Don’t Look Back

On the foggy night of their senior costume party Nicole and her date Mark were driving to their school in Mark’s old 1987 Toyota. They heard a special news report “…warning everyone the convicted killer, Owen the HangMan Helms, has escaped from the near-by criminal asylum he was last seen in a woods by Pinecrest…” … Read more

Choking on Ink

My grandmother told me when she was in high school an old math teacher in his 60’s named Harold Davidson was teaching math and one of his students wouldn’t stop tapping his pen during class. The teacher went berserk and lost his mind. He snatched the pen and attacked the kid, lodging the pen down … Read more

Kuchisake-onna Japanese Slit Mouthed Woman

A young woman was the wife or concubine of a samurai hundreds of years ago. She was stunning, but she was also conceited, and she was caught cheating on her husband. Extremely enraged and cuckolded, the samurai rushed her and sliced her mouth from ear to ear, yelling, “Who will think you’re beautiful now?” That … Read more


In Mississippi there is a story about a disease called Mercritis that slipped over from Europe. Men who catch it emit an odor that when inhaled by a beautiful woman, will make her homicidal. There was a riot in the 1950’s during a Mercritis outbreak that swept the southern states and was covered up by … Read more