A Mother’s Plea

On a dark summer night, a couple was on their way home from the movies. Riding down the same stretch of road they always took to get to their house, they came across a woman who was on the side of the road. The woman stumbled out into the street and flagged them down.

The couple pulled over and rushed to her aid. She seemed to be badly injured and with tears in her eyes, told the couple that she was just in a horrible car accident and her baby was trapped in the backseat.

The man told the woman to stay with his wife and he would go and free the baby. As the man approached the mangled vehicle, he heard the baby crying in the back seat. Relieved that the baby was still alive, he rushed to the car, got in the back seat and freed the baby. As he lifted the child, he noticed the dead couple in the driver and passenger seat. He got out with the baby and went back to where his wife and the woman were waiting, but as soon as he got there he noticed that his wife was by herself.

“Where’s the woman?” the husband asked.

“She went back to the car to help.” his wife said, also relieved that the baby was still alive and OK.

He gave the baby to his wife and went back to the car to look for the woman. When he got there, he called out for her but there was no answer. He walked around toward the front of the car. As he glanced through the broken windshield at the dead couple inside, his face turned pale and he lost his breath. The dead woman who was in the passenger seat was the same woman who had flagged them down.

Jose Paz from Miami, FL