Lived Once, Buried Twice

In my town of Lurgan, roughly 100 years ago, there lived a women who was very old. Her husband had died early in the marriage and the ring her husband bought was priceless for the time.

One morning, she took ill and was presumed dead. Her family held a funeral and buried her. That night, grave robbers dug up her body and tried to get the ring off of her finger. The ring was very tight on her old and swollen knuckles and they were having trouble removing it so they decided to saw it off. They put the saw against her finger and just as it scraped her bone, the woman screamed.

The robbers were so surprised they ran off in fear. She managed to walk back into town to reveal to her astonished family that she had only been unconscious when she was presumed dead.

A few years later she finally did pass away and the following message appears on her tombstone: “LIVED ONCE, BURIED TWICE.”

Emmet Mccann from Lurgan
Trent Dunn from Florence KY – Version Title: Dirt Nap