The Demon in Ashlynn Leigh

“Ashlynn! Time to go!” Cried Ashlynn’s mother.

Ashlynn sighed and trudged out of her bedroom, unwilling to go to this “sleepover birthday party”.

She climbed into the 1967 Ford Mustang her father owned and watched her mother walk out the door to the car. She climbed into the front seat and sat, waiting for her father. After 10 minutes, her father came out and they took off.

Ashlynn arrived at Lucille’s house at 5:37 P.M.

Lucille opened the door with a smile on her face, embracing Ashlynn warmly. She ushered her inside to where the other girls were sitting, looking at each others presents. Ashlynn sat down and after two hours it was time to go to bed.

Ashlynn unrolled her sleeping bag onto Lucille’s plush cotton rug and lied down. As the others came in, they giggled and laughed and whispered stories.

“What should we do?” Lucille whispered, afraid her mother would hear.

All of the girls fell silent, except for Ashlynn.

“We could tell stories… ghost stories…” Ashlynn suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Lucille went first. “Once, there was a girl named…. Ash-ely. She was 12 years old and looked almost exactly like our friend Ashlynn here. One night, she went to a sleepover at this. exact. house. She didn’t want to go to sleep, but all of the other girls did. So Ashely stayed up. That night, a demon with big, yellow teeth and beady black eyes snuck in. It called himself Pablo and played with Ashely all night long. At exactly 4:43 A.M. Ashely went to sleep. The demon snuck inside of her for a place to live. Ashely then woke up and killed everyone at the sleepover. And that will happen to the last person to fall asleep tonight.”

At that, all of the girls rushed to lay out their sleeping bags and lay down their pillows. Ashlynn didn’t believe it. She stayed up to check things out. At 11:35 P.M. she got a visitor. He had big, yellow teeth and black, beady eyes. He introduced himself as Pablo and they played all night. At exactly 4:43 A.M. Ashlynn went to sleep. The demon snuck inside of Ashlynn and awoke her. Ashlynn rose from the sleeping bag and walked to her bag, where she pulled out a large knife which had not been there before. She walked over one by one to each girl and slit their throats. Then she got to Lucille, who had been horrible to her. She raised the knife above her head and brought it down once on the right eye, once on the left eye, and once exactly in the middle of the throat. Ashlynn slowly dropped the knife which lodged in Lucille’s stomach, and walked out the front door.

Never fall asleep last at a sleepover, this will happen.

Ashlynn Leigh

Reader Submitted Urban Legend
Ashlynn Leigh from Baltimore, MD