A Fire Every 20 Years

singer_hornets_high_schoolI moved to Oretta and started going to Singer High School. I’m happy to say I made some friends on the first day. We were sitting in the gym one day and I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that there were black marks on it. I asked my friend if she knew why it was like that and she told me that the school had burned down several times. She said that it burns down every twenty years and made a joke that it is supposed to burn down the year we were supposed to graduate. We laughed until she told me what had happened during the last fire. A girl had gotten trapped in the gym bathroom in the girls changing room and she died. She said that if you go in the bathroom and turn the lights off, you can hear the girl scream.

I asked around and several people have tried it and heard the scream. I haven’t tried it myself, mostly because I tend to believe my friends and I don’t want to mess around with things I shouldn’t.


Kennedy from Sulphur, Louisiana