Wait for 3 Knocks

Jason and Alesha were driving from their home in NJ to visit his parents in South Carolina. It was a long trip, but one they had taken many times before, so they were familiar with the route from start to finish. They had to wait to start driving until after work that evening and were scheduled to arrive at Mom and Dad’s the next day.

That night, construction and roadwork forced them to take a detour which led them down a highway they had never taken before. While they were driving, their car broke down. Jason noticed they hadn’t passed any gas stations or even a traffic light for quite a few miles and just discovered he didn’t have a single bar of a cell phone signal in this spot.

He suggested that Alesha wait in the car while he took a walk to get some help, or at least find a signal so he could make a phone call. He told her to lock the doors and hide under a blanket and not to come out until she heard three knocks on the roof. She sat there for what seemed like hours, waiting for Jason to come back and for the safety of those three knocks.

Alesha grew anxious and concerned. “What could be taking him so long?”, she thought to herself. “Maybe he needs my help.” She pulled off the blanket and saw a strange man grinning at her with wild eyes and his face pressed up against the window. When he caught her eye, his smile widened as he held up the keys to the car.

David from Dawson Creek BC Canada

This Legend is Similar to, and may be another version of,
Don’t Look Back.