Shades of Death Road

shadesofdeathLegend has it, that many years ago, a car of teenagers were driving down a country road in Hackettstown, NJ after the prom. The road was slippery that night and it curved sharply to the left and right, winding into the dark. The driver lost control and the car crashed into a ditch killing one of the passengers. To this day, on dark and slippery nights, you can still see the girl who died wandering that murderous curve wearing her prom dress. 

The road is named, "Shades of Death Road" and is located towards Great Meadows by Jenny Jump State Park and Ghost Lake (A highly haunted area). I’ve heard that every section of the road that contains a reflective guardrail is where someone has died.

Another Version

There is a "Shades of Death Road" in Hanover Township, PA.

When you go down the road it actually inclines downward and the trees develop a natural canopy so that it’s almost dark as night during the middle of the day.


The story goes that this miserable young guy lost his girl, his job, his dog, his keys etc. so he hung himself at the lowest point of the road from one of the trees that formed the canopy. He wasn’t found for days.

Now his spirit haunts the area and if you’re driving at night make sure you don’t stop or someone or something will start chasing you. I have heard extreme cases of cars not starting in the basin, or people getting out of their car and hearing footsteps or unexplained breathing. In the 80’s and early 90’s rumors flew about devil worshipping going on there.

I know that I will NOT go down that road for anything. I don’t care how many people are with me or what time of day it is….you definitely feel something when you’re there.


Natalie Stadelman from Pittsburgh, PA