The Shadow Man

Nobody knows for sure who, or what The Shadow Man is, but it may be the ghost of a man who was convicted of stalking and kidnapping children.

He was caught at a home he had broken into a few days before, and was being dragged off to the gallows after his trial when he overpowered the guards and ran into the woods. A huge search was organized, and the entire forest was thoroughly searched, but he was never found. A few years later, children started going missing again, and some people thought that it must be him.

Their suspicions were put to rest however, after one of the missing children came back. The five year old boy was questioned, and, during a police interview, he revealed that he was captured by a “shadow man with big red eyes and a funny hat.”

Since then, there have been many more reports of this “shadow man.” The shadow is described as being a shadow of a tall man with a bowler derby hat and glowing red eyes. He can assume almost any form he chooses and slip through any door. He will plague children with nightmares about a strange man in a bowlers hat grabbing them and taking them away to an old hut. After a few days, he will creep into the child’s room and stare down at them with his glowing red eyes until they wake up.

The child will then be petrified with fear, and that is when The Shadow Man will whisk them off, and the child will never be seen again. The scariest part is that he could be anywhere at anytime, and you can never be sure if he is there, watching you.

Billiam J. from Stafford, VA