Hungry Snake

snake_in_bedThere was a couple from Florida who owned a python. It was a very large snake and they’ve had it for a while so they did not put it in a cage and they let it be free in the house. The couple started to become concerned when the snake stopped eating. All the snake would do is lay around and occasionally it would slither onto their bed and stretch its body out.

They finally decided to take the snake to the veterinarian because it would not eat anything, even its favorite meals. They doctor did a thorough exam and turned to the couple and said: "You need to get rid of this snake immediately. It has been refusing his food because it’s getting ready to eat you. When it stretches out he’s measuring how tall you are and if he can fit you in his body."


Doreen Howard from Miami, FL

Another Version

Their was a man living in India. He had kept snakes of all kinds but his favorite was his python. The python was big and ate a lot.
The man fed his snake regularly but suddenly the snake stopped eating. He asked the local veterinarian what was wrong with the snake but the vet replied "Snakes are not my best area, I will phone the nearest zoo and get back to you on the matter".

The man let his snake roam around the bedroom as he was defiantly not scared of snakes. The snake just lye down on the bed perfectly straight, still not eating.

The phone rang the next day and the vet shouted "get out of the house quickly!"

The reason for the vet saying this is that snakes starve themselves before a big meal. The snake was sizing up the snake lover to eat him later that same day. The snake had to be put down…

Ryan Smyth from Leeds, ENG