The Cranbury Inn

Cranbury-InnI lived in NJ most of my life, even though I was born in NY. When I went to Walter C. Black Middle School, I had a teacher who worked at the Cranbury Inn.

She told us all that it was haunted by the ghost of a man who was killed there in the 1790’s. The man was run over by a stagecoach after having a few too many drinks. Apparently, ever since then he has been haunting the place he died, especially when the owners tried to renovate.

As it was told, while my teacher was working there, the kitchen was beginning to be remodeled, and suddenly pots and pans started coming right out of the cabinets and striking people! I did hear that quite some time ago, so the preciseness of my memory may not be exact, but I assure you, that there is certainly something haunting the Cranbury Inn in Cranbury, NJ.


Someone from Garden City NY