Abigail Come Play

A little girl named Abigail who lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts was brutally murdered back in the 1800’s. Her father was a fisherman and was away a lot of the time. Abigail never had a good relationship with her mother, but when he father left things got much worse and her mother became very abusive. Abigail always feared her father leaving because she was afraid of what her mother might do.

A few years went by when one day her fears became a reality when her father didn’t return from one of his fishing trips. Abigail’s mother blamed the poor girl for her father’s dissappearance and took her anger out on the child. One night, in a fit of rage, she stabbed the little girl and murdered her.

Legend has it that if you stand in the street in front of Abigail’s house and say "Abigail, Come Out to Play" you will see the figure of the little girl standing in the window looking towards the water for her fathers ship to return.

Alyssa from Bourne, MA

Posted via email from Urban Legends Online