Hamster Mishap

hamsterA boy was playing with his hamster in the basement of his house just before the carpet man came to put new carpet down. When he arrived the boy’s mom told him to go upstairs and let the carpet man work in peace. It was a large basement and after a while the carpet man was exhausted and decided to go out for a smoke.

He saw a lump under the carpet he just laid down and realized that his cigarette pack was missing. Instead of pulling up the carpet and laying it down again he just hammered the little lump down.

On his way home after a long day, he found his cigarettes in his truck. He was wondering what the little lump in the floor was so he called the lady of the house the next day and ask her if she was missing any small items. She was surprised to hear from him and told him that they hadn’t been able to find her son’s hamster since the day before.


Kiwi from Houston, TX