who owned a consignment shop.

The medical examiner realized that the embalming fluid had soaked into the dress. When the woman bought the dress and wore it to the party, she exposed herself to the embalming fluid which then absorbed into her and had been the cause of her death.

Kasper from Fremont OH