Drowned Dead

Women’s rights in Nazi Germany during World War II were considerably different from women’s rights now. They were generally unable to join the army or be elected or appointed to positions of political power. Marie was an outlier. In the early 1940s, Marie became a field officer. Marie was clever, intelligent, brave, and stunning, but there was something about her that set her apart from the other German girls. Marie was unique not only because she was able to join the military and even outrank males, but also because she was telepathic.

Marie has a clairvoyant mind and was able to advance through the ranks as a result of her ability to see into the future. She used a radio, switching the dials back and forth with her remarkable gift until she could hear and see the future in her own thoughts.

She saw Adolf Hitler die one day and all the Nazis become war criminals the next. Marie planned a plot to assassinate Hitler, triggering a chain of events that would bring the war to a close, portraying her as a true war hero.

Marie’s psychic abilities were discovered by one of her associates, who tipped Heinrich Himmler, who then recommended to Marie that she exhibit her abilities in public. As a result of her failure, Himmler labeled her a heretic and a traitor. She was sentenced to die in a river by drowning.

Her assailants bound her arms and legs and threw her from a dock into the water; all evidence of her presence (clothing, pictures, and jewelry) were later destroyed. Before she died, she cursed Himmler and all of his cronies, saying that if anyone hears her story, they will be unable to resist seeking vengeance on her behalf and will finally suffer a horrible death.

The only way to learn more about Marie’s narrative is to dial a radio back and forth with a clear head until you get a clear vision. You’ll get a glimpse of the world through her eyes and see her final moments. Before dipping Marie (you) in the water, Himmler will recite a prepared statement about Marie before she is killed.

After that, you’ll start dreaming about her and hearing her all the time. She’ll try to kill you because you’re the one who decided to use a radio to channel her curse. She can kill you at any time by drowning, but you can avoid it by simply avoiding water, or you could drown someone else, rekindling her enraged soul. Marie will be sealed once more if this is done, and the person who dialed the radio will receive a glimpse of their own future. Their future, like Marie’s, is unavoidable, whether it is a good one or a dreadful one.

The mythology began in Japan in the early 1980s and spread to Japanese schools as a hoax. One student would challenge the other to call Marie on the radio and learn their fate, but in exchange, they would have to kill someone.

Arisa Kumai from Hakone Japan