Eddie Murphy in an Elevator

An older woman took her first trip to Las Vegas last year. She had done very well playing the slot machines, winning a bucket full of quarters. Karen needed a break, and she left the casino heading toward the elevators, taking her bucket with her.

She steps into the elevator and before the doors shut, four beefy, leather-clad African-American men step in. Karen (never having spent much time with African Americans) clutches her bucket close to her body.

One of the men says, "Hit the floor, lady," and she does: quarters fly everywhere. The men bust up laughing and they help Karen collect her winnings. One of the men explains that he meant for her to select her floor. They help her collect her quarters and the elevator arrives at her floor. She leaves embarrassed, and the men are still laughing.

Later that evening, a dozen roses are delivered to Karen’s room. There is a one hundred dollar bill attached to each rose. The note attached read:

Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in years!

Eddie Murphy


·         The celebrity can be either Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan or Reggie Jackson.

·         The story takes place in New York City, Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

·         Sometimes the man is alone, other times he has bodyguards.

·         The story has been told where the man has a dog named "Lady." Instead of saying "hit the floor," he says "sit Lady," referring to the dog.

·         Depending on the version of the story, the woman finds her hotel bill taken care of instead of a bouquet of roses.

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