Jigsaw Mystery

There was an old lady who lived on her own in a very foggy part of Dart moor. She had lived alone for fifteen years, ever since her husband had died in a mysterious car accident. However, the car accident is not my present purpose on which to dwell. You see, this old lady had a passion for jigsaw puzzles, it probably came with the stigma of being alone for she had no family or friends and lived in a very secluded spot. Every night she would sit at her dining room table and work on her current jigsaw puzzle until it was finished, then she would start a new one.

However, there came a night, a rugged, windy, stormy winter night when she ran out of jigsaw puzzles. She was extremely upset as she had nothing else to do (this was in the days before TV and her radio had no signal in so removed a place). She was just thinking of going up to bed earlier than usual when she heard a thud, as if something had fallen onto the mat from the mail flap.

Intrigued, the old lady hobbled downstairs to find a rectangular parcel had been put through the door and now lay, invitingly, on the mat. She picked it up, carried it upstairs to her dining table and opened it to reveal a new jigsaw puzzle! It had no picture of what it made up on the front but the old lady didn’t care. Neither did she care who had sent it, she was just so happy to have another puzzle to do.

It took her about an hour to complete it but as she began the get the entire picture her consternation grew for she saw that the picture being made up was that of the very room in which she now sat. Then, she gasped, for she realized that the woman sitting at the table in the picture with her back to the window was a picture of her. Her fingers trembled as she placed the last four pieces of the puzzle to reveal a picture of a crazed madman at the window staring into the room, holding an axe.

The last thing that old lady ever heard was the sound of breaking glass…

This legend was told in the movie "Dead Poets Society"

Jules from London