There was a boy named Tom who received a letter from his friend Kyle. The letter contained 20 reasons NOT to run the disk named: Sonic.EXE. Tom played the game anyway, and fell in HORROR. First, for a SPLIT second, Sega 666 appeared on the title screen. Then, Tails was chased by Sonic.exe and he was the first to go. Knuckles followed. Tom tried DESPERATELY to close Sonic.exe, but eventually, he fell down crying. The screen said: “So many souls to play with, so little time. Wouldn’t you agree?”. Tom stood in HORROR staring at the uncomfortable message. Later that day, he took a nap. In his dream, he saw the dead bodies of Tails and Knuckles and Sonic.exe appeared, saying: “you’re a lot of fun to play with, Tom, just like Kyle, though HE didn’t last very long.”

When Tom started the game again later, he played as EGGMAN but he went down too. Suddenly, the screen featured a hyper-realistic version of sonic.exe saying the words: “I AM GOD.”

How to Summon Sonic.EXE:
2. you will get a number scratches on your chest.
3. you will also get your soul ripped out of your body.
5. live with yourself, then reflect on what you have done.

EXTRA: occasionally, you will suddenly get a Sonic plushie, with bleeding red eyes, and a voice: “try to keep this interesting for me, (your name).”

Jade M. from Corpus Christi, TX