The Two Hitchikers

A salesman driving along the highway one day saw a hitcher and decided picking him up would be a good way to relieve his boredom. After he did, he immediately regretted it because the man was large and menacing and his questions about the salesman’s business quickly made him nervous.

Ahead he saw another hitchhiker and decided his best bet was to pick this one up too, especially since this one was well dressed and very clean-cut. As soon as the second hitcher got in the back seat he pointed a gun at the two men in the front and demanded their valuables.

The front-seat passenger swung his arm back and smashed the robber in the head with his elbow, knocking him unconscious. Before the salesman could even say anything, the large man took the gun and all the unconscious robbers possessions and pushed him back out of the car. As he turned to the salesman, gun in hand, the salesman begged him not to hurt him promising to do whatever the large man wanted. The large hitchhiker said: “Relax buddy, I’m not gonna rob you, it’s my day off.”

Jasmine Año from the Philippines