Bloody Mary

bloodymaryA long time ago there was a little girl named Mary. She grew very ill and fell into a deep coma. The local doctor was old and feeble and without knowing any better, he believed she was dead. He informed the family and they had a funeral and laid the girl to rest. No one realized that they had buried the poor girl alive!

Mary’s family lived very close to the graveyard where she was laid to rest. The first night, Mary’s mother thought that she heard a scream coming from Mary’s grave, but no one believed her.

Days later, Mary’s mother convinced the family to dig up her grave. When they did, they found Mary dead, but they also saw scratches on the top of the coffin and Mary’s fingernails were bloody from her efforts to escape the grave.

Now if you follow these instructions, you may be able to see Mary for yourself. At midnight on Friday the 13th, turn off all the lights in your house. Go to the bathroom and turn on the water in the shower and the sink. Flush the toilet, look into the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” 5 times. She will appear in mirror. You need to hurry and turn on the light or she will stab you in the back.

Another Version

Just watched this week’s "Ghost Whisperer" which features the Urban Legend of Bloody Mary. Their version of the tale goes like this…

A towns local Dr. and his wife had an only child, a daughter named Mary. As a teen, Mary came down with Diphtheria, which was incurable at the time. The Dr. pronounced his child dead and felt they needed to bury her right away. They buried the girl in a wooden coffin and tied a string to her wrist, threading it up through the ground and tying the other end of a bell which they hung on a hook above the grave.

If she was wrongfully pronounced dead, she would wake up and ring the bell and they could dig up the grave. The girl’s mother would not leave the grave and her husband feared she would die of exposure if she didn’t come inside. He gave her an injection of morphine and brought her into the house. The next morning when the father visited the grave of his daughter, he noticed that the bell had been rung "off the hook" and was now laying on the ground.

He immediately began to dig, but his efforts were too late. Mary was dead by the time they got to her, but when she had woken in the night, she had scratched and clawed at the top of the coffin. Her hands were all bloody and her nails were stuck in the wood of the coffin.

The way to call her, according to their version, is to stand alone in the dark in front of a mirror and say her name 3 times, turning around in place after each time. After the third time you will see her behind you in the mirror and she will scare you to death.


Kay bronx NY
Robin from Oshawa, Ontario
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Jonathan from NY
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99 Responses

  1. BILLY NEWMAN says:

    my mate tryed it and i never heard from him again

  2. Liam says:

    This is bull… The story seems true, but the directions to summon her are not only wrong… But fake! 1. Stand in front of a mirror. 2. Close the door,(do not lock it) and say bloody mary. 3. Turn the light of and say bloody mary agin. 4. Sit on the toilet, flush it and say bloody mary I have your baby boy. 5. The next morning (between 10:30 and 12:00) go in the bathroom, get on your knees, and say “if you want him come get him” but for the next week you will see stuff (that is not real) and here stuff, the last day of the 7 days go do the mirror with a pice of pappar with your blood on it and have a flashlight with you, bloody mary will show up in your mirror , shine the flashligjt at her face and she will disapere… If you dont shine it at her she will kill you…

  3. I will like to say something this stuff is not real all you people re talking about i never seen my mate or my friend die of doing this . This crap aint real so I dont know why yall are beleiving this its domonic its the work of the eney so just SHUT UP please because yall are l0osers

    • kitty says:

      yo we dont say yall anymore and all legens are real but some are fake i no this beacause my best mate did bloody mary in a bathroom in my old house and her eyes had been clawed out and she had her throt slit i onl now because she tapped it. you remptarded wanker

  4. No way am i doing bloody mary

    • Kelsie says:

      My friend did bloody mary and when she came out of the bathroom nothing bad happened to her but there was a huge like bang that came from the bathroom she didnt get hurt but i think it was cuz she did it at my school and my school is catholic. My other friend did it and she came out of the bathroom with a slash across her knee,she did it at a catholic school too but i guess it didnt help her as much as it helped my other friend

  5. britt says:

    What if your toilet isn’t in your bathroom? Doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s not real. People can be so dim to believe it. If you see a face it’s not hers. It’s science. Look it up on if you don’t believe me.

  6. JOSH MATE. says:

    i did this once, then i went to my room and faped the night away. THEN I DIED :(

  7. heidi says:

    wow that is fake

  8. disturbedrocks says:

    She’s so pretty in the pic on top of the page I think

  9. Anonymous says:

    The version I know is that Mary was a beautiful girl who would not take any of her suitors, so one day when she went to take a bath and while she undressed two of the suitors she denied came out of their hiding spot and yanked out her hair and sliced her throat. The game is that you light a candle infront of a mirror and say “bloody Mary, bloody Mary, show your fright, show your fright this starry night”, if you haved sinned then she comes out of the mirror and kills you the same way she was, if you are good then she gives you her blessing to call on her

  10. demon says:

    my friend and i are going to try it tommorrow night. if i pos agian i lived. my friend will be outside the door. she will change the name from demon to dead. wish me luck!

  11. jj says:

    I think they showed a ‘Bloody Mary’ episode in Supernatural as well.
    And about the way to summon her, it’s totally BS. I tried, nothing happened. People who are of the faint of heart, do not try this at all, cause for the third time when you’re about to turn around, your heart might seriously fail from the fear of the thought of seeing her. Just an advice, don’t try this. Even if you do, nothing will happen.

    • Bryce says:

      Supernatural DID do a Bloody Mary episode, in fact the woman in the picture is “Bloody Mary” from Supernatural.

  12. dude says:

    #1 this is fake…
    #2 bloody Mary wasn’t a little girl… Bloody Mary refers to Queen Mary of England. She got her nickname for having so many people beheaded

    • Angie says:

      lol i think you just owned whoever created this story xx

    • J, Vakarian says:

      Actually, it alludes to Queen Mary I and her miscarriages and still births. The fact that some of the legends are ‘Mary, I have your child’ reinforces that.

    • nope says:

      actually she got her name because she bathed in the blood of young women because she thought it kept her young…. just thought id clear that up

    • Darres7460 says:

      so many origins of bloody mary… she might be true she might not be, but one thing is for sure, when you do the bloody mary thing in the mirror, something out of the ordinary always manages to happen whether in the mirror or in reality.

  13. tippy says:

    …huh!…it’s the most common and obsolete urban legend/ghost story in the philippines…we have a lot a versions and in some cases…it was proven to be true…

  14. bloody says:

    hi its an urban legend but i kno people who feared what they saw and idid it but nothing happen but i think i did it wrong

    • tomsimmons says:

      Yeh so true my mate did it and died so don’t say this is not true and bloody Mary Is true don’t try it or else you will die like my mate did

  15. Matty says:

    I know another version that happens in Liverpool and the legend says that in a factory I’m not sure which one there was a young girl who worked there called Mary and one night as it was getting late she was about to leave work when she noticed that one of the machines had been left on. She went into the room were that power for the machine was but the only way to turn off the machine was to pull a big heavy lever and just as she was about to pull on it it fell crashing through her skull and basically splitting her in half. The next day when people arrived they duo g the smashed up body of Mary. After that people said that if you go into the room at night you will see the mangled body of Mary but then she would vanish

    • Angie says:

      thats cool, just really excited coz you posted this on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! feb 8th lollll

  16. Anonymous says:

    not wat it is in the movie

  17. Angie says:

    not sure if this is true am too scared to try it,
    another legend is to stand in front of your mirror and leave the lights on and the bath running very slowly with the plug in then you say “please Bloody Mary” thirteen times and she will appear in the mirror with a loved one close to you that had died recently you are able to talk to this dead person untill the bath overflows and bloody mary and your loved one returns into the mirror you will die if you look into bloody mary’s eyes and your soul will be locked in that bathroom for all of eternity.

  18. kittycat22 says:

    i dout any of this works we got my friend to do it on her birth day she said she saw her but i dout that she saw bloody mary and plus she didn’t do it completly right she wasn’t in a bathroom she didn’t use a candl although i don’t think it matter’s but still even though we got a video of the hole thing nothing was there it was her emagination.

  19. virga says:

    thats so scary

  20. killer says:

    i no know someone who tried this the day after she tried this she didnt talk i asked if this whas about that bloody marry stuf and when i said bloody mary she begon to cry

    • justin says:

      Mary comes from Mary the queen of England and from king Henry the 8th and her father Henry killed 59000-72000 people she got the name the bloody queen of england because she burned 300 protestant people to the stake plus pregnant women and her sister queen Elizabeth killed 400 people so if someone can answer y she got the title bloody Mary please ik it do u

  21. PrincessGeek says:

    I did this with a couple of my friends. One stood at the mirror, one watched, and I was on the lights. My friend did like you’re supposed to : bloody mary, spin, bloody mary, spin, bloody mary, spin…but NOTHING happenned…I may have turned on the lights too soon…lol…or thi is FAKE! I believe the latter.

  22. Not telling says:

    Proper BS
    The name “bloody Mary” derived from the Mary queen of England Henry the 8ths daughter she got her from beheading around 300 Protestants because of her religious views :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is totally not true ,i tired this before and nothing happened. And if it is doo true then why are there soo many ways to summon her ? arent there only suppose to be one true way to get her. But you know way there are so many ways to summon her, is beacuse its a bunch of poo and they want you to believe in that. My friends tired all the diffrent ways but nothing ever happened to them.

  24. Rianna says:

    Shane Dawson did this with his friends and it didn’t work XD

  25. Mack Daddy says:

    I’m not sure if this is real but I’m still reluctant to try it. Lol.;)

  26. heyyou says:

    we tried it about 4 years ago…. and im still alive…. we went to ravenswood… a “haunted town” and we each did a different version…. we are all still alive…. its not true…

  27. samael says:

    off course its not true but you should try going to the woods alone or with friends, then do some ouija board and spirit of the coin stuff or sacrifice some animal and write demonic symbols

  28. Sangre says:

    there just some stupid Dr

  29. midnightgirl says:

    bloody mary was queen elizabeths sister.

  30. First of all, this may be true. I suggest you don’t try it because your’e actually allowing a spirit to enter your home, even a demon or the actual devil. So don’t try it. If you do, pray and bless yourself. Then bless your bathroom when your’e done.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      I wish people would leave religion out of creepy pasta stories. Religion has nothing to do with them.

    • Darres7460 says:

      You should know one thing… the more hatred that consumes you, the more likely the devil is to get closer to you. and by the way, if you say Hell Mary in the mirror a few times either three or thirteen you will see satan himself. That is when you’ve summoned him. Side effects include dying or badluck. You better hope you have good luck when you see him.

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Andrew says:

    I dont belive she would kill you but i do belive in bloody marys

  33. Anonymous says:



  34. Amber says:

    I not believe in Bloody Mary she is just in someone’s head and if u see her your insane

  35. Isa says:

    Wat a load of crap Bloody Mary is so not true

  36. Alexis says:

    Religion is important. If you dont pray and bless yourself you are basically giving a demon permision to enter your home and body. Its pretty much the same thing as not saying goodbye on a ouiji board. If you dont say goodbye you are leaving the door open for the demons to go through.

  37. Ak says:

    I don’t believe it’s true but I do believe the belief in it may cause something to happen. I did it with a friend several years ago and the candle went out and the mirror fell and shattered as the last bloody mary was said. But still I think it may be more power of mind or coincidence

  38. Anonymous says:

    this happen to my brothers cuzin dog

  39. The WInchester Boy says:

    The picture is from the show supernatural

  40. The WInchester Boy says:

    The picture is from the show supernatural
    season 1 or 2 cant remember

  41. Keisha says:


    And woah thats creepy well they should of believed the mother in the first version and the should of got and umbrella and sun screen, water some food every day and she’ll be fine.

  42. Mudkip lieks you says:

    I thought Bloody Mary was like a princess of England who was buried alive & like when you summon her & leave without the lights on she’ll pull you back in O.e

  43. Agnete says:

    I think Supernatural’s verson of the story was better, but i’ve also heard another verson that i think was better, several versons. But i dont remember them so good.
    But it was somenthing like this.
    A girl named Mary, lived somewhere in America, she had an boyfriend. And this one time they were at a party or something, the boyfriend killed her. She was so mad at him that she decided to kill everyone in his present and future family, descendants and so on.

    And some other versons where she also got killed, but i’m pretty sure she wasnt buried alive, I think she was murdered very brutal caus when she shows up to kill you, when you have said “bloody mary” three times in the mirror, she shows up, and she’s blood and scary.

  44. Megan says:

    Oh, I love ghost whisperer and supernatural. But, I have only seen the ghost whisperer version. I think this episode of ghost whisperer is particularly scary. I get chills when I think about it.

  45. Arman says:

    It’s not real

  46. latergyta says:

    oh me god I love BM……
    anyone know bout the blind madian thingy

  47. Tony V. says:

    I’ve done this three times now. Nothing has ever happened. Every Friday the 13th I do it, and with the last one without my friends, yet nothing. If you want to do something freaky follow the following instructions:
    1:Find a dock at a lake and wait till the midnight time, or at least until a darkness only with the moon illuminating your area.
    2:Stand at the end of the dock with your back facing the lake.
    3:In your mind, picture a man standing where the dock and land meet.
    4:Close your eyes and try not to fall off the dock.

  48. Anonymous says:

    need advice; i’m fairly certain that b~mary has joined up with slenderman and i don’t even summon things plese help (like the name please comment if you’re egin closer to crazy eveyday)

  49. Anonymous says:

    forgot the name is o h*** moments gone anyway hey tots off topic but lil word to the wise good friends help get rid of the body REAL GOOD friends get rid of the witnesses to

  50. Samriddha says:

    bloody mary nvr appeared 2 me.its a flop superstition

  51. paolo says:

    wh wrote this one just want to know ???

  52. zoey says:

    i like scary stuff

  53. abbycakes says:

    scary but needs more detail

  54. sarah sanderson says:

    I thought you were supposed say her name three times

  55. Anonymous says:

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  56. Chiana Lowe says:


  57. NiciGirl says:

    Pretty scary. Not sure if it’s true, but the part where they said her nails got stuck in the coffin, I shivered.

  58. tomsimmons says:

    You all are going to be dead tonight you wont be dead if you put on Facebook that she is real

  59. Calvin says:

    The bloodymary picture is from the series of “Super Natural”

  60. NATALIA says:

    ja myśle ze to nie prawda jak to możliwe?????????????????????

  61. Anonymous says:

    i have heard it different: Say bloody Mary 3 times in front of a mirror, than “she” appears and kills you by stealing your eyes (yes my source is Supernatural but i did a bit Research myself

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