Horse Trailer Horror

wontgoA man who was always fond of horse racing owned a few horses himself. One of his horses was quite old, but the man decided to race it one last time.

The man tried to lead the horse into the mini trailer attached to his truck but the horse wouldn’t go in. Finally, after he forced the horse in, he began to drive to the track, a few miles from where he boarded the horse.

The horse was constantly making noise and wouldn’t be quiet. The man thought it was just he horse being stubborn. The man then noticed that people were honking their car horns at him as they drove by but he ignored the other motorists and kept driving. He knew the horse was upset and wanted to get him out of the trailer as soon as possible.

When he reached the place the racetrack and opened the trailer, he was shocked by what he found. His old horse was dead and the trailer was soaked with blood. The horse’s legs had fallen through the rotted floor and were ground to stubs.


Madeeha Ahmed from Dallas, TX