Wired For Sound

One dark and stormy night a woman was listening to her extensive Cliff Richard CD collection when she heard a strange sound. It sent a chill down her spine as she heard a low humming and buzzing noise emanating from under her bed.

She bent down nervously and noticed, to her utter horror, that her Walkman had mysteriously turned itself on and was playing an ominous tune………..backwards.

She quickly snatched the tape player from under her bed and as she did so, she very faintly heard the following words: "Hhhhheeeeeelp meeeeeeee!" In terror she ripped the batteries out of the machine, but it carried on with its haunting plea.

Petrified, she ran to her neighbor’s house and was relieved to find her awake. The neighbor managed to calm her down with some kind words and a stiff drink. She explained to the neighbor the disturbing night’s events, and then they both plucked up the courage to go back to her house to find out what on earth was happening.

Upon their return, the Walkman had stopped, but the words "Help Me!" were written on the floor.

Sir Cliff Killed in Car Crash

The next day the newspaper headline screamed "Sir Cliff Killed in Car Crash!" He was reportedly heard screaming "help me" by witnesses as his car skated over the icy cliff…… How scary is that?

reader submitted
Mary Roberts from Teddington