Draino and Tin Foil Bombs – Exploding Plastic Bottles

Facebook hoax draino and tinfoil bombs
This was originally posted in December 2017, but in July 2021, this story is making the rounds on Facebook again.

BEWARE….children are filling plastic drink bottles with Drano, tin foil, and a little water. They’re covering it up and leaving it on lawns, mailboxes, gardens, and roads, among other places. Be cautious and do not pick it up with the aim of throwing it away. It’s possible you’ll never make it!

A chemical reaction begins when the bottle is picked up and shaken, even just a little. It can build up enough gas to explode with enough force to inflict serious harm in 30 seconds or less. The liquid that emerges from the explosive is also extremely hot.

When picking up any plastic bottles that may be laying around in your yard or in the gutter, etc., be extremely cautious.

A plastic container with a top, a little Drano, a little water, and a small piece of foil are all things to keep an eye out for. If you move it, it will go BOOM!! You could lose all of your fingers and suffer additional major damage to your face, eyes, and other body parts.

People are putting Drano and tin foil in plastic bottles and leaving them in yards. When picked up the motion activates the solution and the bottle explodes, blowing off fingers and otherwise maiming people.