The Merry Go Round

The man who owned the Merry Go Round decided to close it down because he didn’t have enough customers coming to the amusement park where he held the ride. Instead of buying the owner out, the park simply boarded up the carousel and this part of the park became very much abandoned for a number of years. Some ten years after the ride was closed, the original owner’s daughter thought it was a shame to have the beautiful Merry Go Round boarded up and forgotten in this manner. She and her boyfriend decided to bring some publicity to the park and to the ride and reopen the carousel. The boyfriend was going to set a record and ride the Merry Go Round for 72 hours straight.

The boards were removed, the lights and music turned on and the press had arrived. He made a big show of patting his chosen horse on the nose and mounting the horse he would be riding for the next 72 hours. Surprisingly he was on the ride for less then 10 minutes, when he started complaining that the horse bit him. No one believed him and his girlfriend became very upset, saying that he was letting her down and backing out of the promise he had made. About 5 minutes later, he fell off the horse to the floor of the ride. They shut off the ride and ran to investigate. The young man was dead. The upset girlfriend began shaking in disbelief and backed up into the horse he was riding which immediately began to hiss violently. They looked into the horse’s mouth and saw that a poisonous snake was hiding inside.

Reader Submitted
J.C. from Stroudsburg PA