Shut Your Trap

There was once a man that fell asleep on his journey home from work on the last train of the day. It had been a particularly humid day and many people had used the train and left the windows open. Flies flew in and out of the carriage.

As the man fell into a deeper sleep he lay still with his mouth open gently snoring. Suddenly a fly flew into his mouth and down his throat waking him. Suddenly he felt sick and stayed awake for the rest of journey.

As the days passed he forgot about the incindent but started to feel unwell.

Several weeks later a friend called to his flat to check if he was feeling any better as he had heard that he had not been into work. Upon entering the flat he was sickened by a terrible smell and on entering the man’s lounge, found him dead on the settee with a large hole in his chest and maggotts and flies swarming all over the room and his dead friend’s rotten corpse!

Reader Submitted
Joseph Williams from England