Lies and Fireflies

There was once a young girl who constantly lied about everything. She sprinkled lies into everything she said. She lived with her widowed grandma and helped her to make money by sewing clothes and selling them.

As she cared for her granddaughter, the woman became aware of the child’s lying problem and no matter what her grandmother said, or how much she was scolded or punished, the girl refused to change her ways. Thinking it was just a childhood phase, the old woman hoped her granddaughter would grow out of it and stop lying so much. One day the child ‘accidentally’ lost her grandma’s sewing supplies under the floorboards and refused to even try to get them back.

Grandma had had enough. She was outraged and tired and knew the girl would eventually be the death of her.

That night, grandma put tranquilizers in her granddaughter’s dessert and sent her to bed. The last thing she remembered as the medicine began to take effect, was seeing fireflies flickering outside her bedroom window. While the girl was slept, grandma took her bits of spare sewing supplies and used them to stitch her granddaughter’s mouth closed in her sleep. Just as she tied off the final stitch, the woman had a massive heart attack and died at the child’s bedside.

Now any kid under age of 12 who lies profusely will be found by the young girl’s grandmother. You’ll dream of fireflies and she’ll bring her sewing kit with her. When you wake up, your mouth will be stitched closed.