Walmart Fire

We are not able to tell you which Wal-Mart it is and the real names of the people because of privacy. DO NOT DELETE!!!!! YAHOO IS TRACKING THIS!!!!!!!!!!

A sister and her brother were inside a new Wal-Mart. The sister at eight years of age and the brother seventeen years of age. The brother was wanting to buy a present for his little sister because her birthday was coming up. As they were about to leave, she had to go to the bathroom. Her brother showed her where the restrooms were and he began looking at earrings he thought she might like for her birthday.

As he started to buy the earrings, he saw people running from the end of the store screaming and yelling with fear. In the next moment he smelled smoke and saw flames. He ran to his little sister as fast as he could but when he got to the bathrooms the fire was already blazing. He knew he had to leave to make sure help was coming. When the fire trucks arrived it was already too late. They assured the family that there were no survivors.

Two days later the family got a call from the hospital. They told them that they had someone there by the name of Sandy. They asked, ‘How did you get this number?’ The hospital replied that the little girl had a purse clutched in her little hand with a card that gave her name and number on it. The family drove to the hospital to see their little angel. While they thanked God for her survival, they noticed her arms were burnt so severely they were both amputated and her face was burned and she needed surgery. The family didn’t have any health insurance and very little money to cover the bill. This family needs our HELP!

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Karma knows it could happen to you

$2.00 off the hospital bill, that is a lot for two seconds of your time’. God knows who you are

Charles Reaction

Bah, we say it isn’t true. Not even a little bit. This is probably the worst written fake urban legend email story I have ever heard/received. Yahoo doesn’t track any of these emails people! And the bit about a little id card tucked away in a purse clutched in her BADLY BURNED HANDS that needed to be amputated? Oh, but the purse and the id card – totally fine. oh brother.

Someone actually sent this asking if it was true. ***shaking head*** um – I’m gonna say, not on your life.

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