Farmer John’s Meat Packing Plant

farmerjohnsmeatThere’s a legend surrounding the old Farmer John’s meat packing plant, just a few blocks away from my home. It’s said that the old factory is haunted by several ghosts.

The story I was told went like this:

In 1964, the owner’s two young children were reported missing. The kids had last been seen in the factory, and their nanny and father both confirmed that they had been brought in for a quick visit. The nanny left the children for a short break, and when she returned, they were gone. The factory was shut down to look for them, but no trace was found. After a week, police determined that foul play was likely.

Shortly thereafter, a warrant was issued for the arrest of their uncle. The man in question had been declared mentally unstable. Police reported finding human remains in the factory, namely the meat processing and cut rooms.
Two days after the warrant, a massive recall was issued from the plant. The official reason given was "meat contaminants, human in nature", and customers were strongly urged not to consume it.

Shortly after the recall, the children were declared officially dead and their father had committed suicide in the boiler room. The children’s bodies were never fully recovered.

farmerjohnsmeat1Ten years later, the new owners called police to report trespassers, claiming they had seen children running around. Frantic employees later reported seeing a man throwing two children into the meat grinder, then vanishing. No trace was found of the reported action, but both employees gave separate, identical accounts.

In 1984, twenty years after the children vanished, the body of their uncle was found hanging from the exact spot their father had killed themselves in, with "I killed them" carved into his chest. It was also reported that the grave of the father was dug up, and that the carvings on the newest body were inflicted post-mortem.

It is said that during the month of October, the ghosts of the children can be seen running around, and on the anniversary of their disappearance, you can occasionally see a man dumping two small bodies into the meat grinder. On the 31st, in the boiler room, you can see the ghosts of the two men who hanged themselves.

The plant was officially closed in 2001, and later revitalized into a haunted house. I’m skeptical that these events actually happened, given that fact, but I can’t deny that the place has a creepy feeling to it, and there was a major meat recall in October of 1964. I have also seen the ghosts of the children, but this may be due in part to hearing this legend before visiting the site.

Perhaps these events did happen. Perhaps they are a ghost legend started by the haunted house company. Either way, it makes for a good, creepy Halloween tale.


April from Tucson, AZ

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23 Responses

  1. yoselin says:

    i liked this story it’s creepy though!!!:) LOL

  2. Disruptid says:

    Creepiest part is, I’ve been there. I worked with the crew to turn it into the haunted house. I didn’t see or hear anything though. Still, damn that’s creepy.

  3. demon child says:

    Rawr I’m the little kid I lov meat…. num num num lol

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m part of the crew and one night while working in the boiler room , I did see shadows of the men… It was creepy. It was before I knew the ‘legend’

  6. Anonymous says:

    I work at the Slaughterhouse and I’ve definitely seen some things happen, but nothing that relates to the story. I think it’s just a legend they made up to intrigue people. But either way it’s scary and exciting. You can feel the presence of something paranormal.

    • Anonymous says:

      haaha thats cool

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been through the Slaughterhouse a few times, and I have to admit I do think there is something freaky in the boiler room. On top of that I’ve seen faces in windows that I know for a fact are boarded up, I’ve felt someone staring at me any time I go past the place and I’ve been attacked by something in the parking lot-it grabbed the tie I was wearing and tried to strangle me with it, wouldn’t let me get into my car and then wouldn’t let the car start. I’ve talked to other people and they’ve reported similar events. Whether this legend is true or not there is definitely a malevolent spirit here.

    • cristina says:

      is this story real ????

  7. Anonymous says:

    hahaha lol

  8. Man says:

    Uggh. Can you imagine being thrown into a meat grinder. I heard on the news a while back that a man fell into a wood chipper. Head first. *shudder* But eating human/cow meat, jeez. I bet if this happened people commited suicide because they ate human meat.

  9. Глупый says:

    Yikes! Today’s a great day to be a vegetarian :-O

  10. ECL says:

    that’s some scary stuff! **shivers**

  11. who wants to know my name? says:

    i have seen a building like that before where exactly is the meat procesing/packing plant anyway? because if it is where i saw that creepy building yeah i’ve seen it

  12. XxKillerxX says:

    Lol guys they would shut it down if that happened because of the human blood and everything but anyways freaky story ewww

  13. Mack Daddy says:


  14. The WInchester Boy says:

    Maybe i should send sam in to check it out cos cbf me doing it.

  15. cool chick says:

    Poor kids and the dad

  16. LonelyInsanity says:

    I actually did some research on this story, I found some websites claiming it as a hoax, but also found very interesting facts…

    I honestly don’t have any doubts myself, but i will respect the opinions of others.

  17. Voice of Night Vale says:

    John Peters… You know, the farmer?

  18. Your website is really good and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much

  19. demon cat says:

    On the second image if you look on the window you’ll see shadow behind it

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