Officer of the Day Vengeance

I’ve heard this legend told about barracks at two different posts- one in Germany, and the other in Colorado.

ood_officerofthedayThe story goes that a young Lieutenant was assigned OOD duty one weekend. OOD means ‘Officer of the Day’, and means that he’s the one who has to deal with any problems that come up. This young 2nd Lieutenant decided he was going to inspect some of the soldier’s rooms. He walked into a room to find it a mess, which shouldn’t have been a surprise on Saturday at 8pm. He started to try and give the guys hell for the condition of the room, and the fact that they were sitting around drinking beer, which is authorized in the Barracks, as long as the guys don’t drink during duty hours.

Allegedly, the guys grabbed the lieutenant, shoved him into a freestanding closet and locked him in. Then they took the closet and shoved it down a couple of flights of stairs. The story varies on the details of how severely he was injured, but it makes a nice ‘vengeance’ tale for any trooper who’s been harassed by an officer.

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